a poem by Rahul Rakshit

A world illuminated but with darkness,
A world full of anxiety and with sharpness,
A state of voidity, yet not hollow;
Existence wished but deaths do follow.
Cultures prospered, sought to live on,
Like the tide of waves came and gone!
Impossible dreams, took shape to rise,
Possible wishes remained in the eyes.
Loving humanity – do revolt again;
What a sorrow that is – what a terrible pain!!
Dear ones possibly go far, far away,
Far ones seldom come to make us sway.
Love is lost and love is gained
FREEDOM is found when it is Chained
Hopes like trees buffet in the unknown,
Plants may rise from where seeds weren’t sown.
Friends become foes; their hearts grow hostile;
Hate trickles down where once there were smiles.
This is future which doesn’t matches with past,
This is future, which shatters present into dust.
Mankind lives till there is future,
And future survives in the heart of its creatures.