House of Commons and In-Laws

a poem by Jayati

From the
House of commons
Into the house of in laws
Her new home
The better half
Coy and demure
Footsteps secure
Grace the man
Marriages are
Made in heaven
Almighty judges
In connivance
Power yielding
In laws execute.
It is not
This way baby
Please change to be that.
“Ok I am sorry dear in laws
In a moment, I will be back”
Oh! No! It has no sense
If you cannot dance
To these lawful tunes
Please march in line
Paying attention left right.
You have to,
Because the teacher said so.
All correct, in laws great
Telltale, gossips invent
Forever-new flaws.
House of laws ever satisfied.
Sit, stand, and all fervent turn a rounds
Faultfinding indeed though obedience enforced,
Obliging Muse, muse amused perhaps!