Recent Poems

Cruel to Life

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Felt jealous when other smiles hit me
Not only as guardian but also from off spring
Darkness was not my unhappy
But it is my lonely being

My sis and bro are my caffeine
They chat, chill and make love
Passed every dark in hope of light
But left with only watery eyes

Met with my delights
Had gone through a play
Which turned me to be humble
Known the sense of pride in divine nature

Was like sarrogacy
Borrowed happiness from other cuteness

The most usual thing

a poem by shyam_sundar_g

The next easiest thing
Will be the previous one
The done and dusted
With a blue print
Of how it will pan out

The next toughest thing
Will be the yet-to-occur
The unknown and uncertain
Can’t have a sneak peek
Of what will it be

The next interesting thing
Is the happening one
Runs without a halt
Right in the middle
Thinking of the other two


a poem by Aditya

Bellicose ten heads–
ten tops of a mountain dark,
shatter, thou lives to shreds
as a wrath apocalyptic stark.

Raavan with a whoop
trampled the troop
of robust apes and mighty bears.

Undaunted Sun-Scion,
dashed! Slaying despairs

Swift, infallible, arrows divine
devour demonic grisly gore
‘Mercy! Mercy!’ myriads pine,
skulls depraved, clog ashore.

Aflame, agile
arrow- missile
upon a chariot Raghu-nayak cast

Demon- debacle!
Raavan ramshackle,
stumbled to floor fore a blast!

Tyrant Ten heads
Ram beheads!
Pares Dashanan‘s arms a score!

all in vain,
arms, skulls slain
Revive! aloud, the demons roar.

Again, again Raghu–nayak strives
again, again Raavan revives!

Lord of Lords, ineffable Ram
treasure trove of bliss and charm,
tussles! as a man, manifest
puts Vibhishan’s creed to test

Anguished, Raghunath grimaced.
beheld Vibhishan, Ram in plight
unto God the devotee raced
Shankar mulls – “What a Sight!”

“At stomach-knob O’ Ram thou aim
dwells elixir divine within
Ram the bolts agile, aflame!
Vanquish Ten abodes of Sin.”

The string of Time
bridging the ends of Nature’s arc
pulls cerulean being sublime
gainst the realm-demonic dark!

Bolts voracious serpentine
shattered Dashanan’s knob divine!
turned demonic heads to crumbs!
Fore Shri Ram, Raavan succumbs.

Rumbles the troop- Hail Shri Ram!
Shesh, Mahesh Bramha with Sam-

“Crown atop of locks unkempt
big lovable eyes that tempt
long lithe limbs leonine
who wields a dazzling bow divine

Frame cerulean smeared with gore
who slayed the mighty brutes of yore.

‘Tis Ram! Whom Shruti eulogized,
Primeval, Brahm personified.

Emotional hunt of crush

a poem by Amshudharsai K

My dumb Beauvoir had suggested me not to be known
You pulled me towards you
Your glorious cheeks and childish smile like glaciers sliding
Spat me to extroversion

Jaan what’s my mistake
I walked the way you like
I dreamt the position of your dearest

My anger on you mean the love
But not the filter to not let you in

If kick back is your answer
Then it may be a respect
But it can’t be a resolution to my emotional hygiene

I can’t drive you to my love
I can’t let you to hate me

I can turn your swings to the right
I can be the everything you want

I was the broken
I suffered by the moments you made

You had turned me to be the enrichment in social
You had turned me to be the dreams of my dears

I can’t near you
Without your consern

Please be the part of my feeling forever
This is not just my emotional hunt
This is a morphine to my pain

Sharpening Pencil

a poem by Sharad Rajimwale

I cut my finger while sharpening
the pencil

I must sharpen it.
They sharpen their daggers and swords
to spill unknown blood.

But we need pencils sharpened
to save life.

I cut my finger.

A drop of blood oozed out
on the white paper
slowly filling it with its own legend.

The Virtual World

a poem by Anurag Barman

Lost into yourself;
Exist another parallel world
Where only you exist
Leaving the real world behind.

A world without boundaries
And happenings to your instincts;
From past to future
Changes in tune with your will.

A place almost like a mirror
But everything is virtual
Where you can take the best form
And wishing it to be real.

Will it be fine?

a poem by Kanish .

You may be beyond my imagining,
I wanna make my dream
of your, in any mean.
Your fantasies, your desires.
May be out of reach.
In spite, I wanna it be of mine.
I’ll fulfill. Will it be fine?

May have hesitation to say
You may counter my way
With trick ‘n’ play,
Will try to make,
you on mine track.
May feel imposing sometime.
I’ll negate. Will it be fine?

Always I’m there
When you’ll upset
Illogical jokes of mine
will try to flirt
and make you out.
Always ready,
with such foolish guts,
I’ll tease. Will it be fine?

Time frames me

a poem by Amshudharsai K

I am something
I am trained by Indus valley system
I am unknown when wordy stuff are my tests
I am not competitive when I push myself to comfort
Thought that some look like a rainbow
But it had shown the empty box

I skipped, tried and got deceated
I bewilder to understand your “feeling of importance”
Sometimes I am stuck
I am alone

Your thought to teach
Is unconventional
But your conveying made me stable
Thank you life, letting me to know myself


a poem by Nadeem Zia G

Femininity thy kind so fragile
Yet thine art so divine

Your nature sublimely so agile
For thine soul is His shrine

Thy name is embodiment of love
Yet your strength is of mighty courage

Though your tenderness is that of dove
Lest when exploited beware of your rage

Your morphing hues in life
Of a daughter, sister, wife and mother

Each full of passion and rife
Thou harbinger of life for further

I bow my head before you with humbleness
Oh thou essence of greatness

To rule over my heart

a poem by Amber Kumar

Her soft mocha skin, where glaciers slide,
her eyes with galaxies and nebulas within,
and her fingers orchestrating this heart of mine.

Her breaths like breezes adorn my rusty palace of tin,
her semblance, a canvas embedded with bubbly art fine.
The mountains and oceans are nothing but petty bumps and puddles compared to her,
for she is above all and everything,
seraphic deity, celestial delicacy,
a lady of unmatched beauty,
a girl with diamonds in her hair,
a lass with sempiternal dusk in her stare,
a fox with such tempting snares,
The only Queen to rule over my heart.

Her voice melts in my ears,
and echoes in my vessels forever.
My throat burns up with words,
words wanting to line themselves in front of her eyes.

You shall hear my pleas through the dusty winds and chirpy birds,
through shimmering leaves and crackling fires,
through chiming icicles and the clearest crystals.

For I have spoken, and I have spoken enough,
I would rather you look than hear,
for you see dear one,
we share the same sky and stars,
the same sun and moon,
that like mirrors shall reflect us from one place to another,
and I wish to see your likeness through them forever,
so cherish these few things we have in common,
for the differences are endless, and my dried up heart,
now lifeless.

What my heart says

a poem by Aditya Sharma

Follow it and you will achieve great;
Have to know first what it says, to follow;
Confused itself, know not what to say;
Whisper sometimes, says something.

Take this path, fly in your own direction;
Fly hard, do not rest;
Desire in eyes, will get there if got passion.

Passion, yes! Passion or wish, what it is?
But wait, you tell me that, loud and clear;
And he whispers sometimes, says something.

Not clear in foggy mind, stumbles upon that;
Take that path, hit the fortune;
Paint other side of yours,
With the picture in me you desire.

Wandering now, nothing is clear;
Clear is this, that I am lost;
Lost in thoughts like a dot;
A dot that is lost in middle of a line;
Each and everyone followed by millions of dots lost in each other.

Hope I soon find that dot he agrees with;
Which will lead me to my next curvy line;
With charming turns and life that fulfill my wish;
Wish or passion, know not what it is!
And he whispers sometimes, says something.

Child Story Book

a poem by Arunkumar D

Tiny best story on earth
Dreaming everytime in my mind
Daddy bought a candy everyday
Jumping on the high in the sky
Mummy hugged touching my pinky cheeks
Kiss miss kiss miss on my naughty lips
Kicko kicko with those spongy toes
Wua wua fussy busy child
Races rockstar anytime never stops
Says thathathatha thathathathathai
Twinkling twinkling little pupil balls
Yummy yummy tasty belly jelly
Peacock feathers mesmerising soft hair
Funful days while growing little babe

Love at School

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

It was the first day of my new school
That day I was looking so stupid

As I was alone and strange
She came to me and sat on my bench

Then she introduced herself and asked my name
But that moment I was feeling ashamed

It was the first time when I sat with a girl
And her beauty made my mind whirl

Such a beauty I hadn’t ever seen
She looked just like a queen

I kept staring at her
Listening all her talks
How cute she looked while cracking jokes

Her smile was a God’s boon
Her face glowed just like moon

No one can explain her beauty in words
Her voice seemed to me like chirping of birds

Everyday I noticed each of her reaction
From her smile to cry
And the things which made her shy

Soon I became a diehard fan of her
My heart started to love everything about her

Then a day came when I fell in love with her
I started to dream day and night of only her

To sit with her
I knowingly used to forget all my books
To impress her, I started to better my looks

As she looked just like a princess
So to look like a prince, I used to wear a nice dress

In her love I was falling and falling day by day
To see her once, I didn’t miss the school, a single day

Whenever I missed her, I used to close my eyes
Then she would come in my dreams and kiss me twice

Her beauty made me intoxicated
Whenever I saw her
My heart started to beat at the speed of a rocket

My love for her was touching the sky
After school, I always followed her just like a spy

Now a single minute was not spent without her
My eyes always remained curious to see her

Every minute seemed to be a day in her absence
How happy I felt in her presence

It was becoming difficult to survive without her
Then the day came when in front of all
I finally purposed to her
Down on my knees and with a rose in my hand
I said “I love you so much. Will you be my girlfriend.”

Then she came in the pose as I was
Smiled and took that rose

Suddenly she hugged me and started to weep loud
Then she said “I love you too.” in front of the crowd

Love at First Sight

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

When I met you for the first time I got goosebumps
That moment I found myself dumb
My eyes were amazed and my heart was beating fast
Your beauty made my mind blast
Your blue eyes hypnotised me
Your blond hair mesmerised me
I lost my balance after watching your beautiful face
I became a fan of your grace
You are an angel who is heaven sent
Whenever I see you, your beauty makes me faint
Whether it is day or night, I see you in my dreams
Now only your name flows in my blood streams
I have fallen in love with you
Everywhere I see image of you
It seems that you are down to the earth only for me
Therefore I thank God for sending such a gift for me
It has been a knack of you
My day doesn’t start until I see you
My each second is spent thinking about you
Whole time, my eyes are curious to see you
My nights are spent in desolation
I feel tense due to our seperation
But whenever I miss you I just close my eyes
And memorise your cute face
Me and my heart are waiting for your embrace
Now there is only one dream that you become all mine
My heart is just waiting for your sign

She is forever in my heart

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

I used to sit in my room alone listening to songs we liked most
I used to sit in the corner of my room thinking when we met first
I used to lock myself in the dark room thinking how much I really miss her
I keep staring her photo, with tear in my eyes
I weep all day thinking how happy we were together
Whole night, I think of those promises which we made together
She can’t feel that how much I miss her
Her eyes, her voice, her dance and her touch
I tried to forget but my heart misses her too much
I miss that rainy day when we were struck in the thunder
I miss that place where we both used to wander
What can I say about that night
With her hands in my hands and we stared at the moon
Now I really miss that boon
My heart feels good whenever I see her in my way
My hearts still feels that she will retun in my life one day