a poem by Himani Arora

We cannot define him, cannot see him
but still we believe him…

What is the nexus, which relates us?
We leave everything to him!!! Why?

When we need help why
the first word we speak” Oh god! Help”

When we are thankful
why our heart speaks ‘thank god’!

When situations become impasse,
Dreams turn to fiasco,
When there’s a deadlock,
When we are not absolved from any guilty,
Then why this word ‘god’ gives us the hope
Of a new beautiful morning…
A morning, with no fear, no tensions
A morning of happiness
A morning of calmness
A morning with peace
A soothing morning with the rays of
Sun showering strength on all of us!!

Why some of us search HIM
Around ourselves when he is within us?

Every single soul, on this beautiful creation of god,
Is bestowed by equal power and
Strength but what distinguishes
A being is the manifestation of this divine power…
Edification and introspection are
The means through
Which a man can embellish his life
And which acts as an anodyne in despair.