She is forever in my heart

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

I used to sit in my room alone listening to songs we liked most
I used to sit in the corner of my room thinking when we met first
I used to lock myself in the dark room thinking how much I really miss her
I keep staring her photo, with tear in my eyes
I weep all day thinking how happy we were together
Whole night, I think of those promises which we made together
She can’t feel that how much I miss her
Her eyes, her voice, her dance and her touch
I tried to forget but my heart misses her too much
I miss that rainy day when we were struck in the thunder
I miss that place where we both used to wander
What can I say about that night
With her hands in my hands and we stared at the moon
Now I really miss that boon
My heart feels good whenever I see her in my way
My hearts still feels that she will retun in my life one day