If it is possible…

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Bored with harassment of rats
Brought a cat home as a pet
After few days of her night vigilance
We slept without a worry

But one day the cat drank the milk
And got rewarded by beating
Next morning we kept the milk in a saucer before her
Later she used to it.
Rats rattling stopped.
After a month
We found rats slept near the cat
Thought the rat may be dead
About to shake them with a broom
But stopped and took photo of them
To post it on facebook

Worried that past days would come again,
If this coalition is true.
How this miracle happened
With no discussion, no summit, no protocol, no mandate
You don’t know what horrible days would come again!

Fortunately rats ran away
Took the cat by the ears
To throw away on dumping ground.

I sent message to my friend
That I miss today, one miracle of love
Which man could never do in his life