Poems on "Thoughts"

Wheel of Life

a poem by Poorvasha .

And how often do we feel like reversing the wheel of life?
How often do we wish to obliterate past misdeeds or an unwarranted strife!

An urge to tweak the carousel of time,
An urge to pull back the momentary chime.

This urge is built of remorse and questionable actions,
Of failure, sorrow and misinterpreted reactions.

We condemn ourselves for picking the wrong path,
But is the self-rebuttal justified considering that it has no aftermath?

Dwell into how you can shape what the future beholds,
Look forward to how the residual chapters unfold.

Take actions that rectify those mortal mistakes,
Abandon guilt and regain all you had kept on stake.

Don’t reverse the wheel into the unfathomable past,
But drive on the road ahead to uncover where it lasts.

You want poetry?

a poem by Red .

You want poetry?
Keep me awake
Till 3 AM
Till I’m flooded with sadness and memories
And I’m sleep deprived
Only then will I give you a beautiful story
Made in a way
You will hear it as a song
And your mood will solemn

You want poetry?
Wait for the days
When my eyes are tear filled
And on those days
I’ll give you a symphony

You want poetry?
Then you must first make me feel empty.

Burial ground

a poem by Bahadur Basha Gooty

My little well on the east side
North West has Kovvhervu Mogalay Lake
Look at Cemetery, fully with flute flowers and rosewood

Graveyard became more holy with our ancestors bodies
There is no rent to live
No work tensions
Hunger has never thought for suffering
No diet is needed to maintain body
There will be no fraud
Family captives are absent here
My last stop is to the cemetery

I need to talk with our elders
In the sky I will be merged
I will log into the altar
Let our lake pass through me
Always I have to go swimming in the lake water
The rest of life, I sleep only in burial ground

I need to visit the graveyard

a poem by Bahadur Basha Gooty

I need to visit the graveyard
Google Maps failed to find it
Picasso can’t draw to Shiva’s native land
Monday with full moon

Hearing boisterousness
With wife and children’s outcry
Tasted with sugarcane
Touching softly my companion black bull

Remembering grandson’s smile
Listening to folk wooden bhajana
Shouted the names of best friends
Recall the teenage first kiss

Taking a holy dip in the water of Naganna lake
Enjoy the monsoonal red soil smell
Flute flowers are sprinkled at the time
Tearing the tears of masters of mud
Fly and jump
Bells tied to legs to dance
Breaking the relationship with the village
Where I was born and brought up

So I need to visit the graveyard

But first, I am a child

a poem by Pranita Rao Dr

Take a minute to listen to me,
I am one of you, I plead.
The skirt I wear, might scare you away,
My glossy lipstick might stain the memories of our beautiful days.
The hoarse voice in the skin of a dame may be the reason to your scream,
I know, that my doll figurine is why, I am a villain in you dream.
To you my lovely friend I say,
Don’t let the bond between us fade away.
My choice of attire does not make me less of a child,
Would you like it, if of all the respect, you were deprived?
You find my decorated lips disturbing,
Remember, dear one, that the taste of the cocoa
We had during the rainy school days was similarly appetizing.
How do you recognize my speech as antagonizing?
Isn’t it the same amiable voice that console’s you on a blue evening?
Hold my hand before I perish,
Peep into my suffering-soul and help me slowly flourish.
Take a minute to listen to me,
I am one of you, I plead.


a poem by Kassan J Kassim

Broken bones upon empty sheets
Fighting cursing enemies
Trying so hard to survive

Trying to find peace amongst all this chaos
Yet journeying in this crazy life
And along for it’s much crazier ride.

Tell me the time so I can set my watch
To match the time for me to live again
Give me a dollar and a dream to lay a foundation on
But our end result of the future will never be the same

Masked Writer

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

Just because you are slow
You worked differently
You had different ideas
You had different working ways
Your intellect was different
And if in the crowd of people you are alien
Doesn’t mean you are out of the way.

The Shortest Month

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

February smells like its gonna rain
February feels like its still winter on the go
February tastes like the summer sweat
There’s this February that’s transits btw our feelings.

I painted

a poem by Sneha Harichandan

I painted the whole galaxy on my body
Blistering with dark stars that refused to glow.
No, my soul resembles a black hole
That ruined every damn thing on its way
But you still are on empty canvas
And my fingers are yet to find your colours!

I painted a world with the mixed colours of yours emotions
Wondering with lights that exictes me to burn
Yes, my soul resembles with your world
That charmed every single angle at the edge
But I still are on my full pouches
And my eyes are yet to tell a story!

The other way

a poem by Adner J

They chose the route to the right
But I picked the right path,
Theirs circumscribes their sight
Mine leads to the aftermath.

They have wings to fly around
I stick to the lowest ground,
For I know that fate brings down
Both unknown and renowned.

They carry their lofty misdeeds
that were once little seeds,
After their many years of sin
They are now the devil’s kin

They take pride in cunning
and embrace lies as their folks.
I have grown tired of running
from such falsity and hoax.

Tick talk

a poem by Vidya Vijay

We sometimes call it precious.
And sometimes call it vicious.
But we don’t know much about it,
Which makes it all the more suspicious.

It is. It is a fact.
That without it we will lack,
A moment and a second,
Which we cannot retrieve back.

Recoverable? No, never!
So we must be as clever,
To use it while it lasts,
As it does not last forever.

It can’t be paused.
It can’t be tossed.
As time that’s lost,
Will always cost.

Seeing them fly!

a poem by Minal Sharma

Sitting by the window
I got a Thought
Life of a bird
Is so much Sought.

Early in the morning
There’s sky to Enjoy,
No alarm rings
To make them Annoy.

Cherish their beauty
Throughout they Live
No fake touch-up’s
For just to Please.

Happy they are
From little they Get,
Not squabble with peers
For just a Tag.

Freely they move
Out from their Nests,
Without much worries
Of the filthy Pests.

It’s not easy to live
Life like Thy,
But given a chance
I would love to fly.

Untitled Minimalist

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

Every thought belongs to the fragrance
Of the yellow-white blossom in my vase
Every gaze to its feminine grace
Nights only find the scent of love
In the interlude of dreams
I shall never sell the stars again.

Never had good as old

a poem by Thangameenakshi R

What a time, what a way of life,
Still bouncing back are my memories in the wake of stride,
Knowing not what to do, I hover over my thoughts
To find the days when there was no seek and hide!

Why should I grow, is what I have not understood,
For I always thought I got what I could,

No, nobody has ever been so merciful and blessed,
The days I spent in my old house with which I am always obsessed.

Could you ‘guys’ take back this life in exchange for the cold breeze I felt in my past,
I would give much more than I thought for this if you said me the cost.

Oh!common, not again a poem on the nostalgic dreams, said everyone,
Even though they all were wanting to live again and again but did not agree to one.

The fresh greenery I imagine and feel all the time or may be when I am immersed,
Could anyone take out this thought from my mind with some new technology I asked!

Nobody came forward, for they understood what I felt,
Cause, it was the same feeling and thoughts that made them quite interested!