Recent Poems

The Song of Swans

a poem by Abhishek Pandeyar

Hiding behind the shadows,
I see a shadow alive,
Mumbling slowly,
the tune of death.
“Dare who hath?
To be alive in my presence,
I am the dark, I am the crescent,
that shields the mark.”

An embodiment of demise,
wielding a sabre of black steel
Hunting shadows with a sash
Making souls his meal.
A smile crawls his face, the face of Death
“Be not gentle, have no mercy,”
whisper the Furies,
the sisters of Circe.

Blade of souls with a long crescent,
A strong grip for anger to vent,
“I am here to devoid you
of all that meant,
I am Thanatos,
the face of dread.”

Sharp short breaths of varying lengths,
Shards of glass on wrists of Death.
Smirking at the resting soul, he draws the bloodthirsty dagger,
For it’s not different,
to sleep or to die.
It doesn’t matter whether you protest or cry.
“Sleeping in the shade, your minds in haze,
Twin of mine you willfully embrace,
What am I, if not a long slumber?
My love I am the angel, the Angel of sombre.”

“For you must leave,
from whence you came,
from shade to shade you return,
I will find you, you will be caught,
Whether you’re buried, whether you burn.”

“Oh, the ignorant soul,
kneeling and praying on black shores of Styx,
It’s time you be oblivious to the worldly charms,
Welcome to the place you be devoid of all plans.
Let go of your memories, forget your pain,
don’t let my mumblings drive you insane,
Swaying in the water like swans,
go limp in the waters of Lethe,
With a splash of cold fire and gentle rocking,
Let me take you to the three-headed dog awaiting.”

Feathers in the sky

a poem by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

I dream about the dreams that never come true
Isolated thoughts queue up inside
The moment, I close my eyes
Dark it turns, like a light at the end of a tunnel
Opens the gate to enter my dreamland

I wander on the empty streets
I float along the clouds
I sleep on the moon
I walk through the woods

Nightmares and Fairytales
Where, I am the hero, Dreams are you
Dreams are what you want to be
Dreams are those little things you come across
Dreams are the things you leave un-accomplished
Dreams have meaning, Dreams are me

Questing on myself! The day I stop dreaming
My dreams will be fulfilled
I still dream about that day
The feathers on my arms, up above the clouds
Accomplishments of countless desires

This is what I am made of
This is for what I am born for
To live my Dreams!
To live my Dreams!

Fishes can’t fly

a poem by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

We all try to live a life so perfect
That we don’t want others to complain about.
We all started to have an opinion on what this society around will think,
If I think or act like.

We aren’t doing things we really want to.
We take care of the fact that we should not be filled with any mistakes
That nobody will question it or talk about it.
We invest a lot of time thinking on what the world outside will react to our actions.
We carry a pinch of embarrassment within us
Comparing ourselves with the world outside.

An urge to be perfect to show them who we really are!
We made rules for ourselves.
We created God’s for ourselves.
We drew a line in front making ourselves to not cross it.

We set limitations for ourselves and started judging based on them.
Why do we do that?
Everyone are different.

Why do we try to make them follow us?
Why do we want them to be like us?
Why do we push our opinions on a stronger side making them feel weak?
Why do we do that?

This Life is my gift.
We have to stand up bit higher from this deluded crowd to see what things really are.
We aren’t born here to follow some set of man-made rules and die!
Live like the way you want.
You be a sinister in their eyes!

You aren’t perfect to them?
You aren’t what they expect?
You earn their hate?
Remember, you will still breathe the same air as they do.

If everyone’s paper is white and pure
That doesn’t make any difference to your life trying to keep yours white and pure.
Make some black dots, Make some memories.
The day your soul leaves you
Don’t regret seeing that blank pure white paper that unfolds throughout your life.
Be that black dot that you are.
You aren’t born to be the same.

The time we spend on knowing what others are and what they think
Spend it on you.
Close your eyes and listen to the voice that speaks to you.
The time we invest on people is just a day-dream for a lazy mind.

Stand up on the stool in front and see the world different.
No matter how this world of delusions and chaos put you in.
No matter how bad you are judged for.
No matter the words that are raised against you.
No matter the portrayal they do on you.

You are still breathing the same air as they do…

Untitled Minimalists

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

I give freedom to words
To choose their task
But each time
They build
A castle of love

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fading footsteps
Emotions wilt like tainted petals
Holding memories in my hand
I watch dazed
My shadow leaving me

Children of a lesser God

a poem by Zeenat Hakimjee

Walking about in torn and tattered clothes,
Looking messy with a running nose.
Crippled, unable to walk properly,
The arrogant man, looks at him disdainfully.
The other day, the car almost ran her down,
As she leaped forward, begging for an alm,
Hand outstretchetched, unable to see,
In the sun, wearing dark glasses,
Makes him look shady.
For a cheap rate, they are bought,
Are they, Children of a Lesser God?

Beside the Lake

a poem by Deepa Dash

Walking across the frozen lake,
In the mid of night,
I had a couple at my sight,
Enjoying every fall of snow.

They meant to have immense pleasure,
In chanting and romping with the snow.
It was our memories I could treasure,
As we promised to meet but I was alone.

I had my eyes hunting for you,
And my heart sobbing without you,
Many times looking at the ring in my finger,
Dreadfully I missed you!

A sound, tapping of boots,
I was nervous as it approached me.
I felt unsafe and thought to turn,
But soon I had my eyes smother.

I felt the warmth of the hand,
The feelings I had had before,
Surely it was you my love,
Having the same sweetest band.

I was very happy and my fright disappeared,
It was like darkness vanished and light again appeared.
Me lost in the world of pleasure as you hugged me tight,
Our eyes became one and I saw myself in your sight.
Holding hand in hand, we moved beside the lake,
I swear, it was purest and rest all are fake!

The unseen Divine

a poem by Anurag Barman

Doubt about his existence by some,
While worshipped by many;
In the form of names and shapes,
Yet nothing conceivable.

Where man is the fate of himself,
But his existence lays upon him,
The Supreme Phenomenal;
The Unseen Divine.

Too careless!

a poem by Ananya Garg

A white T-shirt trying to shape itself to fit my torso
A black lower loose enough to allow my legs to breathe in the air
Sport shoes spattered in mud because I jumped in that favourite park of mine while it was raining
My hair wild open and too tangled to be tied up in a neat pony

You see I’m too careless to care about how I look
And I step out of my house
I walk and walk and walk
All those pairs of eyes staring at me as if trying to tell me how lunatic they felt I am

A smirk escapes my lips and I keep walking
For my headphones played no better old fashioned song than ‘better not mess with me’ at that moment
I have nowhere to go
No person is waiting for me
Neither is my presence being missed anywhere, except for, inside me

Here is a pond at the side where water is standing still
As if it’s been too long since it’s waiting for someone
So I go near it
Looking into it as if it would actually answer all my questions

Water reflected the clear and bold scar on my forehead which reminded of the accident
Accident after which my brother cried for continuously more than an hour
For he thought he would be held liable for because he pushed me
While playing chor police in the old house

Also it reminded me of my mother’s warm hug trying to console me
By making me believe that I was ‘her strongest girl’
And I remember how my dad looked away because his too soft heart
Couldn’t bear the sight of blood stained band aid.

The scar played a story of love that was never felt again after that moment
Water is still reflecting my image so honestly
I smile at myself
And I move on

Because that is what I have learnt
Not to stay at a place
Not to hold on to anything
And just move on

I walk into an open ground
And instead of sitting on the perfectly carved benches
I decide to lie on the uneven ground
And look up to imperfectly painted canvas of tints and shades of blues and whites

I see the birds working for their much free life
And again I remember applying for the jobs that were never made for me
Letting my passion go for the hunger of pennies that were never earned
Let me breathe

I want to let it go
My eyes again embrace that canvas
And now I have decided to paint it
But with my colour, red.

A mother’s voice

a poem by Samiksha

With intension and with a choice,
They made up their minds
And finally decided to have a baby.

God seemed unfortunate to them,
The society went blind.
All cursed that mother, who just gave birth to a girl child.

The conservative family,
And the devil society
All blamed her,
For the decision made by the almighty.

That mother suffered and bitterly cried
She had never knew that,
For her baby girl, the world will be soo wild.

But she was a warrior,
Valiants never remain quiet
Ultimately she stood for her angel and decided to fight.

People thought
Just a lady she is
Suppressing her will be light.

Society underestimated her, and their thought went wrong
For her girl,
She can become even a heavy storm.
Her power was sufficient to break all the boundaries and norms.

The more injustice she faced,
The more she let her inner fire ignite.
Without fearing and sitting aside
That mother sweared,
To make her girl’s life bright.

Death Anniversary

a poem by Anu Pillai

I am strong and soft but I bend down to tears
When this day come yet another year
It was not easy to make you apart from my life
As you were the one to keep me strong
I yet weep on my pain and cannot laugh without you any more as before
Death is a peaceful serene.
But dying, isn’t!
with all that is said and done
I hope you find peace from within my dearest daddy

Some childhood memories I cherish so much
That I would want to remember them now without you forever
With tears in my eyes my sole heart cries without any supports
Without any cares drop drop my lonely tears

On this day I remember the death of the dear one my dearest Daddy
So I write this special mourning message to my dear one today
On the death anniversary of my dearest Daddy
Especially the last favour I could do for my dearest daddy
On his 27th Death Anniversary

An inspiration to the youth for the Palliative Care

a poem by Baquee Billah Ahmed

Welcome youth for palliative care
Serve the sufferer save the tear
Come all together for a palliative tower
Make the unity, show the youth power

Many careless life, hopeless still in this terra
With hurting bosom, their life their gerra
Care their body, care their soul
You are the sunshine, alive their goal

Many are gloomy, relief less pain
Progress the humanity, forget the gain
Carry on them, do effort for switch
Come on all together with hands twitch

Many as cure less, little for charge
Stay as dependable, make their hope enlarge
Improve their life quality, treat physical
Educating their family, build faith an energetic spiritual

Child the future, care body, spirit and mind
Revolute the child society, prevent world’s blind
Make them knowledgeable, let them run
They must grow up, bright like sun

Welcome youth for palliative care
Wash the lazy heart, do like dare
Throw out darkness, bring a light
Fetch the society near the moon, make it bride

An uncanny Love Story

a poem by Raghav N

We came into this World together.
Although born separately, we were always there for each other.

We went to the same school, college, and workplace.
Whilst there were many like her, something said
She deserves a special place.

I don’t know how She saw the strengths and flaws in me.
But, she was exactly like me.

We would easily break to the tantrums of the World.
Yet we wished to prudently grow old.

I thought we would always be together, like a paper and a pen.
Until I saw him looking at her like a wild beast from his den.

I dreaded if God started to hate me, for this can’t be true.
The thought of not being with her left me blue.

I gathered all my strength, held her tightly, clutched to her arms,
And assured her “I won’t let this happen, come what may!”
All he needed was just a little more effort and he snatched her away.

For all that I was, I could do nothing but see him, vandal.
My life became dark, like a room without candle.

He took her to his bed, and I was half-dead.

My mind became numb, as everything started to concur.
My breath went off, as he chocked her throat and drowned her.

I always knew this would happen sometime or the other.
Is it too much to ask for? All I wanted was a kiss together.

As a half of her body went off, he ate her other half.
The whole world seemed to fall, as she lay dead in the hall.

My world was destroyed.
But, the beast seemed to have enjoyed.

I wanted to run. As now, it was my turn.
Also, I wanted to stay and kill him in the same way.

I could imagine her suffering,
And wanted to save what was remaining.

As it had to happen,
Half of my body went off, and he ate the other half.

My heart melted when I met her deep down in the Ocean of Milk,
She said this to me, while I played with her hair like silk.

“Although he is the reason we are dead.
Now, we shall always be together.
Isn’t it the only thing that we ever wanted?”

(Love Story of a Drowned Biscuit)


a poem by Devika Toprani

Never forget, that we were best friends,
But presently, we cannot even stand each other,
At opposite ends.

It’s been years since I’ve heard your voice,
Maybe just maybe,
You kept away, because of choice.

I don’t know, what to say to you now,
But I just want to sort out this mistake, anyhow.

It’s been more than a year,
But still, I feel,
You’re somehow going to, magically reappear!

So, sorry is one word I’d like to say,
But still, it’s your mistake too, in a way!


a poem by Devika Toprani

Just the way, uncooked food
Can turn into a bite
Just the way, politeness
Can turn into a fight
Just the way, anger
Can turn into insight
Just the way, day
Can turn into night
What once went wrong
Can surely turn into right