a poem by Jayati

Simple gesture made,
every move a bait
Presuppose the agile mind
Debate, discuss, elucidate
Wine dine etiquette
élite refine;
Instincts no define
to be a porcupine!
Oh! Be careful, the grapevine
Mercenaries planting mines
Opponents undermine?
Focus shady affairs,
investigate find;
Slaughter innocents
for peanuts,
apropos behind;
Now and then
time create Babylon,
in and out Sages are born;
Continue life,
how do you do?
Listen to the whisper in you;
Self-control amidst
gregarious guns,
Defence imperatives
dupe zig-zag run,
Treasure lives kith an’kin;
Fox enemies in competition
To be an ostrich!
Oh! Be careful, self deceit
Trip on mortal remnants
skull rib skeletons?
Least expectations of civils perished
Last rites, rituals, respects for the buried
Petty lies dirty games
Swear on dead mother’s name;
Between ancestors progeny remain
What a bondage what a shame?!