Dialogue for Peace

a poem by Janakiraman Ra

People talk for hours and hours and days
And continue for many years and years
Without any reliable sign of peace.

Though mouths utter very sweet words
Their minds get engaged in clever plans
Trying cunningly for gainful deals.

Forgiveness, tolerance and sacrifice
Are the soil, the water and Sunlight
For the delicate peace plant to sprout.

For a plant to grow, seed must die:
Something is given to get something else;
If nothing is given nothing will accrue.

Long selfish dialogues can’t bring peace
A very brief dialogue can bring peace
If minds deeply yearn for real peace.

Avoiding the main issue won’t help
It will be only a time wasting trip
And peace will remain locked in a trap.

Dialogues for gains do not bring Peace;
The only bargain in dialogues for Peace
Must be PEACE and PEACE alone.