Celebration of Independence Day – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Now of all problems, corruption is rampant without check in all fields;
Men in public service should work for social service sans selfishness;
People should be alert to point out all mistakes for instant rectification
And not just cast votes in the election and keep quiet till the next election!
That is the way to make more powerful Indian democracy in the world!

First Prime Minister Nehru, noted for Non-Alignment tried for Chinese friendship;
But China betrayed India acquiring areas of India by aggression sans shame!
That shameful blunder automatically isolated China from all neighbours!

East and West Pakistan became a separate Muslim nation after the partition;
Kashmir became part of India after it had signed the Instrument of Accession;
But Pakistan for acquiring Kashmir waged war against India in vain every time
And in the 1971 Indo-Pak War it lost East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh!
The part played then was a turning point in History raising World Eyebrows!

1974, 1998 Atomic Bombs testing at Pokhran promoted India as a Nuclear Power
That increased internal and external threats calling for vigilance and action ever!
But truly economic strength alone can solve all problems of any world nation;
So, fishing and agro industries have to be developed utilising natural resources
And is the best way to solve problems of poverty and unemployment in India.