The part of the world we live – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

The part of the world we live is known as our nation;
Its natural features beautiful and great give us pride!
Our pride does not mean to create enmity to others;
Best things should be appreciated wherever they are.

Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India
The great wonders of the world everyone appreciates always!
But rich and poor, religious and modern nations divide unity;
Differences of all kinds keep the world in uneasy chaos today!

Freedom and rights are symbol of democracy in the world;
Education to know everything and use them is a necessity;
Religion, politics and science influence the world in all;
But education without culture misleads the world today!

Human power can be harnessed only by democracy
That can develop nation and create one world soon!
That is the first aim and end of mankind in the world;
For that right knowledge and right use are indispensable!

Like Space visions of poetry broadens the mind of man;
Like Sky the dream of history influences heroes of mankind;
Like the Universe the spirit of religion inspires the soul of man;
But by Time only Space can be spanned to win over Space-Time!

Materially West has reached out to the East for world unity;
Philosophically East has analysed that truth lies in spirit only;
Intuitionally the secret of life can be meditated for salvation;
But only by spiritual mysticism eternal bliss can be realised!