Poems on "Life"

You are not alone

a poem by Mainak Chatterjee

I want to say something to you
You are not alone
I am there for you

I know I can’t be your mother
But please
Give me a chance
To be a good father

You stare at me
Controlling your tears
Perhaps asking
Why this happened to us

You won’t smile anymore
Won’t ask for anything
I can feel
You have started growing

I know you cry at night
Hiding your face in the pillow
I know you are too young
To handle this severe blow

What has happened
We can’t undo
But let’s do
What we can do

Wipe your tears
And look at the nature
You can find
Your mother in her

She will caress your wounds
With her soothing breeze
In her caring arms
You will find peace

Get strength and will power
From the vibrant sun rays
Moonlight will give you
Much needed solace

Trees will teach you
How to stand tall
Learn how to keep moving
From the untiring waterfall

Cheer up my dear son
And get going in life
You will always find me
At your beside