a poem by Ramesh T A

The suppressed feelings come to the surface only in peace.
Many talents are not tapped out due to this blockade.
The few that shine in life know how to feel free here.
The identical feelings are rare coincidences of hearts.
Many hearts’ feelings are unheard and die away in dark.
The lack of expression brings inevitable injuries to the affected.
The silent expressions are not understood by the hypocrites.
Hence unheard melodies have to come through endless poems.
These expressions will reach all the ears in the years to come.
Many recollect happy were the days when we were children.
Many come under the spell of grief before education starts.
The joyful time of the youth disappears in the drift of the painful days.
The melodious note begins at a very early stage of life.
Only when the end comes, the lump step by step sinks to the bottom.