a poem by Prasad Balan

This poem is not only from my point of view
but also from all of us.
I consider my Mom as an great asset to me
because of her I am here today.
I have expressed myself as below.

Do you love somebody in your life?
Of course its mom before wife,
She is cool as a cucumber,
Go and try out some numbers,
Criticism is the best I like of her abilities,
Something that made me think of my capabilities,
Frankness is my choice,
Something which my mother likes,
She is the best friend I have ever met,
Anything and everything for this bet,
Support and encouragement are her highlights,
Something what you need in your bad times,
Supreme confidence is her key to success,
Her confidence in me is the best to express,
I owe my existence to my mom,
Slowly but Surely I am regaining my form,
Without her I would have been a guy without thought,
If I am not mistaken, don’t you think of the same sort.