Poems on "Love"

It doesn’t feel like Austen’s Novel Anymore

a poem by Kavya Sharma

There are hands inside my throat
That reach till my gut until I throw up
A new kind of emotion you knew
Nothing of, it’s not confusion,
The fingers slide in easy but the
Clocks cry on the wrong day and my
System has failed a hundredth time.

How about we rework our memory
And run back to the coffee shop that
Gave us sugar high under wet trees
While we sat invested on wood chairs?
It doesn’t feel like Austen’s novel anymore,

I’ve skipped another evening meal because
You did not wait for me in the balcony I told
You about, the birds did chirp for some time
But then tired they retired to the night that
Awaited you and me alike.

I remember taking a sip from your
Irish coffee when you looked away
And it tasted a lot like the kiss we
Overcooked in our need to be accepted
By each other when our eyes met but
We said not a word because it was
Just another day.

Love was boring when you held my hand
And kissed the nooks of my fingers,
Tilting your head, rolling your tongue in
Alphabets I guessed with no interest,
Your hair covering your eyes,
Your fingers were thinner than mine,
Then feverishly you cupped my face like
I belonged and I closed my eyes knowing I did not.

It’s not painful, the force that we carry
To make this work but it feels like I am
Piling feeling over feeling over feeling that you
And I fail to understand that you and I gulp
Down every night before kissing each other
Good night hoping to wake up alone and understood.

My love for you, forever

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

Before I see you in Real, I want to see you in my imagination
Before I meet you first time, I want to talk to you like fall in love
Before I say to love you, I want to understand you
Before I say to marry to you, I want to love you like anything
Before I feel to hold your hand, I want to deep dive in the sea of your eyes
Before I feel to hug you, I want the feel of goosebumps to hold your hand
Before I feel to tie a knot with you, I want to assure you we are made for each other
Before the first kiss on your lips, I want to kiss on your forehead
Before to bind you in any responsibility, I want to see you like a free bird
Before you feel you are tired, I want to be there to make you relaxed
Before you think you are alone even for a sec, I will always be beside you, not behind you
Before you leave my hand and say to good bye to me forever, I want you take my soul away

The love will remain like forever, as I am in you and you are in me

A Beauty of Love

a poem by David P Carroll

Soft gentle lips
Warm loving heart
So kind and loving

Always loving her
Brave and strong
Peace and love
Only for her
She’s truly mine

And loving
Me for her
Only together
Sweet love
She’s deep in my heart
Beautiful lady
Only her

If you ever meet my love
Truly Beware
She’ll steal your heart
A beauty so powerful
Her name is Love
Forever loving her
There’s no other’s like her
In the world a true beauty
From above my true love
The one I truly love

Until then

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The beautiful girl in my mind
Was flying like a rapid wind
Her words like the ice cream
Her image like a light beam

Followed her like a detective
Getting her was my objective
Did she sleep, did she eat
I started becoming a pirate

Love! Love! Love! Love!
Started burning like a stove
Went near and went apart
To get the sight of art

Melodious songs and funny expression
Forgot to attend a conference session
She being an an-ion
Attracted this cat-ion

Was looking at her often
Hiding in the dark den
Her smile was a spark
Eliminated the deadly dark

Making me visible to her
Her direction turned better
She came near… She came near…
Like a floating feather

I grabbed my loving dear
As there was no fear
I was about to speak
Oh! she fell asleep

And this happens daily
Ends with a tragedy
And I being silly
There is always jeopardy

When will the climax come
When will I be in her heart’s home
When will that day come
When will she say you are awesome…

Repeat until

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

A shiny evening along the beach side
Was there a beautiful girl found beside
She was in my mind on a speedy ride
I was nothing but a mute guide

The day I looked her eyes
Thought I went away to the skies
Her beauty was away from reach
And my blood was rising like the waves of the beach

The day we talked
The love between us walked
The game has started
The distance has departed

She came alone… She came alone…
I was in the joyous throne
She came near… She came near…
Oh dear! There was a bear…

The eyes turned, the look changed
The wind moved and the love revenged
The earth did take a revolution
And I was in the depth of ocean…

Did give a warm and solid farewell
As I was in the middle of the well
She went away with another man
Leaving me in the land of no man

And the life which had created a burn
Was able to take an unexpected turn
When I questioned my ex-would be
Is your sister free?

Romantic Play Ground

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The Cool park
With the Evening Sun spark
My heart was left with a mark
Because, she was the opposite of dark

Her first look on me
Changed my “Good Boy” status
Her color as of Lime
Alike a splendid Lotus

Her flying hair
Even the wind gets beaten up
I was a mute hare
My mind got eaten up

She then had a smile
While glancing a story book
I wondered for a while
Her beauty shook me

An Young boy came near her
Thank God… He was her brother
She threw the ball and he made a shot
The ball now with me so hot

She then turned and started
Nervousness and tension in me, spotted
She asked “ Do you have the ball?”
Oh! I was about to fall

She smiled and asked again
I felt my heart is getting rain
With enormous pain
With her picture in my brain

I gave the ball to my queen
She was ready to take it clean
But her fingers touched mine
I thanked for the divine’s Wine

She was shy like a shiny coin
And I asked “May I join”
She didn’t give me a reply
There was a halt in Love’s supply

Nodded her head slowly
I walked with her lonely
The bat in my hands
The weapon in her hands

Did I see the ball
I was like a cat on the wall
I got out stumped
And she triumphed

Her brother praised her and did say her name
Thanks… My ears being sharp didn’t miss that flame
She gave me a pleasant look
While I was like a blank notebook

The day went away
Night came on the way
Will she come tomorrow?
Or will I be in the playground of sorrow?

All over again

a poem by Edwards A S

I’ve seen the Sun fall, and the Moon rise every night,
Searching for your lullaby in the emptiness of my heart:
Your voice, your thought, your smile,
Your bittersweet memory wasn’t enough
Because I’m stuck at ‘Icarus in Love’.

Crushed Mulberries

a poem by Anusha Sreekant

The stranger who visited my town yesterday
Brought me with a glint of fire in his eyes
A fistful of crushed mulberries.
Or mulberries that were crushed because he closed his fist too tight.
Either ways, it doesn’t matter.

And the crushed mulberries
With their juice tainting his worker-hands
And mixing with the sweat on his nervous palms
Smelt rather sweet.
Or something that sounded sweet at least.
Either ways, it doesn’t matter.

The crushed mulberries reminded me
Of lone roads burning
And dark nights in flames.
Or lone roads burning in the flames of the night.
Either ways, it doesn’t matter.

The taste of the crushed mulberries
That I threw from his hands onto the mud in the verandah
Felt a lot like your name against mine,
Your voice in return to a smile,
Like a dream half written in guilt
And rains that sang.
Or things I thought I would tell you
Like the cliché phrase – I loved you.
Either ways, it doesn’t matter.

Beside the Lake

a poem by Deepa Dash

Walking across the frozen lake,
In the mid of night,
I had a couple at my sight,
Enjoying every fall of snow.

They meant to have immense pleasure,
In chanting and romping with the snow.
It was our memories I could treasure,
As we promised to meet but I was alone.

I had my eyes hunting for you,
And my heart sobbing without you,
Many times looking at the ring in my finger,
Dreadfully I missed you!

A sound, tapping of boots,
I was nervous as it approached me.
I felt unsafe and thought to turn,
But soon I had my eyes smother.

I felt the warmth of the hand,
The feelings I had had before,
Surely it was you my love,
Having the same sweetest band.

I was very happy and my fright disappeared,
It was like darkness vanished and light again appeared.
Me lost in the world of pleasure as you hugged me tight,
Our eyes became one and I saw myself in your sight.
Holding hand in hand, we moved beside the lake,
I swear, it was purest and rest all are fake!

An uncanny Love Story

a poem by Raghav N

We came into this World together.
Although born separately, we were always there for each other.

We went to the same school, college, and workplace.
Whilst there were many like her, something said
She deserves a special place.

I don’t know how She saw the strengths and flaws in me.
But, she was exactly like me.

We would easily break to the tantrums of the World.
Yet we wished to prudently grow old.

I thought we would always be together, like a paper and a pen.
Until I saw him looking at her like a wild beast from his den.

I dreaded if God started to hate me, for this can’t be true.
The thought of not being with her left me blue.

I gathered all my strength, held her tightly, clutched to her arms,
And assured her “I won’t let this happen, come what may!”
All he needed was just a little more effort and he snatched her away.

For all that I was, I could do nothing but see him, vandal.
My life became dark, like a room without candle.

He took her to his bed, and I was half-dead.

My mind became numb, as everything started to concur.
My breath went off, as he chocked her throat and drowned her.

I always knew this would happen sometime or the other.
Is it too much to ask for? All I wanted was a kiss together.

As a half of her body went off, he ate her other half.
The whole world seemed to fall, as she lay dead in the hall.

My world was destroyed.
But, the beast seemed to have enjoyed.

I wanted to run. As now, it was my turn.
Also, I wanted to stay and kill him in the same way.

I could imagine her suffering,
And wanted to save what was remaining.

As it had to happen,
Half of my body went off, and he ate the other half.

My heart melted when I met her deep down in the Ocean of Milk,
She said this to me, while I played with her hair like silk.

“Although he is the reason we are dead.
Now, we shall always be together.
Isn’t it the only thing that we ever wanted?”

(Love Story of a Drowned Biscuit)

Just a fan!

a poem by Deepa Dash

She loved him a lot,
without his knowledge.
She many times tried,
but never had courage.

She attended all his concerts,
and even left comments sureshot.
But neither a like not a reply,
to console her heart she got.

It was her love without hope,
Thinking him as a star
And her as a common poet,
She had no scope.

Still loving him till infinity,
She thinks she can.
But for him she is none,
But just an ordinary fan!!

(This poem is written exclusively for Darshan Raval.)

Rainfall tonight

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

Let me return to past; let me recall tonight
With me cries, each corner and wall tonight

What let flowers to slit throat in my garden
Who has provoked the curse to fall tonight?

My screams have awoken people from Sleep
Separation to be mourned in rainfall tonight

He may be Abbas-ibn-Ali, collecting tears
Mourners have sighted him tall tonight

Mirza, your phone is ringing since evening
Who told you to deny her call tonight?

I will always love you

a poem by Arnab Kumar Roy

I have counted countless drops of moments of my life in search of you,
My spirit has danced with your shadow under the lovely sky,
At the break of dawn, your morning kiss has opened my eyes.
Your silvery laughter has filled my life with joy,
You have coloured my colourless drops of tears with happiness.

Every passing day you are my prayer to God,
You are the brightest star twinkling in the darkest room of my heart,
You are my past, present and future.
In the pages of my heart, I have drawn your face by colours of love,
The silence between us has expressed the inexpressible love.

Your beauty has played with the eyelashes of my eyes,
You are the reason of my life.
I will love you forever, my beloved.
In your arms let me breathe my last breath and die.

Endless Love

a poem by Arnab Kumar Roy

My love has found expression in countless forms, countless flames of candle…
My dreams have grown as a flower in shade of your hand,
Through the veins of my hopes your blood runs.
In the darkest room of my heart,
You have emerged as a pole-star piercing the dark.

My spirit has danced to the tunes of your smile,
Crystals of love have rained from the sky of your heart quenching my unending thirst.
My love has grown and re-grown shaping your universe,
You are the butterfly, which spreads its wings colouring my life.

In the colours of rainbow, I have drawn and redrawn your face in pages of my heart,
In the garden of your heart, I have grown as a rose spreading the fragrance of love.
You have breathed life into my heart,
Ageless time can never make us apart,
My love for you is forever, my beloved!

Endless Life

a poem by Anuja Pandey

I want this day to end
I want this pain to end
I want my nerves to feel me
I want you to be out of my system

It’s you who left and it’s me who is left behind
Come back or take me.

This day seems incomplete, this sentence seems incomplete,
My breath seems incomplete

I tried to hold tight, I tried to stand straight,
but this feeling doesn’t go away

I die day by day

I know you don’t want me back,
I know you ended it for real.

But I still stand with the fear what if you were unclear.

My heart beats for you, my life is all about you
but now as you are gone, I am left with nothing at all

I want this day to end
I want this pain to end
I want my nerves to feel me
I want you to be out of my system