My Illusions

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

As the empty road takes me along
Unless I come to fathom around
I see a jar filled with problems
House full of vultures
Couple of drops enough to drown
The dry earth about to soak me
Hiroshima’s nuke attack on me
Sound of pain travelling at speed of light
Ten weather seasons to experience instead of four
Bold souls in weak bodies
Myriad color combinations I denounce
Fate lines that now run across my body
Charred leaves with a long history to spell
A lonely child holding hands of an invisible mother
Running chariots with no horses to drive
Love definitions scribbled on the air platform
Laughter challenging the face of sorrow
The muse of my paintings on sale
Drugs to awaken not to put to sleep
The funeral of the stagnant river
Template of my body being incarnated
Loosened gravity to keep me high
Am confused and frustrated in delirium
Is this the end or start of my world?