Broken Flower Pot

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Broken flower pot
As delicately shaped beauty
A sensible body arousing fire
Fell on the floor by mistake
Scattered in to many pieces, tiny like neutrons,

Death takes place like this
Keeps hand on your shoulder and you frighten
By unfamiliar face with wrapped cloth.
As love birds roaming to avoid familiar faces in the crowd

This broken flower pot as I mused on paper
Heart broken
For a while, words standstill
Personified as character to it
Victimized by bomb blast
Mouth plastered with agonizing pain,
Like a raped girl
With perished heart of roses.
Life’s absurdities.
Destroyed mentality
Or stricken dumb
World without definition
Life filled with cruelty and hatred
Nothing valuable remained, to achieve here.
What is beauty and its significance
If it vanishes like momentous breeze.
Once gathered together artificial flowers
Enlivened by myriad colours
Spread away, long away to search again
The song of migrated bird,
What kind of long life we got?
Even together we sense nothing, realize nothing
Then how we could remember that song of migrated bird?
This always fresh artistic life as love sign only
We really fade up with this useless fake life
Which always welcomes with same smile
To others.