Poems on "Marriage"

Upto the Alter of Marriage

a poem by Aryaindia

Strange are the ways of nature
I dwell on life itself as it brings
Memories unrestrained in waves
Stilled only by the frames of time
Unyielding to the desires of mankind
In short, resisting the pressures of mind
To go ahead, unmindful of the past
Here was a time, as a child
Green were the pastures through
The bright window of the mind’s eye
Relentless and thrilled by happenings
Caring less for dangers lurking
Pursuing wishes, hoping for the rainbow
Vain and capable, bringing around
Parents and peers, giving in to dreams

Then was the time, an age in teens
Nothing short of pursuing dreams
Ruthless, persevering, getting to know
Ways of life, building castles galore
Imagination unfolding desires
Now knowing channelising
Slave to habits, caring the least
Pooh poohing experienced guides
Came then a time, the youthful age
Hot, surging, blood in brain
Triumphant, age most beautiful
Lovely appeared everything
Nothing mattered it seemed
Dreams to come true, still
Thought for sure, will they?
Yet undeterred, things astray

Marriageable came next in line
Positive thoughts gave way to none
The will to survive and succeed
Against all odds it seems
Doing just that, bells do ring
Tying the knot, for better still
Things happen as they must