Lady Nature

a poem by John Bosco

When the night blooms started smelling
Fell down the gown she wore on beauty
As the full moon leaves the wanton cloud
Slipped into her feet and there rested
Stuck on the steep way meeting the breast
Now round the waist delayed the mantle
Hiding the reflecting toe nails at the end
Lady Nature! Revealed in this golden light
Darkened by knelt down daily prayers
Her knees, the rocks stood for holy spots
Hands like lightnings hair few clouds
Can see a dream filled lake that waves
And those marble towers built high
Besides Greek womanish statues smiled
Daring shadows filled in their glorious lap
Behind her the lover stood, his face buried
To her hair, hands as tightened girdle
She is now but a black spotted real moon
Ever creeping reality on beauty and fancy
She is laid on the ground facing the sky
And his long shadow falls on her body’s light
The wanton clouds are again hiding the moon