Human being

a poem by Ramesh T A

One cannot understand the feelings of others;
If one understands he is called the human being
Who has the human mind to understand the human heart-
Joy or sorrow, love or hatred, fear or courage, etc.

Not the intellect but the emotion is most important for a human being;
Understanding the heart and administering the work is the mark of man;
Religion, literature and art all highlight the importance of human heart;
Identity of a human being is ascertained not by his head but by his heart.

Pleasure or virtue, for living material wealth is needed;
To earn wealth, dying man has to live;
But when he starts living, he has to die;
Living or dying, human nature changes little.

Human nature at the lowest is animal and at the highest is divine;
To maintain poise between the two is man’s perennial problem;
Hell or heaven, it is man’s mind that makes or mars;
So, man’s mind ever under control only makes him a human being.

Emotion is the very stuff of every human being;
Sentiments and passions keep alive all human beings;
Sympathy, kindness and love raise human value to divine level
And cruelty, arrogance and hatred reduce human value to animal level.

Fight between thought and feeling burns the light of spirit in man;
To choose between the two is the endless dilemma of every man;
The ambiguous state of man keeps his soul look for peace and liberty
That he tries by perfecting human nature in something ever lasting.

Neither animal nor divine man is ambiguous and incomplete;
To confirm or contradict he needs the company of someone,
With whom he can communicate or commune to make himself complete;
And that is the cause of creation of man and woman in the world.

All by instinct animals and insects act everywhere in the world;
Thirsty and hungry for food, water and sex they are very aggressive;
In fulfilling their needs they forget all in carelessness and laziness
Feeling nothing about the feeling of the prey they have tortured.

Desire directs man to live free and comfortable;
If he succeeds he jumps in jollity and celebrates;
If he fails he drowns in misery and mourns;
But conscience before and after his deeds pricks and controls him.

By intuition he understands the indwelling spirit, his real Self;
By mysticism he communes his Self with the All Pervading Spirit;
By this experience he is capable of enjoying a pleasure called bliss;
And he is able to live a divine life in this world itself.

Such a powerful human being may be comical or majestical or mystical mainly in nature;
And whose mental power functions in sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious levels,
An in-built mental system helping man to overcome his imperfect nature in the world;
And the perfection he achieves not in the other world but here itself in Art, Woman and Nature.