Mixed Feelings

a poem by Aryaindia

To Utter confusion not only in mind but in heart as well

The wrinkles formed on my heart
Need to be ironed out
Nature, stand by me in this
As a pillar of strength abide
For when I pour out my sorrow
You lap it up without question
Not even my follies do you remind
Strange that I look up to you
Begging for strength superior
And clarity of thought and action
Which seem to forsake at this hour

My inconsolable suffering
On an impulse of unwarranted anger
Pinches my heart in unknown ways
Misery laughs with unrestricted glee
As I twitch and toss with melancholy
Though life never stands still
Yet faith and hope remain
When all is lost and done
Willed destiny is however to be borne
As what does begin must end
That seems to be the rule of life

Happiness is the mind, in it
And mind can make the heart
Beat happily once more
That again, for sure!