Cancelled Marriage Card, in Seven Days

a poem by Suchithra R

I walk free today, fly if you will
Like a dove in the great sky
I stretch the wings of my life and soar
Leaving behind the poison of my past
I frolic in the plush green grass today
Letting it tickle my pink little toes
I take in the beauty that is life
For today is my rebirth, cancer has lost
I celebrate the cleansing of my soul
Dancing under the brilliance of the sun
I have been granted peace under His
Ever loving grace, through my strength
I will strive to walk the path of truth
Give my will to others who suffer as I did
I will pray for the fallen souls,
Each night they will be within my heart
I will savour the fragrance of life forever
Cause have three children taking
In all that I have and rejoice
Love has overcome…