Poems on "Diamonds"

Take My Life

a poem by Rohan Nambiar

Alone Alone in my heart
Dwells a sense of huskiness
Come to me my pretty lady
With a wisp of love
No friends and meaning in life
I am alone in walks of life
Relatives think I am useless
Have teased every now and then
Blamed me for what I haven’t done
Better lord knows every thing
He is the one I really trust
Nothing given to my father and mother
How can I commit suicide?
Prevailed darkness in air
Motivate me to take my life
A sound of dead bells
Knows the thither and whither
Its time to say good bye
The thoughts of me still alive
Will remain in your hearts
Alone Alone in my heart
Dwells a sense of huskiness
Come to me my pretty lady
With a wisp of love

Two Boiled Eggs

a poem by Trunkhead

I taught Hambles the hamster to use the dishwasher
It was back in the days when scrim was still in fashion


War is BAD
Don’t kill people
In fact it’s quite naughty

I’m caught in a turbulent eddie and so is Hambles
Leave us in peace with the ecover dishwasher tablets
DoN’t JuDge US




a poem by Faisel Kannur

Diamonds are fine
And shine forever;
Gleams it spurt
Is a joy forever.

Though it’s hard
Always soften every heart;
Precious and pomp
When cleaned and worn.

Nothing ever lasts
Like diamonds or dreams;
A thing can make
Or break any love.

It’s hard to own, but
Make hearty when worn;
Like Love and Beauty
Will live for long.

Diamonds Forever

a poem by Nandakishore Ramkumar

The ring that carries the diamond sparkle,
Catching the fancy of your eyes like a gazelle;
The gem throws a spectrum of colours,
The royal prism of fancy shimmers;

The edge they say is like a rapier’s sword,
The colour I know is as pure as your soul;
Divine is it’s presence in your maiden finger,
Diamond on you attains a new colour;

If only I ever could adorn your finger,
I would love to be a diamond forever.


a poem by Ajit Kumar Nair

A supernal sign
in leaves of history
auspicious and benign
of undying glory

A crystalline rhomb
an aura of shimmer
exuberant aplomb
and myriad glitter

Exuding pride
and unbound joy
to the opulent bride
or a damsel coy

Transcending chasms
of caste and colour
bestowing orgasms
and passionate fervour

As sylphlike trinkets
or a shiny garter
as earrings or anklets
a gem forever


a poem by Ramesh Babu Y

Moves, hand then to hand
add richness to others hand
makes prestige your own
arouse pride you always known
sparkling which you made your beauty
and the hardness always thy mighty
never flat and curves you matched
but angles orderly placed
brings sheer smile once again
when given to a matched pain

Diamond: The Heart’s Desire

a poem by Anaya Mohanty

Mirror! Mirror! Is n’t it true,
That I am the brightest of them all,
Ah! As a lover’s token for his beloved,
Ah! As a crowning glory for the royal head,
Alas! All think, I am proud and hard,
And yet, I am the best, says the bard.

I have been looted, plundered
I have been fought for
yet shining and glittering,
I am still sought after.

Priceless and rare,
I am a lady’s greatest desire,
The ultimate crest of her dreams,
The height of her dreams,
The height of her fancies and whims.

Catch me, if you can,
Bind me into a span,
I am all yours with elan.

Double live diamonds

a poem by Ravi

One day I was drowsy
feeling like sleeping
but instead of lazing
I chose to do some browsing

On the mouse I clicked
as the minutes ticked
until I came to the site
on which was advertised
the hand of the princess of Richmond
(yes, the one with the smooth silky long hair)
for the one who would present her
the most exquisite diamond.

My head was in a spin
I felt I had drunk gin
somewhat like a cat on hot tin
to see if I was in a dream
I pricked myself with a pin

I wore a pair of jeans
and before I could spill the beans
I made myself scarce
from that place

I went to Mumbai
to meet Mr.Shah
such was my luck
that all I managed
was to land in the muck
he gave me a tip
and told me to take a trip
the diamond was something
I could not pry
even after giving such a big try

I then flew to Kimberly
to make the diamond mine
all I could get was the beer
the diamond was something
I could not get
even after flying in such a big jet

To the edge of a cliff
I immediately went
a lot of time there I spent
in beseeching Allauddin
to send his genie
to relieve me of my agony

Down came my saviour
answering my prayer
carrying the diamond
sparkling and clear

Holding them jewel so dear
clutching it very near
I made my way back

It was pitch black
the moon was hidden
by dark clouds
the stars were on a holiday
they were not to be seen

It was a dark night
There was nothing remotely bright

Out of nowhere
as if from thin air
she appeared

With a moon like face
and sparkling eyes
she had diamonds in her eyes

Such was my plight
that I stood rooted
I wouldn’t have moved
even if I was booted

An ethereal sight
an apparition
a fairy
or a woman

I didn’t want to know
nor did I care
not for the princess
nor for her hair

for I had seen
what no one had
live diamonds
double live diamonds (her eyes!).


a poem by Lalitha Sridhar

Right upto the ace in cards,
Or even as in glassy shards,
In weirdly coloured burfis (too many) people send,
But those aren’t the ones they call a girl’s best friend.

A dewdrop divine, a crystal so fine,
Moonlit waters, or a sunny cloud nine,
A tear unshed, as if on cue,
All diamonds no less, but not quite too.

Then he gave her one, unfathomable-y,
So brilliant, so bright, so unlike she,
Hot shine, warm glitter, everlasting love,
Cold fire, hard stone, none of the above.

The better your cut, the more to shine by,
I taught her that, this diamond I,
Untarnished, unmatched through life unfair,
Was always there, her Solitaire.

She never knew how alike were we,
I could be her, and she could be me,
Wrenched from the earth, shaped by rough hands,
Always adjectives, followed by ands…

Now she too is gone, left me to live on,
Set by the ring, we had to don,
Towards the forever of memory,
Unending poem, neither bound, nor free.

Lure of Shining Stones

a poem by Devraj Bandla

Art thou brilliant stars fallen from mighty heavens
To girdle the sensuous necks of earthly maidens.

Thy glitter and dazzle blind human reason
To wear you, at any cost, on the mortal bodies.

Thou art the password to a lover’s heart
As you shine the dark alleys of human romance.

Love’s beacon, thy light can heal fast a bitten heart
No wonder, women hold you close than dear life or man.

O! Diamonds, you’re nothing but shining stones
But you are living lights as you shine merry countless hearts.

Diamonds…The Gems of Wisdom

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

When an individual his individuality loses,
Just because of the ornamentation he chooses,
What worth is that jewellery pray,
If goodness around it’s edges begins to fray.

Diamonds those dazzling gems!
Stones from which greed and power stems.
I would rather stark plainness in my face did stare,
Than be covered in their blinding glare.

For when diamonds become worthier than man,
It’s time to announce a lifetime ban.

If only we did take another view,
Diamonds can form a philosophy new…

Buried for long under the hard ground,
Nature makes sure its benefits abound,
Trees that were long dead and gone,
Are with riches newly born.

After decades of activities unseen,
As if under someone’s supervision keen,
Treasures are stored in the earth’s core.
That man with enterprise may bring to fore.

Empowering our factories and our homes,
Nature gifts us with many stones,
Man ferrets out pebbles so dull hued
With labour great making them fit to be viewed.

Let then the matter rest at that,
Mined from the deep, stones that in darkness sat,
Teach us only to remember one priceless thing…
A night of toil will a glittering new morning bring.

Dear Diamond

a poem by Bhalradj S

O’ Diamond, Sparkling Diamond, you are like a twinkling star,
You adorned the crowns of Emperors in the past and reigned the coffers of the rich Nobles.
You were the pride of the Rulers and envy of the Neighbouring Kingdoms.
O’ Diamond Jupiter creation, there is no end for narration, of
blood shed, loss of lives, all of which you have been responsible.
You were plundered, in abundance; you have traversed from one kingdom to the other
You lived with the might, for the might, you were his right.

O’ Diamond, even however little you are, how costly you are.
Though imitations despise you, Diamond you are always a diamond.
O, Diamond, Lucky diamond you have brought fortunes
To those who suit you, you have baffled the gemologists, astrologists
And numerologists, you suit not everyone Enchanting diamond.
You have not spared even Holly wood,
How many box office hit’s with just plots, knitted on you.

O’ Diamond, you twinkle like the stars on the Milky Way
It is why stars are compared to you
You can take away one’s live when swallowed
That is why you remain hard
Though born out of black you are shiny white and
Yellow in shade. Bourgeoisie are you,
For you could be studded only in Gold Ornaments.
O’ Diamond dear diamond how much am I to

Sweat to own you, like the star’s so high up

Above the sky you are above my reach, you are too dear.

Diamond – A Monologue

a poem by Kumar Vaitinadin

Living down under,
Waiting for a total surrender,
Dug from down beneath,
Feeling good, being unearth,

Seeing a new dimension,
had I down under a too long suspension,
Waiting to be purified,
think I ll be glorified.

Sitting in the soft arms
being hugged all around,
A feeling that really harms,
But I am fully wound,

Washed by a soft cloth,
cleaned, and cleaned to the core,
Think till now I had a wrath,
feeling pure and glorified to the core!!!

The thrill that made me,
me, my own very self,
the shiver that ran through me,
not out of fear, but of excitement,

Me, a symbol of sins,
the feeling made me rinsed,
Now, a symbol of purity,
The feeling of forever existense,

To sharp me, my inner,
I needed this,
This one equal to me in all,
All that I’ve been waiting for is this,

I am my Very self,
“Pure and for sure feeling glorified”.


a poem by Vijaya Raghavan S

Everybody gets carried in your stride
The temptation you create nothing can subside
The glitter you emanate nothing can hide
yes, you are-“Neighbours envy-Owners pride”.

Among all the gems, you are the cream
You are woven in every dames dream
You are the most precious, all do deem
so is the power of your everlasting gleam.

You are the emblem of one’s prosperity
Your count dominates in one’s property
No one can question your authority
you are unconquered in this vicinity.

Yet, you are not spared by the critics
They evaluate in different yardsticks
Though they accredit you for prosperity
They also blame you for adversity.

You exhibit beauty with conceit
Each one is struck by the idea of deceit
They make every effort to deplete.
and the victim is forced to forfeit.

Still you are always the most sought
Your flavour remains to be crispy and Hot
Your possession is a big asset
which everyone craves to get.

All for your Sparkle

a poem by Alka Jain

When I was a child too small:
To estimate a diamond by its’ cost,
To find its value in carat,
To appreciate it for its cut,
To be amazed by its clarity,
To understand the intricacies of the 4 C’s.

All thee held my gaze was the sudden sparkle!
It made me feel, as if, from somewhere suddenly,
out of darkness, a young girl keep out laughing!
Now, grown up to love and be loved by someone,

I adore the few diamonds which I am proud to own;
like my engagement ring.

With small diamonds engrained to form a circle
They shine brightly and sparkle so!
On the face of my husband’s blushing bride!

Be it the obvious sheen of a lady’s nose stud,
Or the hide and seek of the diamond earrings-
that emerge when you push back your hair,
or the diamond locket, with such a heavenly glare.

To the diamonds sparkles goes all the praise!
It sparkles to bring back the sparkle on your face!