Poems on "Seasons"

Summer Season

a poem by Khushi

Summer is a hot season,
Sun shines bright for no reason.
People try to rest at beach,
and before time they will reach.

The days are long and nights are short,
it is hot that people visit abroad.
In this season people are lazy,
which kind of makes me crazy.

I love to make grills,
but there are many bills.
I don’t like to study,
because I have fun with my buddy.

People buy water guns,
and play while chewing bubblegums.
It’s cool having water fights,
because it makes you feel light.

Love swimming in the pool,
of water which is cool.
People try to act cool,
but I think they are fool.

Autumn… It’s not a six letter word

a poem by Avanish Ingle

The august arrival of autumn amplifies the aroma
Of sense and sentiments mimicking leaves diploma

The withering of leaves marks the beginning
Shedding yellow obsoletes, upcoming green leaves
It’s the so called autumn and co-related happening
Which let the mind glow and heart to heave

It the glow that entice the man
Not only the beauty that excites the man
It’s the part that everyone must pass by
Which no doubt shall soothe mishap and cry

As leaves gets replaced approving the Eco-cycle
Similar must be the thoughts and views changeable
Change and modifying ideas must be there
To cope up with troubles wandering everywhere

Lot more can be exposed underlining the occasion
It’s the victory that the season has won
Molding away its nature every next year
For an obstinate man its hard to bear


a poem by Swati

The wind felt blistering, in ways I have not felt in a long time
As always, the roads remain empty this time of the night
I should have known better that to traverse this far
And yet the pull of snowy grounds
Called out to me in ways that anything else ever could

My fingers move gently across the broken fence
And the old memories of laughter and smiles twist in the wind
That had been such a long time, I think wistfully
Childhood that faded into wisps of smoke
So quickly

Winter, is of course, a constant
Like an ancient friend it greets me
The cold embrace felt foreign yet familiar
I took a deep breath, and chuckled to my self
Even after all this time, Winter- You are still the frozen beauty

I kneel down beside the fences, and run my fingers idly through the snow
The cold bites and stings, and I relaxed after a long time
The trees were naked and brittle- exposed
And the sky was a large canvas with diamonds
The snow- like an endless white desert before me

I bit my lip and drowned in silence
And enjoyed my time with my frozen beauty

Rainy Season

a poem by Shweta Dhyani

Rainy season… rainy season,
Here come the rainy season.
Leave the birds that are in prison,
Sparrow, parrot and white pigeon.

Let’s dance, jump and enjoy,
Don’t wait jus’ come-on boy.
Look! Its rainbow in the sky,
Sun is playing eye-spy.

Its time to make the paper boat
Pick colourful umbrella and rain coat.
I’ll dance I’ve the reason,
Its Rainy season, rainy season.

Summer Rains

a poem by Deeksha Marur

Rain falling on the muddy roads
The lights are out
Winds blowing through the window
The feeling is so blissful
The surrounding is so full of serenity
Peace in the minds of the people who awaited the showers

Refreshing and blissful this is a treat
A difference in weather from the summer heat
The smell of the coalition of the water with the mud
The grey clouds in the sky hiding the sun from coming out
The lightening seen in the skies
The thunder that can be heard
A sign for more showers
The summer rains

The sight of the dewdrops over the leaves
The smell of the leftovers of the showers
The want for more
The thirst for more by the plants and crops
The birds fly back to their homes
The sight of the caterpillars and insects crawling back onto the grass
All these sights a sign of by the gone summer rains

Winter Night is…

a poem by Smita Khadawala

Dew drops on glasses,
Foggy dreamy roads,
You and I hand in hand,
Cold winds slap across, across
The warmy hold…
Clatter go the coffee mugs,
Against the crackling of the bonfire,
Silent is the air, silent are the creatures,
Against the silence speaks the heart,
A million words per minute.
Buddies round the fire, chatting and giggling around,
Hugging and snuggling while going home,
The warmth comes from the heart.
A cozy couch, some hot chocolate,
And a romantic book in the hand,
Snow falling on my red nose, making me look so fair,
Heaven would be if soft music strains in the chilly air.
Hot chocolate sauce on my ice-cream cone,
Lots of warmth in my heart,
Sleeping for hours under the blanket,
Till winter and me depart…


a poem by Gayathri E

The sun is harsh,
The ground is dry,
Air is thick,
And hot,
Very hot,
Trees stand still,
The scene is still,
Still like a picture.

We can think of water,
But thinking won’t do,
Keeps getting hotter,
Hotter, hotter, hotter

We long for a breeze,
That sweeps through our hair,
We seek the help of trees,
As the sun keeps up the glaze.

But there is no place to hide,
Hide from the light,
That roasts the place,
The place we live in.

We want to escape,
Escape this summer,
We want to escape,
Escape from SUN

The magic of spring

a poem by Kashish

Soon will come spring,
And magic it will bring!
The shattered sun’s rays,
Will brighten up our days!
Scattered colorful blossom,
Will spread smell so awesome!
The birds, the bees, and the butterflies,
Will soar high up in the clear blue skies!

Soon will come spring,
And the birds will begin to sing!
The sun will smile above all,
Its rays shining on the trees so tall!
The fruits on the trees will turn ripe,
Gloom from all the nooks and corners it’ll wipe!
The fragrant cool breeze,
Everyone it will please!


a poem by Anu Pillai

Thunder washing,
The rain slashing,
Through the dues,
Water swirling,
The leaves twirling,
In the breeze,
Lighting glowing,
In the air,
Hail pounding ,
The earth surrounding,

Lovers meeting,
In the rain,
Where their hearts are beating,
Where shadows wave,
The darkness waiting,
For the light to come.

Happy New Year, 2006!

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Born is A New Year!
Gone is an old year;
Let’s add new cheer,
Live without fear.

Greet your neighbors;
Greet some strangers;
Greet all your friends;
And make amends.

‘Tis never late
To change one’s fate;
Problems abate:
Wait for that date.

Forget past woes;
Forget chaos;
With hope, of course:
Thus, our life goes.

Abide in God;
Await His nod;
Avoid His rod,
And thank the Lord.

When God’s with us,
There is no curse;
Walk without fuss;
He sure will bless.

New Year Song

a poem by Ramesh T A

New Year may come and old year may go in the life of the world,
But changelessly life goes on forever like the day and night!
New Year or old year in our life alone we celebrate
And the beginning and the end the same way we all live.

The misty end of the old year is the beginning of the New Year
And the mystery of the New Year begins in the misty season.
Slowly the confusion clears with the spring of new ideas;
Which route to follow begins to bright with compulsions to hurry
In the directions work loads increase, interesting and trying too.

With the Festival of Harvest begins the Spring Season for two months;
Fragrant flowers bloom beautifully with green plants everywhere;
Inaugurations of many new jobs occur with colourful functions
And freshness, new zeal, inspiration, top mood and happiness prevail.

Just after the Spring Season ends the Financial Year will come to an end;
School/college Annual Exams begin just after Summer Season begins
And New Financial Year also begins with the beginning of summer.
It’s the time to see the shops selling many fruits and water melons everywhere!

Then Summer Holiday begins before tours and travels to cool places commence.
With no work to the mind we play all the time all the games till the end of summer;
Visit temples, see relatives and go to picnic places to enjoy life;
After the holidays all return home to resume the routine as usual.

Tree stands as skeleton stripped of all its bountiful beauty in the Autumn Season
And with the rain of the South West Monsoon spring again the growth once more;
Apples, oranges and grapes of the market grab the customers to buy
And pink, red, yellow, blue and violet flowers bloom everywhere to give fragrance!

With the Birth Days of Lord Ganesha and Krishna begin all the festivals;
With the festive mood men become brisk and active till late night
To finish works, make money and celebrate festivals in merry making;
Festivals of the whole year end with the cracking smokes of Diwali!

Then North East Monsoon brings cyclones and heavy rains everywhere
And confines the Sun in the clouds and plunges all places in darkness and gloom.
Again the curtain of clouds and mist covers the end of the year in mystery of the
Happenings of the preceding year and the things that may happen in the succeeding year!

Just before the last laugh

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

If I were given a chance
Just a few moments
Before a breath, the last one

‘I would dress from the breasts to the navel
And down the hips to the toes too
As I have not at all done hither to’
A celebrity of silver screen speaks

‘I had not kept any of my promises
During the four decades of my
Fortified career in public
Let me go round and apologize’
Pleads a politician in disguise

‘I want to confirm my arrivals on due dates’- Rain
‘I want to lessen the cold whips’- Winter
‘I would have dressed the trees at least to the barest minimum’- Autumn
‘I would have preferred to stay for longer stints’- Spring
‘I would have allowed cool breezes a little early in the evenings’- Summer
Thus spake the seasons

‘I would have scribbled more useful poems
Rather than the routine elegies and monologues’
Stressed a seasoned poet

”I would have flowered with more fragrance to spread in delight’
Ascertains the frontal gardens’ in consonance with GODS desire’

All have been clear in their utterances
If given a chance to smile for a while
Just before the icy demons lay their hands
On them or they breathe their last

Shifts in comforts

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Why do you look at me so jettisoned
My lord!

I’m innocent
And ignorant too
Of all the rules and regulations
Articulated by you in quick succession

When summer Sun is starching the earth
With hot fuming shocks
I petitioned with cool breezes
To wave on us
They came on time and spread
The fragrances with jasmine wreaths

When winter winds piled up snow heaps
Making the freeways blocked and choked
I pleaded with weather deities
To raise the temperatures to new hikes
Thus drifting all snow stocks to water the drains

When autumn season decided to bare the trees
I pleased the season to fully cover the trees
With colouring feasts
To keep those attires roam round in our minds
Thus forgetting the nude stances for a while at least in shifts

When the dried grass requisitioned and harped
For sprinkles of greenery as a sigh of relief
I made hard arguments with the ringing spring
It showered all the meadows with tender sheens aloft

Never my lord I missed my destined duties
To save the humans and nature from wraths forever