Poems on "India"

The teacher and the student

a poem by Saranyan BV

It was hard life for the cartoonist,
In life he was a fighter, he fought his way up,
Like all great men he had the stuff to think
And steer a clear path.
During his struggle, his nephew was with him,
The nephew fought with him, learning from the uncle.
When it was time for the cartoonist to hang boots,
By the his son had grown big, but not as well indoctrinated as his cousin,
The old man had wee suspicion the nephew will upstage,
He brought his son to take over the mantle.
This caused heart burn,
And the uncle and nephew parted ways.
When the old man dies, as we all must,
The nephew attended the funeral, as all nephews must.
The cousins, never consoled each other in the public eye,
Or in private either, such was the animosity.
Just as the uncle was about to be taken up the pyre,
The nephew put his hand on the uncle’s head,
And caressed a couple of times,
And then withdrew, sobs overpowered his composure
His hands hurried to cover the face
So that no one caught him sobbing,
Not because he loved his uncle less,
His uncle had taught him never to let his weakness be known.

Kargil Soldier – A Tribute

a poem by Dhilla SamsonKumar

High on the mountain snow
I have taken a vow
To keep my country glow
In spite of infilters flow
I have given the unjust a blow

High on the mountain mist
I have taken the bullet on chest
To make my country the best
In spite of all odd test
I have given you all a safe best

High on the mountain bed
I have stained the snow in red
To give my country what I said
In spite of things I wed
I lay here on mountain dead

India – A Paradox

a poem by Godavari

There are two worlds in India,
One world that is rich and the other is poor.
One that is hungry and lives on one meal,
The other has the option of a five-course meal.
One that wears only designer wear,
The other has nothing but tatters to wear.
One whose celebrations are reported on Page three,
The other’s miseries are reported only for TRPs.
One that has just one family living in a building with 25 floors
The other has no home and sleeps outdoors.
One that has spas and showers with hot and cold water
The other has to walk miles to fetch a pot of water.
And yet in between these two worlds is the middle-class family.
Sandwiched and exploited by both the worlds callously.
One that struggles and toils to pay their taxes and bills,
Who has to fight reservation, inflation and has dreams to fulfill.
A paradox of poverty within a world of plenty,
Only education can free us from this disparity

India of 21st century

a poem by Shubham Sawant

This is India, Oh my friend,
And corruption is the current trend,
If you think the system can work,
Then I think you are a dork.
From lazy babu to lousy neta ,
And for icing on the cake there is arrogant mantri ka beta,

Some say the pen is stronger…
Nah! I don’t think any longer.
‘Tis said actions speak loudly,
But now money speaks more proudly!!!

Once Gandhi spoke in flesh & blood,
And to listen people came in a flood.
These days his face on currency notes,
Can buy you things like even votes.
Once that man called Gandhi,
Had walked miles up to Dandi,
But it’s neither Gandhi nor Dandi…
Kids now prefer to read Suppandi.

Famished children around food stalls,
Homeless people near shopping malls,
Villages around a megacity.
Drought along with hydroelectricity…
Wow!! That’s unity in diversity!


a poem by Am

Its that and its there
Searching the light

Lit on black and spicing a spirit
Young nights, a time under the moon
That dream, failed to cross

Like vision a kite, dropped by the boy
The touch to free, didn’t cure

A kiss to pass is hard to find
Love is all around to go get pleased

Its time to kill with a fallen soul
Unchain now and touch to cure

The Rise of New Bharath

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

In a dawn of my nation
You came to take her burden
You walked and moved in this land
To Hist Her flag in the peak of fame

Your smile remembers Her purity
Your talks and roars resembles
Her courage and boldness

Your dress write a new chapter of this land
Your birth place may be a small piece in Gujarath
Your energetic hands adopt the prosperity of the entire nation

Modiji Your name is the Inspiration our youth and
It is a powerful weapon of us
We will win in the war against corruption
Oh Bharath Matha bless him
To hold your flag in his hands forever

A tribute and expectation of the last citizen

There Shall Come A Day

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

There shall come a day for India,
When a techno sits with a mason,
And a thinker talks with a layman,
And a Landlord walks with a Tiller,
To make lives in India better.

There shall come a day for India,
When Gandhi will not only be remembered,
But also be seen and honoured,
Not in the form of his Statues or Photos
But in the form of his ideals and mottos
Fostering in the leaders of the nation
And not of political party or faction

There shall come a day for India,
When people stand in queue to vote
With the wisdom of duty to devote
And the results will not worry them
For all contestants will be noble wo(men)

There shall come a day for India,
When people will go to sleep
With a smile and not a weep
For there will be many to care
And nurture the lives of their

There shall come a day for India,
When corruption will be known,
As a forgotten practice, now thrown
And future generations will question
If it ever existed in the Indian version

There shall come a day for India,
When judges and lawyers sit in vain
And the policemen with no complain
As there will be peace and prosperity
For India will be the land of eternity

There shall come a day for India,
When places of worship and prayer hall
Will be liberated and opened to all
And the words caste and religion will
Scarcely appear in the forms to fill.

There shall come a day for India,
When all the children go to school
With brilliant ideas and dreams to pool
When all their despair thwarts
As success reigns in their hearts.

Respect Women

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

This world has become so heartless
People have become really fearless
Emotions are being useless
For power and pleasure, people are becoming senseless

Rapes have become so common
Victims are always the women
Inch by inch death should be the punishment for those men
Hope our new govt acts and reacts… God knows when

Save women should be the slogan I say
Tigers can be saved some other day
Those inhuman beasts worse than those tigers should be spared… no way

Wherever I look
Whether newspaper, magazines or any book
Headlines would be molest, rape or kidnap
How long would Indian females fall in these trap
Is there no end to this shitty crap

Is being born in India as a female a curse or a crime
Its really become high time
To man handle those culprits
We have all become silent viewers and observers and all we do is discuss and sit

Action has to be taken by the officials
Teach those beasts how it feels to be in hell
Its high time to switch on the high alert bell
Ignoring these plightful sights and walking away saying all is well

Next victims could be your sister, mother or wife
Women are the ones who give us precious life
Kill those ruthless criminals with a gun, bomb or knife

Spare them, they would have the courage to repeat it again
They are not bothered of feelings, emotions or pain
All they want is pleasure whether its on the road, bus or train
Its high time to act against these kind insane
When will women be able to walk on the streets tension free without any stress or strain

When will women be able to travel on a bus, auto or train without fear
These wild beasts are out there to disrespect and tear
When will women be able to walk freely on the roads like a man
Is India capable of protecting them… just say cannot or can

Will India hear their cries
Can India bid these criminal acts permanantly a Good bye

Let women live
Love and care is what they deserve and what we should give

Respect and value them
They are the life’s root and stem

Independence of India – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Patriots, philosophers, poets and people of India,
All worked for independence against foreign rulers.
Patriots sacrificed their lives for the nation;
Philosophers theorised the truth of nationalism;
And poets symbolised the power of the nation!

Sons gave up their lives for the nation;
Lovers sacrificed their love for the nation;
Friends gave up their friendship for the nation;
All leaders, workers and people of India,
All struggled for independence, the only goal in life!

Independence was the honour and self respect for all;
To achieve that goal how many have how much paid?
Mere words of praise could not repay that dear price!

In 1947 India got independence from the foreigners,
The fruit of the great sacrifices of our forefathers
For the youth to enjoy freedom and remember
The real story of the toils and travails of them
To maintain the independence against all enemies!

Yes! The enemies are not outside but inside now!
The enemies of liberty and democracy are formidable;
They have to be fought to retain India’s independence.

Independence of India – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Unity in diversity was the strength of India in the past;
Now diversity in unity is the plight of India in the present!
Hindus, Muslims and Christians fought as Indians for independence;
Now living as Indians they function as Christians, Muslims and Hindus!

Conspiracy and hypocrisy cannot save Indian democracy any longer;
Only compromise and cooperation against confrontation can solve all.
The independence of India depends on self-reliance to achieve all!

Caste, creed, colour, language and religion divided the people;
But nation, culture and literature united the people of India.
Democracy, socialism and secularism were constituted to integrate India;
But lack of education and employment make the mass ineffective still!

Socialistic planning did not improve much the economy of India;
Poverty and unemployment still remain as big burden to this big nation!
Equality and socialism have sacrificed quality and creativity to mediocrity!
And the little left brain has drained to foreign countries for job satisfaction!
All these question how could independence of India stand on self-reliance?

Independence of India – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

A conglomeration of multilingual and multi-religious provinces was India!
Freedom fighters wanted to see this sub-continent into one single nation;
And after independence India became a country of many linguistic states!

After the partition of India communal feeling began burning non-stop
And still it is burning beneath the cold surface of the so called secularism!
The points of unity of all religions are love, unity and peace only;
But the diehard fundamentalists still harp on the same note of separatism!
The exploitation of the people politicians do with the caste, communal cards
And the country reels under the heat of political excitement all round the year!

Corruption and favouritism make the rich richer and the poor poorer
As naturally and politically North and South India are divided into two!
Youth are turned into naxalites by the politico-bureaucratic business nexus
And terrorism, violence have replaced non-violence that got independence!

Kashmir and Assam should not become an example to Andhra and Tamil Nadu!
Aryan and Dravidian races should first become one Indian race everywhere;
Religious, lingual and regional differences can disappear by good education; but
The attempt to rule this multilingual country with one language threatens unity!

The language ruling before independence should rule India even now;
That is the sure way to stabilise and maintain the advantage of India
And make this one nation one with the world for peace and prosperity!

Celebration of Independence Day – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

The celebration of the sixtieth Indian independence day all do elaborately;
Is it essential to celebrate Independence Day sans progress so lavishly?
When problems of poverty and unemployment are yet to be solved,
Is it necessary Independence Day has to be celebrated in such grandeur?

For the successful completion of 59 years of democracy we are celebrating!
Yes! When dictatorship rules other countries democracy still rules India well!
Liberty and rights Indian citizens have ever since India got independence;
But the Anglo-bourgeois bureaucrats and politicians poor style of functioning
Still keep most people most backward and obstruct their progress in India!

It is urgent men of character and discipline should be there in public service;
Also social reforms only can save the people from the evils, caste and corruption
Necessary for right thinking that leads the people to prosperity in all fields!

With 6,00,000 crore rupees, interlinking of Indian rivers has to be implemented still;
If it is done well as per the plan it will look like a wonderful garland of India!
And agricultural and navigational facilities will immensely benefit the whole nation!

Sethusamudhram Canal Project, another long dream of leaders is yet to be done
To facilitate shipping activities of the country without going round Sri Lanka!
If technologies were used many problems would have been solved long ago!

Independence or not, by now water and other problems ought to have been solved!
India could have become much prosperous had it got independence 30 years later!
Due to Mahatma Gandhi India got premature independence with problems only!
Otherwise India too could have developed better like Japan, France and Korea!
Realising this Indian people must coordinate their efforts towards prosperity!

Celebration of Independence Day – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Now of all problems, corruption is rampant without check in all fields;
Men in public service should work for social service sans selfishness;
People should be alert to point out all mistakes for instant rectification
And not just cast votes in the election and keep quiet till the next election!
That is the way to make more powerful Indian democracy in the world!

First Prime Minister Nehru, noted for Non-Alignment tried for Chinese friendship;
But China betrayed India acquiring areas of India by aggression sans shame!
That shameful blunder automatically isolated China from all neighbours!

East and West Pakistan became a separate Muslim nation after the partition;
Kashmir became part of India after it had signed the Instrument of Accession;
But Pakistan for acquiring Kashmir waged war against India in vain every time
And in the 1971 Indo-Pak War it lost East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh!
The part played then was a turning point in History raising World Eyebrows!

1974, 1998 Atomic Bombs testing at Pokhran promoted India as a Nuclear Power
That increased internal and external threats calling for vigilance and action ever!
But truly economic strength alone can solve all problems of any world nation;
So, fishing and agro industries have to be developed utilising natural resources
And is the best way to solve problems of poverty and unemployment in India.

Merry Bombay

a poem by Jayati

Sonata Mumbai
In humble urban
Wait taxi at stand
Go men women.
Phone in hand.
Buds way to school find.

Get pleasure low profile.
Top cool modicum Ganesha live here.
Please not sneer.
Shelter of the poor
Turtle win race.
Struggles note earn.

For a better tomorrow bear.
Hope in progress.
Roads in process.
Culture and science
Bollywood stay fit.
Escape from stress!

We India Pride

a poem by Jayati

Cannot smash or break
Thus the sick
Watch the trend.

From where
The audacity
To systematic, assassinate
The guardians
Of our society and country
Confuse the public.

New Years Dance no Ball
Park Road flash brawl
Among both responsible
In a row follow
Hurt defence
Malicious drives.

As our
Republic day nears
Even the poised
Swish pen piercing.

Who are vomiting puss?
On our borders, on our shoulders
On our sense of understanding
Or are blackmailing whom in moribund?
Immunity our priorities it is useless
Try mischief; get paid back by the same coin.
Defence will roar into consuming the detractors.
We Pride in our Defence System it keeps us robust.