Poems on "Attitude"


a poem by Vamsi Krishna Madasu

I am the one who completed my graduation
Joined in unemployment youth
Now staying alone
Day and day, everyday…

Now and still searching for a job
Pass and fail return test’s
Facing face to face interviews
Day and everyday fighting with me
For the mission

After the graduation, I thought I will live like free bird
It’s wrong and wrong and purely wrong
Every imagination not become real
Empty pockets not have value
The real value have only one thing
Money and money and money
Yet somehow I will be crazy
Hopeful on brain full to win something…

Sole Soul

a poem by Abhay Chhibber

He kept telling himself
it’s about who stays with you
not about what you choose to keep
they gather
they vacate,
they crowd you and leave you to suffocate
they are a herd
who won’t walk the path that steep.

Afraid he was,
with no guidance or any lead,
that’s when he stood up strong and took a leap,
like a Lion walking for-lone,
knowing the rest following are sheep.

They don’t care,
they don’t understand,
as they never took the path that steep
it’s he who walks alone wanders,
and triumphs his own grief.

Sharpening Pencil

a poem by Sharad Rajimwale

I cut my finger while sharpening
the pencil

I must sharpen it.
They sharpen their daggers and swords
to spill unknown blood.

But we need pencils sharpened
to save life.

I cut my finger.

A drop of blood oozed out
on the white paper
slowly filling it with its own legend.

Inappropriate Me

a poem by Devika

I laugh, I am quiet
I am funny I get fright
I am moody, I am hot
I am nosy before I start

I get easy
I love ruins
I am wounded
I am bruised

I disagree, I do fight
I am jealous, I keep diet

I am bossy, I show off
I love urdu, I love to talk

I cry, I am confused
I do shout and abuse

I am so abnormal to be normal
I am you, I am me
I am the whole energy of emotions
Boiling at a hundred degree

I am mad half the time
The other half, I weave dreams
I pen down my heart
Through words I do scream
Through words I do scream.

No bird is lame

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

Advice for those who consider themselves weak
No bird is lame for his life
No child is crippled throughout his life
Just wait for an opportune moment
And hope for the sun to rise
And throw a ray of hope in your life
When you will rise
And stand on your legs again
And you yourself will shine
And be a lighthouse
To guide those whose boats
Are going astray for a while

It’s easy to judge

a poem by Nagraj D

How easily we judge people
By their clothes, face and colour
Who cares if someone said
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Their facebook profile is
The profile of their character
Status and chatting on WhatsApp
Decide friend or stalker

Their photos on Instagram
Decide the ‘how cool’ factor
And the test for general knowledge
Is by their tweets on twitter

Thus the boy with the motorcycle
Becomes the rich spoiled brat
And the girl with a taste for fashion
Becomes the cheap little slut

Even a brother sister duo
Becomes a shameless couple
And a boy and a girl meeting
Is an invitation to trouble

How easily we judge people
Based on anything for that matter
That we forget that this could
Lead to the next rape or murder

Even judging can get tiring at times
Stereotypes make it easier
A Punjabi is an alcoholic
And a Bengali’s a smoker

One who doesn’t party
Is a geek and introvert
One who visits temples
Is essentially backward

An unfortunate disabled person
Is a sitting duck for mockery
And people with northeastern features
Don’t even belong to this country

So stop judging for a change
Try knowing them for who they are
Believe me you won’t regret it
But share your story with all

The most dangerous people!

a poem by Pranayee Gupta

They look normal, they may seem silent,
But their hands are never at rest.
They all the time look pleasant, but thoughts from them are abundant!
Never take a writer for granted,
They are snipers, armed with thoughts and words,
Writers are the most dangerous vipers in this world,
The most intelligent actors, free birds,
Who can use sentences as swords!
They know how to aim with lines,
Plan with prose and target with rhyme
They teach the world, how to fire with paragraph
And use poetry like a gaff!
They know how to wipe tears,
And also take revenge through their verses.
Writers know how to immortalise their kills by poems
And even convey their love by poetry as medium.
They know how to suppress, they know how to express,
They know how to impress, they know how to protest.
With words they confess, they caress,
Hide their fears and tears, with letters and feelings in excess!
If you fall in love with a writer,
You’ll never die at all,
Create enmity with a writer,
Then you create your own prestige to fall!

Just an Hour

a poem by Jayant Kashyap

I rose, and heard the clock on the spire
Strew the minutes on the morning town;
One, two, three, for men to admire
And for the women, it sent them down.

Slothful and tired,
I watched the ticking-tower;
Pleaded and requested,
To make it wait for an hour.


a poem by Poumita Paul

O’ the houseflies in my dine
Craving noodles like a vine
Licking through my milk-bowl line
Once you taste that’s no more mine.
That’s no fine!

O’ the mosquito in my bed
I’ve no All Out, no mosquito shed
Nothing such to lay you dead
But you got be malaria-fed!
That’s so dread!

O’ the cockroach in my bathroom
I never used Odonil or a broom
To get your honour face its doom
But you chased me out so soon
You get no boon.

O’ the wasp in my garden
Won’t spare you, you’re no burden
You’ve bitten me thrice in life
That stung like the butcher’s knife
Your buzz do not please my mind
For I know you’re hatred-bind
For which now, I’m no kind.

My inner beings by now abide
Embrace the power of insecticide

On a cool cool night

a poem by Alok Srivastava

On a cool cool night,
riding my motorbike,
I feel all right,
like a bird light light.

With wind in my hair,
and zeal in my soul,
I glide on the road,
like a graceful foal.

With God in my heart,
and eyes on the prize,
I travel in the night
to the realm of light.

How bad could be life,
I have suffered all plight.
In the darkest time
shall the sun rise rise.

With God on my side,
I will win this fight.
I will cry no more,
I will fly high high.

On a cool cool night,
riding my motorbike,
I feel all right,
like a bird light light.

Let me be

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

Let me be
Like I am
I can’t be
Like them
They can’t
Be like me
This is the truth
And can’t be
Denied at all
So don’t break the wall
And let me be
Like me


a poem by Jayashree

What good does pride do?
Alone in the world it leaves you.
If the trees had pride,
Where shall the birds have gone?
Oxygen and air we might have none.
If the clouds had pride,
There’d have been no rain
Prayers and chanting just in vain.
If the earth had pride,
We might have fall
None to bear the burden of us all.
If the moon had pride,
There’d have been no silvery night
Darkness must have given us fright.
‘You’ and ‘me’ lets forget the difference
Accept this truth and become good friends.


a poem by Sudersan P V

Curious enough,
she took some selfies
to find
the existence of
the genuineness
or heartiness within.
First selfie had
a dark region
as she used to say ‘I have it’.
it had someone else’s shadow
in front
as a Shikhandi,
like she used to keep
at times,
against some, driving from back.
followed few selfies
how variant
her mindset exactly is.
some times over confident
many times lack self-confidence
some times dramatically down to earth
many times a Nautanki…
to see all these,
she continued
the experiment of
if there is
a drop of heartiness
within her…
At that moment,
Mega pixels
shut themselves Off
‘we cant help you
the dark region of your heart is
more than
you thought to be
in your vision ‘.
we close our eyes’.
she watched the image
fading away.
In no time,
the Mobile
lost its charge
signing off,
‘never use me
to find you again.
you are not genuine,
leave me alone…
never to see you again…