a poem by Deepak Sarkar

From the very beginning of civilization-
Humans wondered about natural evolution!
Fear of unknowns, mystic dynamism of creation
Overwhelming lights, sounds, and visions-
Encouraged them to worship ‘Blissful Energy’ as God of salvation!

Humbled by eternal blessings and kindness-
They worshiped Sun as God along with Planets!
Romanticized by the power of universal forces-
They bowed with respect to spirits as natural causes!
‘Hell’ didn’t exist making Heaven and Earth separated!

Everything changed since Alien invasion!
Humans saw Gods coming down in fashion!
Riding flying ships firing ammunitions!
Wearing suits and clothes beyond imaginations!
Triggering Historic Diaspora of human migration-
Installed Kingdoms ruling from urbanisation!

Most humans died with new diseases and starvation-
Since world was not ready for hostile guests in millions!
Others enslaved to serve Priests, Archangels, and Bishops-
Worshiped, sacrificed, to please new heavenly illusions!
Priesthood, Sainthood, stood guard as partisan-
Blocking mutual love and faith in God universal!

Abstractness grew between natural and spiritual world!
As priestly Kings ruled over everything on Earth!
Inventing Holy books erasing evolutionary past!
Claiming rules in scriptures are from Heavenly God!
Punishing all as blaspheme for disobeying new Lords!

Theories evolved on prophecies and miracles!
Religions formed and spread as institutions!
Prisons and jails became Hell on earth in millions!
Love for God, Faith in spirit, respect for nature disillusioned-
Frustration, disbelief, slavery only led to fear for God!