Our beautiful beloved Earth – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

No nation can economically develop without modern technology in the world;
Social and cultural developments cannot flourish without economic boost;
So, competition and rivalry in industries and business rock the world today!
Materialism of money minded men has turned all into heartless machine beasts
That don’t care for pollution and destruction but only profit and domination; so,
Deforestation, cities, diseases and population explosion increase without limit!

Green house effect of pollution that traps Sun’s heat covers the whole world
And slowly and surely melting polar ice increases sea levels and immerses isles!
Rain and flash floods maroon many places making man’s planet a moratorium;
Also, forest fires and volcanic eruptions destroy and pollute vast areas of world
Reminding men of the coming events of doom’s day shortly on our Earth!
O Beautiful beloved Earth that bears all the brunt should change man’s mind!

Competition for excellence in all walks of life is good for any society anywhere;
But cooperation for extremism of all kinds leads only to destruction of all minds!
Burning competition creates restlessness and nightmares to tragedy and failures!
But cooperation develops confidence to dream and achieve wonderful things!
Competition for dominating the world will lead only to total chaos and gloom!
But cooperation for all round developments will lead to prosperity and hilarity!

Either scholar gypsies in search of truth should wander round the world
Or intellectuals for analysing matters should be glued to the computers!
By wars world conquerors have failed to take control of the world;
By ideas international politicians have failed to control the world;
And now by trade monopolists are trying to take control of the world!
So, competition and speed have become common in all walks of life!