Poems on "Emotions"


a poem by Gehena

All she wanted was to reverse time, all she wanted was to make it all fine.
It all went by with her standing there in the middle of time.
She asked god to make it all shine, in return she was only one big lie
All she wanted wanted was his time,
But just like others, he kept pushing her aside.
She stood her ground thinking nothing could move her about,
But as time went by she kept getting pushed deeper on the side.
She waited all day all night just to hear, hi baby are you fine?
But all she got was, oh my god! Please step aside.
One day she looked up at the endless sky,
Thought freedom of darkness was better than time.
They all called her crazy and laughed at her site,
But didn’t realize she was dying inside.
All she ever wanted to do was reverse time.

Curseful Blessing

a poem by Vishnupriya S

Oh mankind!
Your eyes are filled with dust,
You are looking at me with lust.
I am not your feast,
Don’t try to attack me like a beast.
I do often pray,
But at last I became his prey.
My age is only seven,
But now I am in heaven.
Am I cursed or blessed?

Untitled Minimalists

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

I give freedom to words
To choose their task
But each time
They build
A castle of love

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fading footsteps
Emotions wilt like tainted petals
Holding memories in my hand
I watch dazed
My shadow leaving me


a poem by Devika Toprani

Never forget, that we were best friends,
But presently, we cannot even stand each other,
At opposite ends.

It’s been years since I’ve heard your voice,
Maybe just maybe,
You kept away, because of choice.

I don’t know, what to say to you now,
But I just want to sort out this mistake, anyhow.

It’s been more than a year,
But still, I feel,
You’re somehow going to, magically reappear!

So, sorry is one word I’d like to say,
But still, it’s your mistake too, in a way!

Waiting for the Moon

a poem by Aadhyanth N Shankar

With dashing and dazzling brush in your arms
My life of blots has turned a canvas of charms
Bristles of mysterious love magical and mild
Wrestle with my innocent heart truly wild
Sprinkles of hues splatter the empty chart
They are the wrinkles ironed out of heart
Spreading wings for a fabulous fortnight
Then caging the spirit while not in sight
Flashes of brightness my canvas adorn
Splashes of tears trip from eyes forlorn
Dual life with two masks on earth I lead
Cruel is the eerie existence, so I plead
For the sky is a widow, robbed of Moon
The sky is looking for Moon to shine soon
My heart’s been aching for a Sun-like Moon
That gets never waning; I wait for the boon

Heart of a Harlot

a poem by Divya Nishant Ranote

Nobody understood
Those pathetic eyes
Jibes all the way
Unfolding luscious ties
All were gazing her
With ambiguity
But what I realized
Was that inside beauty
Amidst the metro
Full of lecherous in disguise
Those eyes asked me
For being so nice
And these eyes of mine
Closed for a moment
In respect of the inside shrine
Bringing a smile on her face so divine…


a poem by Jaylee .

There is something in me that controls my life.
It is not an addiction to a substance or a goal I am in pursuit of.

This thing inside of me is what causes me to be who I am,
but I cannot say that I am proud of that.

I do not know 100% where this came from,
but it does not matter because it worsens everyday
I try to figure it out and take a look back.

Some doctors give it a fancy name,
but I simply like to call it fear.
Not the typical fear like a scary movie or a ghost whispering a word into your ear.
This fear, this fear is much different.

This fear that not everyone can hear,
that not everyone can understand, that not everyone can come to the conclusion
that there is something really out out there that this kid is afraid of.

This fear is called SAD, S.A.D., Social Anxiety Disorder.
An acronym so perfectly written not because it makes me sad,
but because it is sad that I am fearful of something that does not exist.

I wish I could be afraid of a horror film,
I wish I could be afraid of heights,
I wish I could be afraid of getting mugged in an alley on my way back from school that day,
I wish…

Instead, I am afraid of that which does not exist.

I am afraid that my entire life is being judged
even though there is no one there to do the judging.

I am afraid to say HI
to someone I have been living in the same building with
for 9 ****ing months.

I am afraid to eat alone in the cafeteria
so I drive in my car to an obscure location to eat my damn meal.

I am afraid of the moment when the teacher spits the words “Get into groups.”

I am afraid of my own curiosity
because I know it will lead to, me wanting to ask a question.
A question filled with potential learning and knowledge,
but forget that because I cannot even muster up enough courage to ask it.

I am afraid of other people, so I do not socialize,
and when I do not socialize, I am afraid of being alone.
If I am afraid of both people and being alone,
what the hell am I supposed to do on any given Saturday morn.

This really is sad. Go ahead laugh,
laugh at me for having a fear of Absolutely nothing.
Go ahead and laugh because this really is sad, S.A.D, Social Anxiety Disorder.

What made me quote

a poem by Shubham Kamble

Sipping down a crystal of dark
Warmth spread, as it passed down my throat
Leaving a burning numbness in my chest
As toxicity disintegrates my soul
My senses faded away
Poured out the magical words, I wrote
“You look so beautiful.”
Was it the ink
Was it the
Fermented cane that made me quote?

Sorry dear

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hi I am starting with a line
Look my dear
I liked your presence and you
But that can’t mean that’s a lust

Look my dear
You didn’t seduce me
I gathered that threads of attractions
You gave me
But that can’t hit our esteem

Look my dear
I just thought to deepen the spirit
Of our relation
But that small weird rituals
Can’t lead to ignorance

Look my dear
I am all yours
And every hello, hi is for you
But that can’t mean a burden

Look my dear
As we do looking our words
Saying ourself okay
But that can’t mean being yourself
It only says to clear all not near newness.


a poem by Akhil Kumar Mishra

I see a reflection, clear and silver white like Moon, moving but slow.

The reflection contains uncertain imaginations,
the crazy footsteps of callousness of yesteryear’s,
I hear the faint sounds of falling leaves and the unending silence of my surroundings.

Where are the phrases of love that came involuntarily once upon a time!
Repeating in my ears about the eternity of emotions and gratitudes of compassion?
Instead there is still a silence uncanny questioning why I melted so often.

Love is a shadow, stops when eyes define the boundaries,
a wall of hopes and aspirations, constricted in the vagaries of living.

I hold the doused flames of love in my betrayed hands and
smile at the transparent pains that cling to me to take forward.

God’s play

a poem by Chandramouli Eswar

Tiger Tiger, standing bright in the darkest bushes with a fierce sight
Preying deer giving birth, for the moment to strike it’s blow of death

Lovely Deer, cuddling it’s fawn not aware of the Tiger’s plan
Feeding baby with the milk, waiting for the lovely dawn

Tiger, leapt through bushes roaring high, leaving no chance for the deer to fly away
Caught the deer with its mighty jaws sucking every life out of it in a beastly way

Deer is dying with a pain in body and heart, weeping for its lovely fawn
Rolling tears over the cheeks, trying to kiss its baby one last time, left its life by the dawn

Not aware of mother’s death, baby started to cry for a last time
Before the Tiger gave it’s deathly strike

God created the lovely deer with a hand and created Tiger to kill it with another hand
He created the beautiful nature with prey and predators everywhere

What is troubling me?

a poem by Shubh Rana

What is troubling me?
I am confused completely
Is it the heart breaking stories?
Or something faded in my memories

Is that something I never cared about?
Or the myths screaming all around
I am tensed of learning sound
Whatever it is it is all upside down

Are the lyrics troubling me as a reason?
Or the rebellious ways of gun
Am I worried about 2a-1?
But it reflects me I am just done

Are my studies troubling me?
Or my dreams and fantasy
Are the cause bank balance and money
But I am so young I got it

Are the social media gaining my attention?
Or I am addicted to my passion
Are headphone and music my sensation?
I am on my knees begging for a solution

My Sweet Brother

a poem by Deepa Dash

I hold a person but as my brother
Who is much greater than all other,
Both in fashion and by nature
Definitely exceeds all other creatures.

I doubt of what is he made,
More than platinum and richly laid.
He is a blue eyed guy and
Fascinates everyone who pass by.

It must have taken hours together for God
To think and make this guy special of all,
Just for a particular work to be done,
May be made this one-piece in the world.

Such great is God almighty who made him,
As a saviour of the world.
To help people in need and deed
And become a powerful person.

He’s powerful for his pride,
He’s praiseworthy and must be given a prize.
If he loves me as his sis truly,
This is the prize, I can give him heartly…

(This poem is dedicated to my sweet brother.)

I am strong when I am soft

a poem by Aishwarya Shrivastav

I am strong when I am soft
My heart soars up kind words
That wouldn’t soften harsh realities
But maybe hold someone up when they are tired of standing up for too long

I am strong when I am soft
I like to break down with people on bathroom floors like their sadness is mine
I know my crying wouldn’t calm them down
But maybe later we could share a laugh when we run out of tissues and comforting nouns

I am strong when I am soft
I am the first person to say sorry
The last one to say goodbye
I don’t like finishing last
But often, it’s easier to get hurt than hurting someone else

I am strong when I am soft
I dream without apologies for how big my dreams are
Refusing anything that restricts how long the dream will last
I know I have a hundred dreams and I will watch some more
Because I know if I can see them I can be them

I am strong when I am soft
I cry when I am happy and also when I am sad
I cry when I miss my lover and harder when he says I should grow up
I don’t mind him much
Because he also cries when we kiss and I don’t ask him to be a man

I am strong when I am soft
I buy flowers for my friend to put them on his hair
And I am not insecure when he is rocking that floral skirt better than me
Gender is restrictive and he doesn’t need to be your version of
What any gender should look like
We smile so bright and I swear he was so happy he cried
People will fight their own battles and you should let them fight
But stay around a little longer
Just in case they may need you to remind them of what they already know

I am strong when I am soft
I repeat thrice the same sentence for my mother without raising my tone
She didn’t count how many notes she left in our tiffin boxes
On important days of our school
Repeating doesn’t validate her deafness, nor is it a return gift
It is about just being there even when she doesn’t expect me to be around

I am strong when I am soft
I understand power and I don’t equate it with responsibility
I have seen resistance by those who know they can’t fight
Still they rise each day with holding on to hopes tight
I don’t always shout with them, but I like to see how we can still fight things bigger than us
Or how victory is not always about the win but about fighting till our last

I am strong when I am soft
I am strong when I am soft
And I am not ashamed when I say it today
For I have never been stronger than this

Life of a Struggler

a poem by Subhadeep .

Never I was bad in academic,
My boards were too fantastic.
Destiny changed, in a college I took admission,
Then Lady Luck threw me into worst condition.

Long ago, I graduated and my struggle days started,
Gradually, I am getting more broken-hearted,
Wandered hither and thither, knocked every door,
Achieved failure which I never expected before.

Many ridiculed, as my career almost ruined,
Some friends went away as the blowing wind.
Dad supported as well as my mom,
Someone held my hands in that fiery storm.

I am frustrated rather than sad,
Frankly speaking, my condition is very bad.
Acquaintance thinks I am suffering deeply from alcoholism,
But my mind is full of various negativism.

Hope one day all these tensions will go,
Like a cold wind over my hair, it will blow.
To achieve my dreams, still I have to strive,
Pray to God, till then I remain alive.