Poems on "Imagination"

If only

a poem by Poorvasha .

If only I was free to twirl at the tweets of a summer flock,
If only I could sway myself along the beats of the waves hitting the rocks.
If only I could tiptoe to the silent and the farthest hills,
If only I could stretch my arms amidst the luster surrounding the stills.
If only I could feel the mellow of the blooming flowers between my fingers,
If only I could let out all those fears that in my mind linger.
If only I could find myself lost among the sanctity of the sea,
If only I could let the refreshing winds bring out the unrestrained me.
If only I could embrace the bountiful and serene lanes,
If only I could let the tiny drizzles obliterate all my unsettling strains.
If only I could savor the aroma of the wet mud that the rains bring along,
If only I could hum along the winsome nightingale’s song.
If only I had the dexterity to unfold my wings and whirl like the peacock,
If only I could hear the silent whispers of the waves hustling against the rocks.
If only I could build my own world among the greens,
If only I could create this dreamy and idealistic scene.

Tender Trap

a poem by Vipina Unni

Last evening I was on a flight back
I looked down on to the clouds
Not as a photo opportunity
But just to admire them

I found them just like me
Rather like my feelings
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

Nothing in their control
They just drift around
Wandering around
But nothing changes the way they are
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

When the clouds are heavy
They just lighten themselves
By letting off a little water
Just like me

I kept staring at them
Hoping I had wings
Just for a day, want to fly
Fly along with the very same clouds
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

I wonder who holds more power
The air or the cloud
Air for it forces the cloud to change its shape
Or the cloud itself for it never loses its charm come rain, storm or thunder

I know it’s the cloud
So dreamy, so gentle, yet so powerful
So white so pure yet so delicious

Next time on a flight
Do look at them
Admire their beauty and the grace with which it wanders

They wander by choice
Let the air be fooled
But we wander by choice
Like Frank Sinatra famous song
“they are all part of the tender trap”

Saga of Change

a poem by Abhay Chhibber

There was a little girl who lived near the banyan tree,
A small hut in the forest, and all over nature to see…

Her morning would start with birds chirping around,
and night would end with howling of the hound…
In the afternoon, she would walk in the field and play,
trying to catch butterflies was how she spent rest of her day…

Her aunt was always worried whenever she went out alone,
and that is why daily she got followed by her uncle stone…
A gun is what her protective uncle always carried,
which was gifted to him by the woman he had married…

It was a bright sunny day, when she got tired, sat and wanted to do nothing more,
and that is when she heard a lion’s roar…
She started looking around and tried to see,
Instead of being afraid, excited was she…

A glimpse of those big eyes was all she got,
Before her uncle took the lion down with his shot…
Her uncle then told her to run back home and hide,
Because other lions were about to come hearing the gunshot in that field wide…

She reached home and told her aunt the same,
They both then hid and prayed the Lord’s name…
Hours passed, then slowly the days,
But he never came back from that maze…

The girl blamed the lions for her uncle to be lost,
She vowed that she’ll take revenge at any cost…
She became a good hunter with her growing age,
She caught many lions and put them in cage…

Torturing and starving them was what she would daily do,
It was now her routine in her own home made zoo…
But one day a shocking news she had received,
Uncle stone returned home, he never was deceased…

He shared the tale of those lions big brown,
Whom he had hunted with help of men from another town…
They were great hunters who came to his aid,
They saved his life and were about to go to next raid…

He then said “I owed those hunters my life”
And “with them I had to leave, but I couldn’t tell you or my wife…”
A misunderstanding this big of the incident that day,
Had changed the girl totally, that’s all she had to say…

With many regrets and sorrow now in her eyes,
She cried and her mistake now she had realised…
She left the cages open and animals were now free,
But no, she was no longer the girl who lived near the banyan tree, whose only hobby was to play and enjoy the natural beauty she would see…

Hangover in early morning

a poem by Amshudharsai K

I met you unfortunately
Your talk feel me like fog
Inconvenience was my sayings
It was before
Now my glimses of my past
hit me when I fail to match your arm
Babe just hug my looks by your
Turns of walks
Don’t turn this hard
Just drop out of my glimses
I can’t handle this hangover
And moreover you’re my angel

Paradise Express

a poem by Krishnasish Jana

I have heard of a place that’s not on maps
A place where there’s no room for lies
Where mornings and nights never make the kiss
Where every form of life is able, is wise

Where you’ll find only faces and never a mask
Where curiosity is never afraid to think and ask
Where the one true religion has always been love
Where the endless sky is always blue above
Where the birds never know the fatigue of flight
Where the nights stand dauntless in the stars’ light
Where no child is killed before even she’s born
Where no heart is broken and no skin torn
Where nobody knows the art of building a wall
Where there is always a hand when you fall
Where lilies dance with a newfound zest
Where crows and doves share the same nest
Where the river quenches the thirst of all
Where a horse runs free and is never in a stall
Where the moon’s always shy and the sun bright
Where you’ll never have to fight for what’s right
Where benevolence is, by all, considered divine
Where dreams and fears are separated by a line
Where every empty soul always gets fed
Where there’s always a smile after every tear’s shed

I have heard of this place, and of a train that runs
Through its heart; and I can hear the summons
And since it’s dark, my end drawing nigh
I would love to be there, and I would love to fly


a poem by Godavari

Xanadu -an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty

Hold my hand as I take you
To a place which is not far away.
Away from hatred, pretense and deceit,
Where fluffy clouds kiss your feet.
Where the purity of heart and soul reign supreme,
Where the river of joy gushes downstream.
Where sorrows, misery and hatred are repugnant,
Where love, joy and brotherhood is abundant.
Where the mind can roam free beyond the skylines
Where ideas and the doves of freedom touch new horizons.
Where there are no walls of religion to divide us,
Where disputes are considered superfluous.
Where there is no war, no genocide, no weapons of mass destruction
Where there is no corruption or pollution.
A place called Xanadu can exist
Only if humanity learns how to co-exist.
Live and let others live.


a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

His life asked him his identity
I say it’s an unseasonal drop on the pane,
Just a vagabond bard,
A silent crooner
Sans a meaning.

Meaning is a frame
A frame which defines,
But a drop is a drop
From somewhere up to somewhere down,
From a vastness to a vastness
A drop, a bard, a nothing…
When has a no thing been any thing?
His life asked him his identity,
I say it’s any thing that’s your thing…

(On my way to office today, amidst weeping clouds, to be something)

Art of Wings

a poem by Anand Bose

Winged art moving
Time as a poetic glazier—
It’s a music delighting eyes,
A dance that floats, stunning
The silence of eternity;
Watching them climb
Higher and Higher, their
Celestial robes having the
Precision of a mobile art
Gallery— I am standing
On the earth, while you
Open the art of an experience;
You disappear from my vision-
Yet you have chosen a destiny–
A white flame merging as a song
Of love, your breath now,
An ethereal cosmic whisper.

A Dream Walker

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

In my solitude of life,
mind tries to walk the talk.
Flutter of images flock in,
flooding valley of silence.
I hear your foot fall,
softly on loose sand.
I listen to your feet tap.
It comes nearer and nearer.
I close my eyes.
My mind shuts down,
from all sounds of earth.
Sudden quiver of wings.
All my chatters flew away.
I await your presence.
your talk, walks in me.
I fall into your silence.
Your action in silence,
and silence in action,
Makes me walk!
I walk along with you
A dream walker!

A nobody

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Today I heard a unique sound.
Then I got a small letter,
a tiny cute alphabet of grace.
I kept it hiding in my mind.
I wonder what to do with it?
As time passed by; it glowed.
I blew air and fire by bellows.
It hardened,
turned into a diamond.
I tried to break it into pieces,
Cut to size.
Nothings worked.
I sharpened edges,
by my thoughts.
Yes I managed it.
Now it talks to me,
in clear clarity, cut and carat.
I opened my pen of mind.
I can see a flow of words.
I look so tiny at its feet.
Who created Niagra falls?
With a sigh I put my signature.


a poem by Sudhir Kumar Dwivedi

In more abstract, life is like a search-tree.
We’re supposedly here to search something,
Some search postponed or search from scratch…

The single input, only clue
Thats our requisite hidden somewhere.

The Tree is trapping itself, nothing straight there.
Only mirage, no mirror image.

Cross-roads and narrow alleys, decisions and exams
No other way… assume failures as indirect success…
Often pushed back to root… no surprise.

Often distracted, deviated repairing cruse,
We forget to search… and postponed for next time
And… pause the journey…

And… The End.

A – Z

a poem by Linish N

At first I looked at her awkwardly
Next I started to love her blindly
I asked my heart to take it coolly
But seeing her and her beauty daily
My heart got charged, but not electrically

I never considered my Love as Folly
And tried to approach her gently
My Love for her is Holy
And I want her to be mine ideally

These are not words of jolly
As I have studied her keenly
And found her to be lovely

Her smile as what attracted me mainly
And never has she acted nastily
I want her to be, my one and only
Any my feelings are purely
Dedicated to her quietly
Girls like her are found rarely
That’s why I am moving slowly
Into her heart and soul truthfully
To live with her unitedly
In a wonderland spread vastly

With her heart opened for me widely
I knew what was Love exactly
So I celebrate this day yearly
By bursting crackers zoomingly

My Illusions

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

As the empty road takes me along
Unless I come to fathom around
I see a jar filled with problems
House full of vultures
Couple of drops enough to drown
The dry earth about to soak me
Hiroshima’s nuke attack on me
Sound of pain travelling at speed of light
Ten weather seasons to experience instead of four
Bold souls in weak bodies
Myriad color combinations I denounce
Fate lines that now run across my body
Charred leaves with a long history to spell
A lonely child holding hands of an invisible mother
Running chariots with no horses to drive
Love definitions scribbled on the air platform
Laughter challenging the face of sorrow
The muse of my paintings on sale
Drugs to awaken not to put to sleep
The funeral of the stagnant river
Template of my body being incarnated
Loosened gravity to keep me high
Am confused and frustrated in delirium
Is this the end or start of my world?

If I were a humming bee

a poem by Venkatesan P

If I were a humming bee, a honey bee of winter
I would not on rosy petals wander nor on any bower;
I would kiss not the lily for its honey nor the December
But perch in thine scented hair,
If only for a lightning while.

If I were a feathered angel as the glorious mina
I would chatter not on idle casuarinas
At break of day nor probe the fruits of the papal
But land on thine shoulders soft
Thine curbful shoulders oft.

And gazing at thine melting face I shall thus remain
Till tears of love run as a river to thy heart’s domain
And on every morn thou shall hear me pine
Till thy countenance descend
To hear me and to behold.

And alas! If I were a mortal and god has made me one,
I would thus eternally write, but for others none
And writing hear thy melodious tone
When at last my heart shall bleed
And bleeding pass to the unknown creed.

Say When Darling

a poem by Sunil Khadawala

Say when darling
You shall come to me
I have waited from the time
You were sixteen
And I an infatuated teen
Say when darling
We two rivers
Shall merge into a sea
When shall we both stop existing
And in each others arms just be
Say when darling
I shall wait for you
The whole of my life
To see you as my wife
An if that does not be
I shall wait for you
With open arms and eager heart
On the doorstep of heaven
Darling just say when.