a poem by Mohan Rao G S K

Color is fine
Physicist’s spectra
Light’s incidence line
Wave length etcetera

Color is wonderful
White black and yellow
Bright soft and mellow
Brown gold and ochre
The red sovereigns of lucre
Of it our world is full

With color most things we dye
Sober deep or gay
Pleasing to the eye
Per fashion of the Day

Color is a mood, a signal
Anger is red- You may not go
Inexperience’s green- You now may go
Blue is melancholy- cheap films of sex
Purple hearts are true, raiment of the Rex

Doves of peace are grey
So are some birds of prey
Human hands are red
Mostly with other’s blood
Olive branch of peace is green
So is battle-dress- olive green

Well what of our skin, its shades
For some only white is right
Yellow may be they’ll allow
Brown they rather shrug and frown
But black to them is horror- ‘tis Hades

Color is illusion
Retina’s game
For men of vision
It’s all the same
If God be above mind
To color he’s blind