a poem by Godavari

Xanadu -an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty

Hold my hand as I take you
To a place which is not far away.
Away from hatred, pretense and deceit,
Where fluffy clouds kiss your feet.
Where the purity of heart and soul reign supreme,
Where the river of joy gushes downstream.
Where sorrows, misery and hatred are repugnant,
Where love, joy and brotherhood is abundant.
Where the mind can roam free beyond the skylines
Where ideas and the doves of freedom touch new horizons.
Where there are no walls of religion to divide us,
Where disputes are considered superfluous.
Where there is no war, no genocide, no weapons of mass destruction
Where there is no corruption or pollution.
A place called Xanadu can exist
Only if humanity learns how to co-exist.
Live and let others live.