Death Anniversary

a poem by Anu Pillai

I am strong and soft but I bend down to tears
When this day come yet another year
It was not easy to make you apart from my life
As you were the one to keep me strong
I yet weep on my pain and cannot laugh without you any more as before
Death is a peaceful serene.
But dying, isn’t!
with all that is said and done
I hope you find peace from within my dearest daddy

Some childhood memories I cherish so much
That I would want to remember them now without you forever
With tears in my eyes my sole heart cries without any supports
Without any cares drop drop my lonely tears

On this day I remember the death of the dear one my dearest Daddy
So I write this special mourning message to my dear one today
On the death anniversary of my dearest Daddy
Especially the last favour I could do for my dearest daddy
On his 27th Death Anniversary