Poems on "Feelings"


a poem by Krishna Meghana Gandaboyina

What to say about maths,
Except they are the disaster paths.
The numbers,
Always made us dumbers.
And what to tell about squareroot,
It made us fall on its foot.
Solving the equations,
Is like increasing frustration.
Finding a solution,
Is as difficult as preparing the constitution.
When we were asked to find a triangle,
We always ended up with a rectangular.
When we were asked about probability,
We showed our disability.
The statistics,
Always confused us with tricks.
And coming to geometry,
It was far better than trignometry
And in real, zeroes
Yet considered as real heroes.

Reality of the wanderers

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The falling leaves and the cool breeze
Beneath the tree is their berth
The life for them without butter cheese
Their home being the whole earth

They strive and they enjoy
Like a temporary toy
Unmindful of the future
The present they nurture

Did they care about the society
Did they know that it is poverty
Did they think about the community
They believe only in love’s loyalty

They can find happiness in their sorrow
Their work at times is to borrow
They live together with quarrels
Even then sense the joy of barrels

Lead the trailing life without jealousy
But are found always busy
Very few can feel their pity
That they are always thirsty

The falling leaves and the cool breeze
Beneath the tree is their berth
The life for them without butter cheese
Till the end till their death


a poem by Gaurav .

When I saw you from a distance
I lost my mind and thought you are mine.
My heart pulse shoots like a star
I just wanna know who you are
Wanna know who you are…

When my eyes fell on you
There is roar within me for you
When I see you in some character
I am mesmerized by your actor.

You know I wanted to say something
But no words come from my mouth which I call nothing!
But I know my eyes say everything
And you know there is something.


a poem by Mayur Krishna Kalita

A dream;
Something you may laugh at,
Is what it is.
A plan;
You may say, a process;
So simple, yet so far
From the river,
Whereth all the sentiment come to drink.
I coexist.
But through a glass –
A filter of sorts.
No Mask, just a mirror
Distracting from what’s truly behind;
Carefully hidden in plain sight;
Not ungraspable.
But you are too busy, aren’t you?
Staring into yourselves.

Coming back, it’s simple;
Or is it now?
Waking up with no mountain atop my chest.
No negation, no lie.
Uninstitutionalised; Wild??
I don’t know.
But that’s what I am upto anyways.
The riches and repute? Depend,
On what they barter
What do I pay?
A blurry vision in gold for a clear sky at night.
Not my thing, not my agenda.
I end with you to prove my point,
My distracting manoeuvre.
Hindsight of the mirror, I hold
Theatricals on exhibit.

You think I see
A mask, a facade…
But you are bare!
Self-gloating a bit.

Even I need a moment in sun.


a poem by Devika Toprani

Just the way, uncooked food
Can turn into a bite
Just the way, politeness
Can turn into a fight
Just the way, anger
Can turn into insight
Just the way, day
Can turn into night
What once went wrong
Can surely turn into right

Come to me

a poem by Sujata Pawar

Come to me, when you are lonely,
I will be your friend and companion.

Come to me, when you are hurt,
I will take your pain and heal you,

Come to me, when you are low,
I will raise your spirits and energize you,

Come to me, when you have no one,
I will be your friend and lover,

Than come to me, for you miss me,
And I will enliven this world for both of us.

Wishing You

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hello, my sweet and cute being
I am your friend
How you consider?
I be the same

Your frenzy emotions sound good
And your caring heart just melts me
As I say, you assemble as divinity source
When I am stuck

My heart gets warm, happy
When your cheeks look like glaciers
And your smile just be the childish
Be the person you are

May be principled, weird, crazy, cool
Everything goes when it poisons
I know Sweety you know the act of society
Make your opportunities good

Happy birthday to the dearest friend
And a consern to the society in front
May God give all the happiness
And wish you a bright future

Live, smile, love, LOL
And make your day
As you have to live in present
Wishing you a happy being for your prospects


a poem by Sunshine Anonymous

Every time
I try harder than before
But the distance between us
Forever seems to grow

You keep on going away
Filling me with nothingness, despair you spray
Yet the distance between us
Persists, to my dismay

A mirage, you seem to me
A silhouette so hard to see
A desire I have, to feel you, hold you
And so, the distance between us I wanna bridge

You’ve made me a recluse
Loneliness I effuse
Still, the distance between us
I can’t seem to reduce

Unusual space

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Pretty good is your flavoured talk
Breathing the compassion besides you
And making the trust mercy us
Heart burn’s can’t be like to your likes

Not a stand to your negatives
But for the start to let you real
Waiting for your essense of smile
Which make my heart to share your pain

Stubborn to succeed
Like to bear
Which jealous your against
To be the minimum bearer by your honesty

I may not be with
But be in you for you
For your smile, and for
Support to my heart’s light

I am only social
When your wordy
But not by your cute aggressive
Fill the space and be the whole

It was that smile

a poem by Anuja Pandey

It all started with a smile
I thought you meant it for someone else,
Thinking who can ever like me.

Well, I know I look odd with those chubby cheeks and these specs on.
But did it ever stop you,
I kept ignoring the fact that it is me.
It was always me, but it never click me.

And we went on this way, till that day.
There you were in front of me, waving at me, even with no space for air to pass by

Do you even know, I always wanted this, wanted us to let go,
Let go of all the emotions, emotions that crosses by.

I wish I could have hold my breath and asked you your name,
Because you always knew mine.

Stone smile

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

The riverside rock
Bemoans its mute existence
Dry days lie in tatters
Uncertainty lurks behind
Iron-black nights

Through deep shadows
In its eyes
The stone watches
The riverbank come to life
As lovers nestle
In the shelter of darkness
Between walls of the winds

Burbling waters wind their way
Past the mute riverside stone
Touching teasing
Sometimes mocking

Time arrives, beckons, summons
In a momentary lapse of reason
The stone uproots itself
To embark upon
Its course of destiny
Obliging time

Forging desires, it races ahead
In search of new land
Where stones too can smile

The recovery

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Feels as if, she, the light House of my life
Completed my twelth, felt so depressed
Her words made me love my life
Felt my dear when is near
Your crazy wishes
To go out
To hang out
Made me feel special
You are my Sun
You are my Moon
My day begins with the feel of compassion with you
And ends with the same
The eyeliner you applied had just pulled me to have
Deepest look in to you
Please come back to make me special
My dear
I messaged you with suspicion
Please consider it as the slip test but not a life test
Oh God, just get me my feelings
That happens when you come to my life dear

Just Be

a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

Right here and now
I pine for me
For more of me to me
For an independent me
To be only me
Not aligning
Not maligning
Not surrounding
But a lone reaper singing in the fields
And coming back to myself
Right here and now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who am I?
Running from mirror to mirror
Held not by me
But souls known
Are they known?
There is no known sky
No known cloud,
No known air,
No known leaves,
Why should souls be known?
I wouldn’t know
Who am I?

The Fortune Cookie

a poem by Poumita Paul

Cents crawled over Baga
The fourteenth from right
First from me
White tarpaulin flew over
Dispair of the vend’s derm
Adorning the last few cookies
Wind chimes tickled an anvil
Bucks for the Fortune Cookie
Honey brown teint glued my glasses
Bare eyes longed to rest
Lips to feel the first kiss
The rough skin held my hands
Lips inches apart
Ouch! That hurts!

Tongue blood bathed
And me noticed its opening
Unchaste! Winking through the hoods!
Its demonic beam savouring it all
Akin the day sweet chirps tooled it
Tearing its hem with the peak
I stumbled, fings escaped
The cookie embraced the sea
Glasses reflected the dirty dance
Gusts sanding my tearfeds
Brought in a thump
Across the left blush

The silver foil read

At the Beach

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Where am I? Where I am?
Here I am… Oh! Yes I am here…
This place, Oh My, is My Soul
This Sound is Oh! Oh My Peace
This Moment is Mine… Oh! So Mine

I gaze at your endless sight
My heart dives deep inside you
Tranquilized I am when your sound touches my ears
I just stay, stay lost in you, while I find myself in you
I talk to you all that I feel
While you take me inside the Memories…

This is how I feel at a Beach!