It wasn’t me!

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

What is it that keeps us going?
Where is it that we stop?
I walk thru the desert in the scorching heat
Looking for a place to stop

My burden grows heavier with every step I take
What do I do now? I’m lost!
The sun seems to smile, it’s anger I feel
I know not how long this will last

Another time, another day
The sweet scent of flowers in the air
Children run carefree, I watch them play
Innocence! I wish I were born again

He said it’s a game “Come lets have some fun
I promise you’ll love it, you must tell this to none”
He is nice to me it seems like fun
Then I hear a scream from my throat it comes

He said mum will be angry if her I tell
So our little secret it was to be
My body is in pain, my mind is numb
Its ok it wasn’t me, it’s not me

He calls out to me I try my best to hide
Just his gaze can tear thru my soul
I cry, I pray, I beg him to stop
But the beast devours it’s prey

The game goes on, from it I cannot run
In time the game did end
But at night it comes back to haunt while I sleep
I scream, I cry, I run

I continue walking the end seems near
Revenge feels sweet after the tears
The scars remain the pain now gone
It was never me, I now can stop