Recent Poems

Tender Trap

a poem by Vipina Unni

Last evening I was on a flight back
I looked down on to the clouds
Not as a photo opportunity
But just to admire them

I found them just like me
Rather like my feelings
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

Nothing in their control
They just drift around
Wandering around
But nothing changes the way they are
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

When the clouds are heavy
They just lighten themselves
By letting off a little water
Just like me

I kept staring at them
Hoping I had wings
Just for a day, want to fly
Fly along with the very same clouds
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

I wonder who holds more power
The air or the cloud
Air for it forces the cloud to change its shape
Or the cloud itself for it never loses its charm come rain, storm or thunder

I know it’s the cloud
So dreamy, so gentle, yet so powerful
So white so pure yet so delicious

Next time on a flight
Do look at them
Admire their beauty and the grace with which it wanders

They wander by choice
Let the air be fooled
But we wander by choice
Like Frank Sinatra famous song
“they are all part of the tender trap”

Another lonely night

a poem by Redlipdiary .

Here I go through the night,
All again on my own.
Thinking of the nights spent with you,
Heaving and hoping.

Hoping to see you,
Hoping to hold you again,
Hoping for just one more night with you,
But, just a hope it is.

Closing my eyes, recalling those nights
Seems like happened just last night
Sipping wine and glancing at me
There you were undressing me,
First with your eyes then with your hands.

Just a fan!

a poem by Deepa Dash

She loved him a lot,
without his knowledge.
She many times tried,
but never had courage.

She attended all his concerts,
and even left comments sureshot.
But neither a like not a reply,
to console her heart she got.

It was her love without hope,
Thinking him as a star
And her as a common poet,
She had no scope.

Still loving him till infinity,
She thinks she can.
But for him she is none,
But just an ordinary fan!!

(This poem is written exclusively for Darshan Raval.)


a poem by Jaylee .

There is something in me that controls my life.
It is not an addiction to a substance or a goal I am in pursuit of.

This thing inside of me is what causes me to be who I am,
but I cannot say that I am proud of that.

I do not know 100% where this came from,
but it does not matter because it worsens everyday
I try to figure it out and take a look back.

Some doctors give it a fancy name,
but I simply like to call it fear.
Not the typical fear like a scary movie or a ghost whispering a word into your ear.
This fear, this fear is much different.

This fear that not everyone can hear,
that not everyone can understand, that not everyone can come to the conclusion
that there is something really out out there that this kid is afraid of.

This fear is called SAD, S.A.D., Social Anxiety Disorder.
An acronym so perfectly written not because it makes me sad,
but because it is sad that I am fearful of something that does not exist.

I wish I could be afraid of a horror film,
I wish I could be afraid of heights,
I wish I could be afraid of getting mugged in an alley on my way back from school that day,
I wish…

Instead, I am afraid of that which does not exist.

I am afraid that my entire life is being judged
even though there is no one there to do the judging.

I am afraid to say HI
to someone I have been living in the same building with
for 9 ****ing months.

I am afraid to eat alone in the cafeteria
so I drive in my car to an obscure location to eat my damn meal.

I am afraid of the moment when the teacher spits the words “Get into groups.”

I am afraid of my own curiosity
because I know it will lead to, me wanting to ask a question.
A question filled with potential learning and knowledge,
but forget that because I cannot even muster up enough courage to ask it.

I am afraid of other people, so I do not socialize,
and when I do not socialize, I am afraid of being alone.
If I am afraid of both people and being alone,
what the hell am I supposed to do on any given Saturday morn.

This really is sad. Go ahead laugh,
laugh at me for having a fear of Absolutely nothing.
Go ahead and laugh because this really is sad, S.A.D, Social Anxiety Disorder.

Private Job: Struggle is on…

a poem by Abhishek Jain

Stuck into the endless tasks in dues
One after the other in multitudes
From creepy morning to sleepless night
Keep our schedule very tight

Huge nuisance with rush up
Orders pile up with follow up
One after one, the tasks attack
The life has become a feedback

So, keep feelings and emotions at silent mode
Catch up the bullet, stop being a toad,
Private job is a thorny road
And no alternative of workload

At every step enliven your thoughts
Never work like moving robots
Being treated like a herd of cattle
The question is to win this battle

Save Mother Earth

a poem by Abhishek Vidyabhanu

Save the Earth we all say on June the fifth,
On the very next day we forget and create all the filth.
It’s high time that we act more than what we speak,
Else, in the woods there will soon be no trees of either sandalwood or teak.
We call the earth as our Mother,
Let us plant more trees to let it prosper and foster.
Let us re-use, re-duce and re-cycle,
And Papa please, instead of that car, let us use the bicycle.

What made me quote

a poem by Shubham Kamble

Sipping down a crystal of dark
Warmth spread, as it passed down my throat
Leaving a burning numbness in my chest
As toxicity disintegrates my soul
My senses faded away
Poured out the magical words, I wrote
“You look so beautiful.”
Was it the ink
Was it the
Fermented cane that made me quote?


a poem by Yatin Rajput

I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I felt fear, you made my path clear, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I was depressed you made me feel the best, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
You are the savior of nature, plants and every other creature, God!
I thank god for this attitude with the language of love and gratitude, God!

Winter’s Morning New Delhi

a poem by Shailesh .

This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share
All destinations look like new ladle
Everyone had to solve foggy morning puzzle

City of my dream or reality I am taking
Is it poetry in making?
Or I am in rhythm of the city, I miss in talking.
Sitting on pavement with pigeons all around crippling

Yesterday once more, feel fresh like wheel of clay.
Rains has washed dark stone road, plush green side way.
No traffic, clear weather, bit clouds in the sky.
Old tree with freshly minted leaves and clay
All made dawn smell as new perfume to spray.

Slowly Sun capturing horizon all around the sky
Questions of earning, ruling, fooling and reaching the city
Hurdles, wins and politics all coming in every man’s way

Hope with despair begins day of this capital
Everything is clear but not visible
This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share

Death, Death and Death

a poem by Abhimanyu Kumar S

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in clubs and parties
Death, death and death.

I foresee the death of humanity
Harassment, discrimination and hatred
Death in purity and sacredness
Death in broken mirrors and home
Death in king, death in masses
Death, death and death.

Last Visit

a poem by Kaumudi .

The last glimpse of these dense woods
The last sip of the river’s crystal clear water
The last song to listen from the cuckoo
The last fruit to taste from the fully grown trees
The last fragrance from the beautiful flowers
The last hummings heard from the bees
The last view of the pale blue skies
The last meet to my fellow villagers
The last step on this ground

After this Last Visit,
I’m off to the city in search of job
It’s been years but whenever I remember my village,
I just can’t stop to sob.


a poem by Fouqia .

I want to be careless
Worry less
Smudged in multiple blurred characters
Shaping myself in the ashes of life
I want to emancipate all the self created rules
And the historically abided laws
Live the missed dreams
Unknot the knots of life
Struggle out from the shackles of ‘must’
From the ties of irony, agony and fate
Manifest my inner peace

Breach the loaded do’s and don’ts
Yes, I want to be called a revolutionary
A fearless wind
An insane being
A societal bane
For once I would be out of their ‘Acceptance’
Self creating what is to be accepted
Not by them but by my own existence
For once I would live denied yet welcomed
If not today, in the coming years
Breaking open yet bridging gaps
Between human good and ‘Good’
To be a soulful, peaceful
Confident, sacred, free woman

Masked Writer

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

Just because you are slow
You worked differently
You had different ideas
You had different working ways
Your intellect was different
And if in the crowd of people you are alien
Doesn’t mean you are out of the way.

The Shortest Month

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

February smells like its gonna rain
February feels like its still winter on the go
February tastes like the summer sweat
There’s this February that’s transits btw our feelings.