Child Bride

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

At last a smile of freedom
A dream was coming true
Her dress and bangles she had shown
To friends old and new.

With her bridal makeup
She waited for her groom
Showed no sign of panic when
Drunk, he stumbled into the room.

No tender touch, no loving care
Showed her grooms fire
Broken bangles strewed around
A sign of loveless desire

Then under his body weight
And a pungent smell around
She bore his carnal passion
On clayed uneven ground

The ground now was witness to
Her innocence in crimson red
Muffled shrieks of terror pierced
The silence from beneath her bed.

A million arrows pierced her crotch
In pain she sobbed the night
Wondering what her sisters called
A night of unbound delight!