From an Aliens Heart

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

Trying my way to reach home
In a world mysterious but lot known
An ill fate day when I got lost in the woods
Left behind was me and my tears
And not the space ship I landed from
My destiny had got me stuck

So here I am, an Alien as they say
No rescue, no food, no shelter
And then searching life on a planet
Labeled with name Earth
Never ever seen so busy like
A place busiest but I the loneliest

Days flew by my side like the airy breeze
Reminding me who I was
What was my Identity
A stranger with no definition
He cruel sun peeling off my skin
Forcing me to quit but where

And one day across the silent river
Saw a paradise flowing with the water
Balancing her life in gifts of pulchritude was she
An angel our technology had never ever produced
A wholesome beauty devoid of my planet
What was she, asked my shiny black eyes

Human mythology always got us wrong
Cuz my heart sensed something for her
I knew that something was love
Forgetting I was an alien
Forgetting my mission wasn’t to be there
Forgetting every futuristic second of mine

I advanced but in the rarest direction
Cuz she never reciprocated
All I saw in her deer eyes
Were feelings of fear and loathe for me
Treatment I should have anticipated
But all we do is take chances

Differing in sizes and worlds we belong
However, feelings and emotions remaining the same
A human like heart existed, only the body went missing
Acceptance rate was next to impossible
Am crawling back to mars now
But someday I’ll be back as a human!