Recent Poems

My Sweet Brother

a poem by Deepa Dash

I hold a person but as my brother
Who is much greater than all other,
Both in fashion and by nature
Definitely exceeds all other creatures.

I doubt of what is he made,
More than platinum and richly laid.
He is a blue eyed guy and
Fascinates everyone who pass by.

It must have taken hours together for God
To think and make this guy special of all,
Just for a particular work to be done,
May be made this one-piece in the world.

Such great is God almighty who made him,
As a saviour of the world.
To help people in need and deed
And become a powerful person.

He’s powerful for his pride,
He’s praiseworthy and must be given a prize.
If he loves me as his sis truly,
This is the prize, I can give him heartly…

(This poem is dedicated to my sweet brother.)

Born as a Girl

a poem by Pink Poet

Born as a girl, my life was about to start.
Or as the circumstances say, it was about to change.

Born with the head bowed, they say;
But I stand for my dignity, my pride.

Born as a girl, I was told to be down to earth.
Or they just want me to be stuck to the ground.

Born to be bound in the boundaries, they say;
But they never knew that sky was always my point of view.

Born as a girl, hands always stretched forth to ask, they say.
But they never knew that these are the same hands that build generations.

Born as a girl, I was told to be just a ‘Girl’;
To think twice before I speak; look good for the crowd.

All they never knew was, I had galaxies in my soul.
That I can’t be held between four walls of their rules.

Tick talk

a poem by Vidya Vijay

We sometimes call it precious.
And sometimes call it vicious.
But we don’t know much about it,
Which makes it all the more suspicious.

It is. It is a fact.
That without it we will lack,
A moment and a second,
Which we cannot retrieve back.

Recoverable? No, never!
So we must be as clever,
To use it while it lasts,
As it does not last forever.

It can’t be paused.
It can’t be tossed.
As time that’s lost,
Will always cost.

The Stream of life

a poem by Vidya Vijay

Life is a like a sturdy stream,
And with it flows our wavy dreams.
The Stream will rumble,
And the stream may grumble.
But we should never, dare to tumble.

The flowing stream, may tend to slow,
That’s when our mighty wind should blow.
Sailing fast or sailing slow,
We must never forget to row.

By now we’ve crossed all the bends.
Followed trends, and lost our friends.
But all of this we must amend,
As our flowing stream, it has an end.

My Love

a poem by Anu Pillai

They say that he is out of my sight
But I say he is there in my melted heart
Which keeps me smiling the way he smiles

Unusual space

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Pretty good is your flavoured talk
Breathing the compassion besides you
And making the trust mercy us
Heart burn’s can’t be like to your likes

Not a stand to your negatives
But for the start to let you real
Waiting for your essense of smile
Which make my heart to share your pain

Stubborn to succeed
Like to bear
Which jealous your against
To be the minimum bearer by your honesty

I may not be with
But be in you for you
For your smile, and for
Support to my heart’s light

I am only social
When your wordy
But not by your cute aggressive
Fill the space and be the whole

Notes to Nocturne

a poem by Vidya Vijay

When the antique organ is played,
The crowd they don’t hooray.
Instead they show their say,
In a more subtle way.

Beethoven touched those keys,
He showed us what he means.
His music left us keen,
to hear his symphony.

But, oh the great mozart,
His music was like a tart.
Sweet and short, tied up in a knot.
But still, no one could defeat.

In reality they fight,
Both the black and white.
But in music they unite,
Creating melody just as bright.

It was that smile

a poem by Anuja Pandey

It all started with a smile
I thought you meant it for someone else,
Thinking who can ever like me.

Well, I know I look odd with those chubby cheeks and these specs on.
But did it ever stop you,
I kept ignoring the fact that it is me.
It was always me, but it never click me.

And we went on this way, till that day.
There you were in front of me, waving at me, even with no space for air to pass by

Do you even know, I always wanted this, wanted us to let go,
Let go of all the emotions, emotions that crosses by.

I wish I could have hold my breath and asked you your name,
Because you always knew mine.

Paper Clip

a poem by Sonali Shome

Content, is what I feel
Holding in my arms every layer of yours

I know I’m barely there
To gather all that you offer
But be sure that I am giving my everything
To be with you

The thick and thins I don’t mind
They just test my grip
You know I’ll twist my ways
To embrace you and your kins

For the world will have reasons
Both natural and human
To take you to the top when need be
And put in a murky place the very next day

But don’t you slip away my dear
When its windy outside
And never say goodbye when summoned
Cause you’ll be back soon, I know

My arms will have you back
Not caring for the creases you’ve endured

Paper clip

I am strong when I am soft

a poem by Aishwarya Shrivastav

I am strong when I am soft
My heart soars up kind words
That wouldn’t soften harsh realities
But maybe hold someone up when they are tired of standing up for too long

I am strong when I am soft
I like to break down with people on bathroom floors like their sadness is mine
I know my crying wouldn’t calm them down
But maybe later we could share a laugh when we run out of tissues and comforting nouns

I am strong when I am soft
I am the first person to say sorry
The last one to say goodbye
I don’t like finishing last
But often, it’s easier to get hurt than hurting someone else

I am strong when I am soft
I dream without apologies for how big my dreams are
Refusing anything that restricts how long the dream will last
I know I have a hundred dreams and I will watch some more
Because I know if I can see them I can be them

I am strong when I am soft
I cry when I am happy and also when I am sad
I cry when I miss my lover and harder when he says I should grow up
I don’t mind him much
Because he also cries when we kiss and I don’t ask him to be a man

I am strong when I am soft
I buy flowers for my friend to put them on his hair
And I am not insecure when he is rocking that floral skirt better than me
Gender is restrictive and he doesn’t need to be your version of
What any gender should look like
We smile so bright and I swear he was so happy he cried
People will fight their own battles and you should let them fight
But stay around a little longer
Just in case they may need you to remind them of what they already know

I am strong when I am soft
I repeat thrice the same sentence for my mother without raising my tone
She didn’t count how many notes she left in our tiffin boxes
On important days of our school
Repeating doesn’t validate her deafness, nor is it a return gift
It is about just being there even when she doesn’t expect me to be around

I am strong when I am soft
I understand power and I don’t equate it with responsibility
I have seen resistance by those who know they can’t fight
Still they rise each day with holding on to hopes tight
I don’t always shout with them, but I like to see how we can still fight things bigger than us
Or how victory is not always about the win but about fighting till our last

I am strong when I am soft
I am strong when I am soft
And I am not ashamed when I say it today
For I have never been stronger than this


a poem by Anurag Barman

Beneath the left surface of the soul
Exist a place from where life begins

Making ups and downs in the ECG
Depicting life not to be ideal

Lost into the outside world
Forgetting to listen to it

Reminding only in times of
Fear and loneliness

But be it any situation or time
Still keeps on making waves

Because a beeline puts the soul
To an end


a poem by Uvais Girach

Walking along the streets, rain is with me
Listening to it’s voice, music is with me
Silence appeared when rain went away
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Thinking about the past, memories are with me
Repeating of thoughts, pain is with me
From the past to the present, nothing remains
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Fun with friends, joy is with me
Fighting with them, sadness is with me
All between broken relations of life
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Through the struggle, hard work is with me
But with the luck, success is with me
Between Every failure and success stories
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Loving my mother, life is with me
I am her Shadow, existence is with me
What is “I” now a no more myth
My mother is “I” and “I” is with me

My mother is my life and life is with me
My mother is my life and life is with me

The Burning Sun

a poem by Seshendra Sharma

I am the drop of sweat, I am the sun
Rising from the hills of human sinews,
Hearts are my friends

I live in the city of sufferings
Although in my fist, I hold an ocean of history
I sculptured man silently –

Wings that carried birds
Did not bring them back;
I am drinking thick darkness
In the haunts of those forests
Which cry out in agony for the birds
That did not return;

Clutching at the garment woven of memories
I twine myself to the feet of my country.
Heads that were hanging to the trees
Smile as flowers today in the branches
Hearts that received the bullets

Ring in temples of our land like bells;
Blood of theirs nights squeezed and offered
By how many to bring forth this day;
They are hanging like icicles
On the ridges of our roofs;
Look, it is an iron fist I have;
I shall excavate the flame of light
From the rocks of time –
I will set fire to the sleep of resisting centuries –
To the rivers that run in passion after the sea

I cry halt, command them
To paint the colourless arid lands in green,
Invite back the smile which fled away
In terror from this land,
To the butterfly trudging hungrily for a flower
I shall give a garden –
Come children, eat
Bits of nights dipping them in moonlight,
I shall not allow the sun to cheat this sacred day

If he wakes not on the horizon of this land
I shall tear my burning heart
And put it in its place
With the scarlet of my living flesh
Illuminate the earth
I am the drop of sweat, I am the sun
Rising from the hills of human sinews

Funniest is confidence

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Struggled for the name
It’s my pen name in life
Buzz words can’t turn me
Byword I am the unknown to you

Measuring tortured me
Then closed world never opened
Ignition was “I aspire”
Commitment was “I am bound”

Every filter managed me
Funniest was my innocent confidence
Fluctuates as the wire
Behaves as the air

Beings say you can it pleasures
Beings say you may it “feels important”
Beings say you can’t it “drops the face”
Realisation called me to ignore

Situational commitment visioned me
And buzz beats never declined me
The only difference was my feeling
Not the societal bites

Choose wise commitment
When funny confidence can’t
Confidence is intrinsic
Which ignites the intrinsic
Ignores the extrinsic

Shadow the feelings light up
The want’s, then all the pleasure is we

Stone smile

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

The riverside rock
Bemoans its mute existence
Dry days lie in tatters
Uncertainty lurks behind
Iron-black nights

Through deep shadows
In its eyes
The stone watches
The riverbank come to life
As lovers nestle
In the shelter of darkness
Between walls of the winds

Burbling waters wind their way
Past the mute riverside stone
Touching teasing
Sometimes mocking

Time arrives, beckons, summons
In a momentary lapse of reason
The stone uproots itself
To embark upon
Its course of destiny
Obliging time

Forging desires, it races ahead
In search of new land
Where stones too can smile