Dragons of Shangri – LA

a poem by Shivshankar A

The dragons of Shangri-LA looked at the mothers,
their eyes bleeding sorrows,
the children died and the men left cursing.

The gods left their abode,
the devils left their dwelling,
for all that remained were the Dragons of Shangri-LA.

The dragons spurted fire in to the air,
the balls of fire burnt many ‘innocent’ homes,
yet none cared and none dared
face the wrath of the dragons of Shangri-LA.

But Orion rose from the ashes like a phoenix,
he rode on his golden steed
across the seven seas,
he charged at the dragons with his magic lance,
the dragons left the dusty plains
and were never heard of again.

Orion then woke up from deep slumber,
he realised it was all a ‘dream’…