For my country

a poem by Janakiraman Ra

Good quality primary education at villages
High quality secondary education at all blocks
With free hostel facilities for villagers,
Wide roads for cities, towns and highways
Neater roads connecting villages and towns,
Irrigation facilities with drainage channels
Pilferage and damage free storage facilities
Safe drinking water for all Indian citizens
Effective health care for weaker sections
Service minded politicians and public servants
Cure for deep rooted corruption cancer
Death to Hero-worship and Power Center
End to violence and divisive caste system
Thinner Defence and hefty development budgets
More and more power at villages level
Poverty removing higher wages for the unskilled
A disparity narrowing profit sharing culture
Technological and agricultural inputs
That do not spoil the ecology of this Earth
Economic development that doesn’t destroy
Close family ties, social peace
Moral and spiritual values of life
That give an inexplicable reason to live
And lead to Self-refinement aimed aspirations-
Are things that I want for my dear country.