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What a World

a poem by Haimnauth Ramkirath

What a world
Where human life has no value and meaning
The endless cycle of cruelty, violence, and killings,
The deep-seated scorn and hate
In ways so cruel and savage
For those of another color and race,
It’s the reality to be faced
Humanity’s steep decline and disgrace.

The world becoming smaller
Now more than ever
A global family we are,
Never was there a better time
Together to work, dance and wine,
Yet the rising scourge of tribalism and xenophobia
Many retreating to that dark and fearful corner
With hearts and minds closed to so many others.

What a world
Where grieving parents and children
Fearful and in dire affliction
Fleeing wars, torture and oppression,
Have the doors shut on their faces
Not a trace of humanity and compassion
But so much indifference and vengeance
With scarcely a stir or bother to their conscience.

What a world
Where so few have so much
And so many so little,
Shameful and unbearable the contrast
When children in millions starve and die
Whilst the super-rich live in such style,
And in their greed, thirst for even more
While the poor and destitute suffer to the core.

What a world
Where truth so rarely to be found
But lies and deception all around,
Many embrace but an illusion of truth
Facts twisted to their ideology and belief
Their very reason and conscience to deceive,
And with a touch and a click to send far and wide
Their sordid words and images of deceit and lies

What a world
Where those in power
With intent evil and sinister
Seek more wealth to gather,
Selfless service to nation
Scarcely a name to mention,
But so many wicked and corrupt politicians
Bringing pain and havoc to their nation.

What a world
Where the rule of law and justice do bend
To an awful and frightening extent,
The rich, powerful and well connected to favor
The helpless poor to doubly suffer
Firstly the crime, and then the nefarious cover,
When money and power can justice buy
Then the poor can only grieve and cry.

What a world
Where among those who seek to spread God’s Truth
Many are from the Light far removed,
Depraved evangelists, priests and fake gurus
Fleecing the flock as they preach,
Predator priests raping little boys and girls
Those in power hiding it all
The payouts, the sinister cover-up, and the wicked silence.

What a world
Where there’s ruin and misery in many lands
From drug addiction and the ruthless gangs,
The young seem powerless to resist
Their allure and are courting the risks,
It’s a drug-crazed world
The powerful cartels in control
With so much sorrow yet to unfold.

What a world
Where those challenged in body and mind
Often mocked by the obnoxious and vile,
They longed to be accepted for who they are
Only Heaven knows their pain and turmoil,
But they have their hopes and aspirations too
And God Himself feels the pain and the slight
When the afflicted and disabled mocked and reviled.

What a world
Where children sadly neglect their parents
With such disdain and cruel indifference,
And the hands that molded and shaped their lives
With much sacrifice and sleepless nights,
They now scarcely hold
Their hearts sordid and cold
For those now feeble and old.

What a world
Where love has lost its heart and soul
Relationships and promises no meaning anymore,
Where the good and honest are derided
But the greedy and malevolent saluted,
Where it’s more painful to live than to die
And with more dreadful news each passing day
Humanity’s disgrace seems here to stay.

What a world
Where everybody stricken, every soul thirsty
At every glance, in every heart but pain and sadness,
It’s fear and dissolution everywhere
Our dreams but an endless nightmare,
And when the guiding principle in life
Is but endless greed and avarice
Then it’s a senseless world with no worth or sacrifice.

What a world
Where human decency has lost its foothold,
So much corrupt and shameful schemes
Trust and fairness only in our dreams,
It’s money and power that matters
So many to betray their very mothers,
And when we have lost our very soul
What more is there to be told.