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No fakism please – Part 2

a poem by Ajay Faw

After a week
You gave me a look
That made me tense
You spoke in public
I thought you to pick
Then some chat, till no phone
We become bro and sis
What a pity!

You placed In Infosys
We joined again
But I can’t believe
You apologized
So I recognized
Let it be I asked

What you’ve been for a week
I doubted as fake
Experience never fade
I can’t revenge you
I’m not a scavenger

One day you specialized
Not me but other
I gotcha doubt is it fake
Again I warn you no fakism
You know I follow Nazism
Though you did
Help me not
But another

I can’t continue further
Past I said I can’t leave you ever
Now, I can feel you never
Let us be separable
Its not condemnable?

Ha ha ha your deeds are condemnable
I made obituary for you
So be clear no more fakism
For my sake don’t fake him
Nazism hates fakism.