I chose to be a Jackass

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

I chose to be a jackass
For I didn’t have a clue,
What there was in it for me
When I meekly said ‘I Do’.

I Do, I did and in doing so
I’ve toiled half my life,
Working merrily all day long
For the one I call my wife.

She came, stayed and took control
Of house, hearth and all,
Granted liberty too, I am
With children I play ball

Shopping, chatting by the day
She merrily spends her time,
Waits eagerly then for me
To end her(!) hard days grind!

Her chatter then begins again
Oh there’s so much to tell
All that happened here around
From which tree who nearly fell!

The evenings are no longer mine
Her plans for it are made
Into the trapdoor guided then
That’s there been so well laid

Not the only one my dear
That didn’t have a clue
Plenty FOOLS you’ll find around
Who innocently said ‘I Do’