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There is a Time!

There is a time for you and me,
There is a time for the world,
There is a time for happiness and sorrow
And there is a time for all,
There is a time for starting days
And there is a time for an End,
There is a time for every thing
And all that will be a good end.

On his last lap

Throughout a day and night
He often watched and dreamt
Of posterity and the present
Under their skin, inside out.

What if they listen him not!
What’s for him a loss or profit
Who has left behind bygone past;
What’s future on his lap last!

Time never comes back

You looking into my eyes
I looking into your eyes
It became we from I and you
Looking into each others eyes
Time stand still for moment
I want to cherish this moment for life
But oh Time has to go on
Leaving us behind
We moved ahead to face life
We begin at apex of isosceles triangle
But we are left at corners of base
Though Time never comes back
But good thing is that
Moment lived together are held together like love
In our memories forever


The old man lay still
His cold corner of the world awakens
The blare of sirens awakes him
His head swells and deflates in a torrent of pain
His bottle of Liquor cannot hold his despair
So instead he drowns in it, everynight since then
Since that fateful day, the coldest day of irony
When his mountain of dreams, weighed him beneath
Beneath the clouds he longed to bath in
Beneath his father, who’s shoes he could not fill
Beneath his sisters and brother, who laugh
And his bitter sweet flower
The woman who left his blood hot
And his heart empty
Cruel fate is not so rude
It is a blessing wrapped in nails
Holy water synthed with arsenic
As the old man lay quieter by the moment
His life seemed so short
He died with a picture of Nirvana

The Hours

I dare not to look at life as it is!
I wish not to lay myself in the hands of destiny
Those hours, those times that passed me by,
I want to cherish those days of my life

There were moments when time stood still beside me
Times when I fought all odds, just for a moment to spare
How can I forget the time when the sun sat right under my feet?
How can I forget its cold reflection on water, yes that hot summer sun!

The war between what I have and what I want, has ended long before
Nothing comes to an end, it just disappears, goes back to the very start
I remember the time when I stood on the hill, I felt so tall
The feeling of clouds caressing me and passing me by, that love I can’t deny

You cover your miseries with a veil; you cover your aching past and walk away
The ice has melted, as tears run down your eyes, it is so hard to keep a disguise
Could it get any worse? Yes it can, it always can, and it always has
In the forgotten cave of your past, lies a secret!.It cries in your dreams pleads to be set free

The years-old and new

The old year passes,
Just like the old trees,
Which wither in the winter.
The new year comes,
Just like the young shoots,
Which prosper in the sun.
Whatever has passed
Will never come back,
The old year is the past.
It is hard bedrock,
The new year is the future.
It is soft young clay,
Yet to be moulded.
So, my dear friends,
Take some resolutions
And create revolutions,
For the new year is full of golden opportunities
For you to prosper.
So I wish that
May the new year,
Shower all kinds of happiness for you.


There are faces on the beach
Men, women, kids running, yelling
And couples also
I stand on elevated sand mass
Observing you on the beach
Among the faces before my eyes
From distance of couple of years


We had only a few years
But they were like gems
We had each other
And no one else.

That time belonged to us.
We shared everything
It is still fresh in mind
How we cherished our moments.

But it had to end
Nature took over
The leaves yellowed and withered
And the cold came on.

We will come together again
When summer is here.
Then our tears will mingle
Always sweet and endearing

The Ballad of Phaedrus

(Once the great philosopher Plato sat with his friend
Phaedrus by the lake bed behind the old granary.
It was their usual haunt on Sunday afternoons.
Phaedrus was throwing stones into lake.
Both of them saw the stones as the water gulped them.
And the following conversation followed:)

Phaedrus saw Plato with an inquisitive face
Plato’s visage sun-lit and sublime
He broke the silence with the following query:
“My dear brother what do you mean by time?”

Plato was surprised, caught unexpected!!
He looked at Phaedrus with a weak smile,
“What makes you ask such a question?
That too on a subject so fragile?”

Phaedrus was smart, full of wit
In a split second he gently replied
“This stone my friend lies in my hand
When I throw it in time, why does it hide?”

Plato kept blinking for quite sometime
While Phaedrus popped stones in the pacific lake
This was a true challenge to his intellect
He had to answer it for survival’s sake.

Plato lay down and thought for a while
The question was strange, difficult indeed
He had to reply for he was mentor-
A saint in wisdom, thought and deed.

The birds stopped chirping, the leaves stopped moving
The afternoon breeze froze to a stand still
The universe paused and the galaxies waited
To listen to the churning of the ‘Wisdom Wind Mill’.

As Phaedrus was about to throw another stone
Suddenly Plato caught his hand
He stared at his visage with the look of a thinker
And a philosophy filled the marshy land.

Plato: “Time is the air, the sun and the moon.
That continues to exist in their own space”
Plato loosened his grip on Phaedrus’s hand
And wiped the sweat from his face.

Time is a wheel, the wheel of existence
And all are but the spokes of this wheel
Everything in this world is exquisitely timed
From the flight of pigeons to a weasel’s squeal.

Time is the breath that you breathe
Time is that which governs us all
Time brings to a beggar glamorous riches
It is time that causes an emperor’s fall.

Time is a book of countless pages
That no sage has might to learn
Each page reads the saga of occurrence
The page, even God has no right to turn.

Time is the margin of our existence
Our proof of being here at these moments
Time gives alms to the needy
Time gives justice to one who torments.

Time my friend is an endless string
Each bead in which is a speck of our life
The beads clutter and rattle to make a loud din
A manifestation of scorns when we are in strife.

Time dear brother is an unsung melody
With its own harmonious chords and notes.
Each of us is fraction, that donate to it
A comma, a full stop or anecdotes.

Above all Phaedrus, time is a balance
On whose pans our deeds are kept
The judicious balance then decides
Who has toiled and who has slept.

Audience to this extempore-the universe was aghast
An uproar of applaud showered from above
Phaedrus’s eyes moistened as he stared in disbelief
At his wise friend with respect and love.

Stirred with inspiration Phaedrus dropped the stone
His hands- trembling, thin and bare
As the wind swept his hair across his face
He stood upon the bank to declare:

Phaedrus: “Thou hath cleared my vision, my query, my doubt
Like a shiny mirror squeaked with lime
If the child is called the father of man,
The Godfather of existence has to be ‘time’.”

Beginning means End

Daylight smothers the icy branches
The lone creatures empty cry
A void of violent romance
No way out, scream at the sun

Blow the dust off your ancestor’s bones
Break these daggers across your arm
When the mime finds to use his tongue
No one’s ever there to listen to him

The breaking ice soothes the cries
Punishment to the innocent party
The trees live to grow the leaves
Another day the leaves make a tree


When I first saw you,
   I was scared to look at you.

When I looked at you,
   I was scared to talk to you.

When I talk to you,
   I was scared to be your friend.

When I became your friend,
   I was scared to like you.

When I started to like you,
   I was scared to love you.

And finally I fell in love with you…

When I finished writing this poem
I was scared to loose you,
And I lost you too.

While we were apart,
I prayed to god to give me my love back.

God did listened to me,
I have you back in my life again…

You are there for me but still,
I feel alone now.

Now I am not sure if this poem will have an end or not…
I guess end of this poem will be end of my life!!!

Red Sandstone Wall

Kindly erase old events
To give the correct impression
Of going along with
The times-
Alertness counts!
Not bawdy bashfulness-
Sorry if the sounds
Are a bit too
Beaker beagle
Of a costermonger,
The loud cries
Should reach through the highs
Red sandstone walls-
Trying out some humour – spices of life-
Bonhomie – Viola-

Playing Darts

We played statue
Statutory London
One child would yell
We would still.

Hope to win
Hold our breath.
Watch who fell
Before the will could
Help no more.

Those innocent days
Hopscotch, hide, and seek.
In groups, rush the streets.
We had a park. Reach the green.

Princess Juju
Practice in school.
Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatter meets.
Sing mother sing.

Many more, fantastic stories, feats
Rise and fall, win defeats.
Bat of an eyelid sudden.
Recognize Rip van Winkle
Nobody, couldn’t.

Target this, target that, time target us!


A tiny flame, there
Among amorphous shadow-phantoms
A dangling drop of love
just and alone-
Floating over a dark distance.
Solitude, there longing
I see her feverish love
Fluttering in gentle breeze.
My pain, just flown out
And has joined her in that pale air.
In their sweet enchanting dreamy revel
My soul embraces soft trembling warmth
Lamp flickers; dies in thrill
Into the latent fancy-
Of two molten soul.


The fall of last star of the sky
Going to hell more or less
Was the day called yesterday
That ever did fail to say yes

The forest that was shrunk to shrubs
Yesteryear made it a bane-
Those years, the earth was cheated point blank
The mankind felt crestfallen

The water people will drink or swallow
Must be purest to be made tomorrow
The promises are resplendent ever
Either you pay or borrow!!!

The seal of reality regards the say
The intake of poison come what may-
Survival has only the fight all the way
That only broadens the life of today

The soul of time coins words
It is the time that is the bone and marrow
Name you a day or night
The cycle circles between happiness and sorrow!

Nestled in the man’s mind
Only animal that creates a machine to count the time
To make his story into history
And to rewrite his love sublime.