Indian Judiciary and Delivery of Justice

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

What a wonderful judiciary!
What a marvelous delivery of justice!!
Match to Indian Cricket Team,
Stylish to Indian batting, bowling and fielding.

Used, abused and worn out judiciary,
Delayed and denied justices to almost all,
Ever increasing injustices of all kinds,
Caused more by the state than others,
Indian governance moves forward and forward,
Sans justices to all at all levels,
Be it political, social or in economy.

Money can buy justice,
Money can cause gross injustice and go scot free;
When money could replace God,
What matters it if justice delivery is for a price.

Contempt of court procedures are used,
And respect is demanded and forced upon by judiciary,
Knowing little that respect is to be commanded and not demanded,
Playing the role of a factory producing moulded furniture,
In the form of advocates, judicial officers, judges and clerks;
Who can dare to bell the cat other than Indian people,
Who should first understand their strength and constitutional rights;
Time has come for the judiciary to stop playing cat,
Drinking milk closing eyes as if no one else would see it.

Courts are growing giant with imposing buildings and staff strength,
With coward judges surrounded by police and guards,
And moving in imported and expensive motor cars,
Attired in designer made suits with neck ties,
Ill-suited to Indian climatic conditions,
As if these are prides for judiciary to hang on,
From its own colonial past to modern democracy,
Taking for granted people’s goodwill,
Getting eroded faster than ever before.

Mortal marketers of justices in respective gowns,
As judges, advocates and court staff,
Are advised to change for the better and not bitter,
If the institution of judiciary should get back its lost glory,
And delivery of justice is smooth, natural and with compassion,
Sans loss of billions of man hours and tones of papers,
Conserving man hours and trees to protect mother nature,
Else Indian Judiciary will be like a silkworm,
Making cocoon taking lot of pains
Little knowing that it would get itself imprisoned inside,
To ultimately die little knowing the beautiful world outside,
And the Divine Power that ultimately grants justices to all.