Free Man

a poem by Ramesh T A

Free man, free man, free man
No wife, no children he has;
No friends, no foes he has;
Free man he is the free man!
This everyone has to know to live well in this world.

Dreaming eyes, a pair of dreaming eyes
Free man has of the entire care-free world’s peoples,
Dreaming of a free world with plentiful things
For the bodies, for the minds, for the spirits,
Loving free, working fee and living free.

Devil’s disciple howls horribly in cunningness;
But god’s disciple sings happily in sweet tunes.
Attached are to the materials the hypocrites;
Detached are to the ephemerals the high hearted peoples;
But the workers for the humanity are the selfless free men.

Free man, free man, free man
He is the free man of all the men
Who has no worries, cares or concerns,
But minds his routine missing no time
Like a tree, he shelters and gives shades.

He lives simple life but thinks high;
He likes no wealth and has no money;
He has no relatives to cajole him for his wealth;
He meets the simple, honest and the sincere;
And he is visited only by the truthful men.

Free man is the simple man among the sophisticated men
Who lives alone in a small room in the upstairs;
And his thoughts are high above the common views
That he is not understood by all except the thoughtful;
And he has less problems and more freedom to muse over life.

Life is simple because he is a man of conscience;
Times have changed but truth remains the same;
He worked sincerely without any lofty ambition;
Now he is retired and lives by the pension he gets;
His days are counted but his deeds are much noted.

He is the free man as he has no debts;
The services he has done he has earned many men
Who are ready to help him in whatever way he needs,
For, he is the friend to the grand father, father, son and grand son;
And so, he is the good old grandpa to all men around him!

Free man is the symbol of simple man;
Free life his life is as it is a simple life;
Free heart he has as there is no vaulting desires;
Free mind he has as there is no big ambition to achieve;
In short he is the man who knows how to live in the world!