Poems on "Money"


a poem by Sudipto Bhattacharya

I am a man
A very poor man

My body starves for food
My mind starves for education
My soul starves for salvation

What if the politicians promise pay and morsel to man and then fail to deliver?
What if there are no universities unifying unkind man?
What if god incarnates himself here for eighty-four lakh times
For liberating man and then fails miserably?

My poor body, my poor mind and my poor soul will not stop to say that

I am a man
A very poor man.

Ways to Wealth

a poem by Remigius de Souza

Once a god adored adorned
many a head of door to an abode.
Now the gods take to the road,
beg for patronage. And the rich
beggars go globe trotting for
finance, know-how and trade.

Once the children of communities
cohesive received learning free
in the life-supporting skills in
branches of wholesome life-tree.

Now in the forward societies
they buy it at the trading malls
turning their clocks fast forward
until late to their adulthood
to earn their dough of uncertain
value to buy the living and life-
supporting services from expertise
at the thriving market place.

Now the bureaucrats, the masters
from the branches of expertise,
at their highest level of incompetence
in Peter Principle, take chairs;
replace colours faded of feudal-ship,
at the helm of the people’s affairs.

Now no wonder the prostitution goes
rampant and the pimps thrive on
as they make it quick with smile on
the by-ways and highways to wealth.

Now no wonder all the world children
‘you and I, yours and mine’
are the cursed ‘unwanted generation’,
as much said, the ‘growing population’
by the stakeholder ‘the rational animal’ man
as much done: the rape of Mother Earth.

(Dedicated to Annual National Budget 2006)

A Prayer

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Lord put money in by bank
And I shall call and earnestly thank
Ma who pestered Pa to bend
To her whims and bitterly end!
The fight for money in my bank

Ma has told him it is less
What she calls the Daughter’s Cess
For Panties, knickers and monthly ‘Chum’
Things so dear they hardly come!
With the money in my Bank

My account should always overflow
And on my face there be a glow
I can then, dream to start
To fulfill the desires of my heart!
With the money in my bank

My sister’s told them I am down
With a viral that’s profound
I am ill and need to eat
Medicines, Cherries, Grapes and Sweets!
With the money in my Bank

Send me Lord some pleasing news
Of good money I can use
I shall end to feign and faint
Then douse the town in crimson paint!
With the money in my Bank.


a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Have you ever wondered?
What greed took away?
You lost the love you craved for
Now think of it and weigh

Where you live, what you drive
Or the gold you wear
Have you ever noticed?
Few seem to care

You sit on a mound of pride
And build a ship of greed
Money is all you think of
And money is all you need

Your purse is full of money
Your morals all are gone
No time to see the setting sun
Or hear the birds at dawn.

You are full of envy
A weakened heart you hold
Aloof and lonely you remain
Illness you behold

You think that you’re rich,
But have no one to care
On a bed you lie alone
Helpless over there

It’s then that you come to know
Happiness is not around
The one you loved is far away
New love cannot be found

Friends, love and happiness
With wealth cannot be bought
Can never be nursed with greed
But only by the heart

It is sad but yet is true
And funny as it seems
Greed nurses nightmares,
But never gentle dreams


a poem by Venkat

Are people judged
By the money they earn

Doesn’t it matter anymore
That a person is

Is it the end of the family?


a poem by Jayati

Money is bad
When one never had

Money is good
One can buy food.

Money is treasure
Secure with a tether in measure.

Money borrow lend
Lose Shakespearean friend.

Money lost cause disgust.
Money found luck is abound.

Money behind
For the child, grandchild

Money makes, makes life live.
Money thrives, banks profit.

However, the greatest problem of money is
Money does not grow on trees.

Money is Sacred

a poem by Jayati

It’s no wrong hypotheses;
Money is not unholy
but the tricks
to capture it
For is it not money that
we need to live?
Buy for ourselves
soap to
Feed educate, relax satiate
After a sumptuous meal.
With family and friends
in emulate
Clothes and shelter, a roof over our head
A comfortable bed to cover protect
From natural calamities.
Money, life’s safe
It’s important to have, the know how we need
Meaning, treat money with utmost respect.
Carefully use and earn, it helps us exist
Thus sacred it

The Desire

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

My wish is to write a best-seller
make a lot of money
and buy a yellow Mercedes;
not a black one
there are so many of them around here
with drivers in black suits,
wearing sad expressions and a smug, half hidden smile
looking like funeral directors
going to work on a day a jumbo jet has crashed near the airport.
Most of all
I like to be so famous
that I can live as I do
and people will say: him!
He has got lots of money but chooses to live simple life.


a poem by Jayati

I love M, I love O, I love N,
I love E, I love Y;
Ask me why?
Please, do not make me shy!
Money, Money, Money,
Sweetheart, Honey,
Think me funny!”
I, no care;
Euro, Dollar, Penny, I need many;
For wife,
Safety, security.
Though uncanny;
Five concubine, M-O-N-E-Y
Follow in line, their lover boy,
Without, any disharmony;
And rich, the guy.
Full of joy!
For life, no borrow
Holds “Enjoy no sorrow.”

Stock Market

a poem by Deepak Sarkar

The bell rings each morning-
Except on weekends or holidays!
Signaling the opening of the market-
In the heart of most crowded cities.

Traders rush in to make their bids (day)-
As millions of shares change invisible hands!
Making it a bull market or bear market-
Just like the happiness and sorrow of life!

The market grows on good ROI (return on investment)-
And shrinks when workers salaries go high!
The market hates full employment-
Fearing inflation may rise!
And it loves underemployment-
When workers work for less with a smile!

Politicians always worry about the market-
With economy and election in their mind!
They are always there to guard it from all evils-
Like a mother of a newborn child!

Human brain needs a steady pure blood supply-
Even a computer requires a stable power supply!
But, the present and future of democratic free market people-
Depend only on uncertain, volatile and ambiguous stock market!!


a poem by Kumar Iyer

Money is just paper
It creates a lot of pauper

People call it currency
It changes Human tendency

Everyone is intoxicated
Keeps all of them fascinated

If anyone does not have it
He is totally incapacitated

It creates problems in Matrimony
As everyone eyes only on Economy

All of them want to have a fund
Now that’s the latest trend

Its important to save
You need it until you go to grave


a poem by Pooja Amin

Time is money. That’s what they say,
Did you ever wonder how many things money can take away?

Your friendship is lost, your family is too,
You sold away your one and only loving crew.

Expensive cars you drive, nothing but gold you wear,
However, did you notice that for you no one seems to care?

A mound of pride, an ocean of greed,
it seems like money is all you need.

Your values are sold, your morals are gone,
the sun refuses to see you at dawn.

Your bank is full, your heart remains empty,
You become aloof and grow very cranky.

The more you buy the more you know,
that true enjoyment continues to disappear in the snow.

When you finally realized that true happiness could not be bought,
Your loved ones already drifted far away and could not again be caught.

You think that with money, to your friends you can go closer,
Have you ever heard that you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar?

You think that you’re rich, but you know that you’re broke,
You have no one to care for you, even though you died from a heart stroke.

Your life is gone, you are remembered no more,
Because you never helped others not even the poor.

You useless human being, your presence was a sting,
your love for others was as strong as an anvil attached to a string.

Money to you was worth more than all,
You suffered in life from this great fall.

Remember that money is essential to development.
However, the greed for it breaks all settlements.

With it only materials you can buy,
a car, a diamond ring, or maybe even some grain or rye.

A relationship, a friendship, love, and happiness can’t be bought,
because they never begin with money, only from the heart.

Isn’t it sad or maybe even funny?
To know the side effects of caring too much for money?

As sad as it is or as funny as it seems,
greed of money can bring only nightmares, not dreams.


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Money! where thou, stay always needy
Might hatch in edifices of those mighty,
Thou, add to odd bents who steal sweat
But enter not into thresholds that sweet.

Money! thy deeds art placid and sordid
Convert students just pedants of candid,
Settle wed locks of maids just as parent
Never read hearts, of shy teens crescent.

Money! thou control culture as miracle
Hide gold like lofty heaps in rich circle,
Nations progress at thine fast exchange
Even violence mounts of thy sly charge.

Money! thou grantD
But fetch, bliss of wealth to that corrupt,
Even, thieves cult thou to grab of patent
Still sane save thou, by hard toils potent.

Money! thou heed not to the destructive
Incline to needs of the elite constructive,
Project planet as the deity of éclat gaiety
Protect exalted men for exulted integrity.

Currency vs Ballot

a poem by Lakshminarayana K

“I’m the money mighty and rich
Favour the bold, and I bewitch
The global brains for arms nuclear
Rule the world sans tear and fear”.
“I’m the Ballot, valiant, valid
The friend of all; a pyramid
Of passionate emotion my nature; so
Can I conquer all the wee”.

“I’m safe in the Swiss banks, they hide,
Dwell in the purse happy and pride
You’re imprisoned, strangled at times
In the wily chains of political crimes”.
“My presence and power often erupt
To dispel all the vice and erupt
To dispel all the vice and corrupt
Favour the best and render the truth
I dare to speak out all the untruth”.