Humor, Irony, and Pain

a poem by Tony Gill

So many pictures, so little frames
So many hammers, not a nail to hit
I’m sick and tired of these little games
Hold on, time out, I want to quit

You jump in a field of roses
So beautiful, none bent or torn
But your time of joy soon closes
As you’re pricked and bleed by their thorns

A bell rings and there’s no ears to hear
So no one comes, you’re left alone
Is life this ironic, do I need to fear?
Yes and no, depends how it’s shone

Your dreams finally become reality
Reality becomes a dream, a final ring
Now you’ve fallen from the tree
You’ll be replaced, come next spring

Water water everywhere, and you can drink it all
You live all alone, away in the sea
You rue the day you heeded the call
Now You’ll stay what you wanted to be

This is the end of the final beginning
The fallen leaf is placed black on the tree
Ignore the winter and make it spring
And well fall together, on the count of three