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A New Year

a poem by

There’s a new day
We call it with feast
We call it the hope
We call it the new year

Its a new dawn, they say
A new start they pray
A new chance for old
A new year to unfold

Its a new challenge
Its a new chase
Its a new fight
Its a new year

Challenge from past
Bait from failure
Can you reach it this time?
The goal you have set

Its tick of the clock
Daring you to chase
Question of deception
The old promises made

Embracing the past
Armed with lessons
Marching, to defeat the old
There’s a New Year to overcome

Grey Goose

a poem by

How much do I trespass,
How much do I rock,
How much do I disorient,
I pledge now to trudge along,
Splash water playing on a dark rainy road,
All within.

Grey never colours,
Would never it seems,
But this heart,
Would never,
Stop in grey.

This shiver and darkness don’t move,
What do I do?


a poem by

Time, which we can’t hold or stop
Just follow it, in life you will be on top

Time waits for no one
So share your feelings with dear one

Once it is gone, everything remains in mind
From our life, we can see that special one far behind…

Monumental tomb of 20th century

a poem by

Monumental tomb of 20th century
We built out of swarming humanity.
The masters spent their lifetime
To build a global tomb while
Millions gave up life in anonymity.

We are touchy of our buried past,
Glorify our colonial and feudal masters
Now and then ready to bury ourselves:
To build the community who shall be left?

Time is not frozen in the ticks
Of clocks, neither in the pyramids,
Nor in the portals of Victoria Terminus.
Time flows in the cuckoo’s song,
And sings in the dance of spring
In the vanishing woodlands.


a poem by

Its noon, its noon
Sitting outside, a gentle breeze
Followed with a touching smell
Continues on and on
A sound of cooker
Smell of dishes in the air
Can they bring a good noon
Someone watching
Others in work
Alone in outdoor
Really I am enjoying
Leaves twitter
Dancing up and down
A sense of greenery
Make my eyes happy
Its raining here swearing heat in the noon
Makes the people a little drain
Who is the one that comes to eat
That good old homely noon


a poem by

It ticks, it ticks
It moves, goes beyond
Takes me to the future
Gives me memories.
These Fleeting seconds,
results of my living.
It works without rest.
Time moves on,
always forward,
These fleeting seconds,
is what life revolves on.

Time has to come – I

a poem by

Human need is too much to satisfy in the world!
“Unless the Lord sanctions the house can’t be built!”
Without Him not even a single atom can move anywhere!
So, time has to come for everything to happen in the world!

Best thing is just to mind one’s business against odds!
“Do your duty without expecting any reward,” says Krishna!
Yes! Gods we pray never fail to lift us from the bottom up!
The rewards will be given to everyone at the appropriate time!

Work of perfection would be beautiful, good and truthful;
Sincere work of a noble and sublime writer will be rewarded
With name and fame and then with possession and position!
For, lively art should always be seen as something divine!

East or west, is not music divine in nature in the world?
For, music is the natural voice of God, the omnipotent!
And the beauty of art and nature are the reflection of God!
So, ripe fruit is poetry with beauty, truth, melody and matter!

Beauty out of chaos symbolizes perfection in sublime poetry!
As poetic perfection people should do duty preceding benefits!
That’s the essence of the subtle message of the Bhagavad-Gita!
That’s where peace and happiness of men lie in the worldly life!

So, to hit the Jack pot, like the perfection of art one should act
Whether it is a part one has to play or make a pot in the world!
That’s the way one has to do duty without expecting any reward
So that the Lord will reward one well at the appropriate time!

In reality good intention of a sincere work is spoiled by silly men;
Suppressing sincere works satanic men soar high in sinful works!
This creates doubt about God believed to come at the time of crisis
In the form of messiahs to make miracles so as to save good men!

Rely not in the magic but in the logic of truth up on cause and effect
Should we really believe in God and go ahead in duty with discipline!
Then only good can become strong and aggressive against evils here
To use knowledge, courage and wealth to weed out all ills anywhere!

Time has to come – II

a poem by

By Krishna avatar God destroyed demons with tricks and tactics here;
By Buddha avatar He uplifted the downtrodden with love and wisdom!
Not the incarnations of God but the bold acts of good men set right all!
This is the mission of good men in all the fields of human endeavour!

Forgetting good doctrines or education men work only for material benefits!
So instead of love, peace and honesty sex, violence and corruption rule now!
Wrong education, thinking, planning and deeds are the causes behind all
The happenings that cause concern for the well being of noble things here.

Education supposed to bring out the talent is just stuffing knowledge useless;
Vast jobless people create crisis and wrongly employed people play politics!
Like the day robbers rowdies and authorities loot the public before their eyes;
So, how can sincere people supposed to be employed on merit basis there be?

All the political parties are of the same breed and brand with different labels,
Which the people should know through news media and vote for the better.
That’s the best way to bring about changes in politics, judiciary and education.
That way gossip on politics and blaming legal or educational system will stop!

Supermen of society should inspire men with encouraging ideas symbolizing
Kalki avatar of God who will come on white horse with brandishing sword
Like the mighty Parasurama who slashed down the heads of dictators with axe!
So, parents should develop the talents of their kids in arts and sports to excel!

Perhaps the Lord has left the leviathans to go ahead with their immoral ideas
Only to send them all to hell en bloc at the end of the game nearing completion!
So, the pious men have to perfect themselves in their works of great vision
Encouraging themselves with that hope and resourcefully go ahead in life!

The time that takes of survey of the villains and the world will put a good stop;
Till then the Lord may allow them many chances to rectify and repair the wrongs.
But the net is closing tight and their time is certainly coming to a logical end,
When education will prepare the people to fulfill the dreams of the new world!

New Year

a poem by

In last millennium the farmers worked hard,
And they grew the hay,
In this millennium the robots will work hard,
And the farmers will lay.

Arose the world will be,
Before the rising sun,
As the busy bee,
They will start to run.

Scientists will work fast,
Like the bullet from the gun,
And will complete their task,
With the new machines they earn.

There will be a growth of a new tree,
The leaves will be like a star,
Try to climb the top of the tree,
It will not be so far.

Everywhere computers will be seen,
So deaf people will have their new ear,
And no old man will like to lean,
So wish you happy new year!

Blame it on time

a poem by

We knew each other so well… we don’t know each other so well
We told each other our secrets… we don’t tell each other our secrets
We talked often bout everything under the sun… we don’t talk often bout everything under the sun
We shared things with each other… we don’t share things with each other
We confided in and trusted each other… we don’t anymore
We were good friends close to each other… we’re good friends but far away from each other…

Time has changed me… time has changed you… time has changed us…
Blame it on the time… blame it on us…
Where are the times we used to talk and crack silly jokes
Where are the times we used to confide in each other and tell each other stuff…
But I guess time does things like these to everyone…
There’s nothing that can be done to get over this phase
But move on…

Blame it on time… for the times we’re missing out
Blame it on time… for the misunderstandings created…
Blame it on time… for all the days we didn’t speak to each other
Blame it on time… for the days we fought and argued
Blame it on time… for losing out all most of our friendship…
Blame it on time… that’s all we can do…

Zeit am IIT

a poem by

I sat down last night,
In the IIT lingo, “to put fight”
On a new kind of assignment, I was asked to give in
A lecture for my juniors, on how to manage time.

An expert I am not, in this field, I should tell you
And yet as I look back at the years too few
I’ve spent at IIT I’ve learnt things anew.

The story I am about to tell
Is of a fresher, who used to wonder,
If a day such will come, when he would be known-
By not just a number but a name to be told
For that was all that IIT had given him
After all the fame JEE had brought.

He’d sit in class, in rapt attention
Focus hard to forget issues I wouldn’t care to mention
This was IIT, the dream destination
For him and you and all God’s creation
“Life now is a cake walk” he was told,
Before he entered the portals so cold
No there’s no winter, no summer, no autumn, no spring-
‘Tis Summer alright but only a fresher could know
Of the freezing cold in an instructor’s eyes,
Who called for him as a mere number four?

This was how his destiny was shaped
To lose an identity and not just a name,
For a number is how he stood to be known
And the seeds of perspiration had already been sown.

August was fun,
He was always on the run.
Classes and workshops and theatre and dance
They had the powers of keeping him in a trance.
Until the D-Day came knocking at his door,
To announce quiz-I and scare him to the core,
His prep. was poor by JEE standards
And soon he was wary
Of the mundane classes,
The monotonous existence and the lull in hostel life.
Was this the IIT that’d made him forget?
Fun and happiness in an attempt to get
The coveted seat for which anyone would bet?

He had little time for anything but to cram,
He’d returned to the school-
From where he’d thought he’d ran.
Peers and Friends yearned for the quarter mark
Grades seemed to require anything but the spark,
Caught he was in the inescapable rut,
And could choose just one- books OPEN or SHUT!

To choose the former he’d have to be prepared,
To stick to work and never at midnight lurk-
In the fields or alleys or playgrounds or concerts,
To forget he was a boy with interests and wants.
For all he’d have would be books for company
And yet his grades might take a severe beating
As for the Prof, he would be in the next number list meeting!

If the latter he’d choose then life was a party
For books and classes weren’t for him smarty!
For then the world was another stage
With roles to enact and responsibilities to shoulder
Brochures and pamphlets and contacts would fill his folders
Late nights would be the order of the day
Lectures would mean a wake up call
A transport from his room to the lecture hall
There again asleep he could fall!
Assignments he could copy no issues there at all-
For quizzes and exams, the stud’s notes would be handy.
He’d probably get away with a decent grade
And look down at the stud for the effort he’d made
His failure in seeing the lighter side
Of existence in IIT, a matter of Pride

To wish for both it seemed a crime
And yet he stood there, waiting for the time
When happiness and success
Bailed him out of this mess!
To become a good engineer was a dream he cherished most
Yet an identity, a pride, and a smile he longed for
Alas! Outside the class all this had to be sought
The work load was heavy
He never found time
To shut his book and gaze at the sky
For each book would lead him to yet another
In the mere hope of being known by more than a number!
He soon exhausted the reserves from home he had brought
And cried and screamed for the happiness he had sought
Only to be in yet another submission caught!

As time went by, he began to learn-
That management was the key
If it was deep seas he wished to churn.
Hard it was, unachievable at times
But the success it brought was worth many lives.
To begin it was tough,
But some time he had to master this stuff-
For it held the key that’d open a lock
And unleash a future in which success would flock.
He planned his tasks, he organized his day,
And time he began to find for study and play
His grades soon did a summersault
And left his friends doing pole-vault.
They flocked to him to ask, to know
How he’d managed the results he’d shown
They asked him where he found the time,
To work and play and excel in all
To know the secret of his sunny smile
The force that powered his happy life
And shocked they were to hear the Prof.
Call him by a name and not the roll call!

I wonder if you here would like to try
The strategies he used to succeed and not cry,
They’ll work for you too, I can assure you
And then you can at this podium stand
And tell yet another batch
That in a year from now will land
How you managed to learn the art
Of juggling your work and recreation
Right at the START!

There is a Time!

a poem by

There is a time for you and me,
There is a time for the world,
There is a time for happiness and sorrow
And there is a time for all,
There is a time for starting days
And there is a time for an End,
There is a time for every thing
And all that will be a good end.

Time never comes back

a poem by

You looking into my eyes
I looking into your eyes
It became we from I and you
Looking into each others eyes
Time stand still for moment
I want to cherish this moment for life
But oh Time has to go on
Leaving us behind
We moved ahead to face life
We begin at apex of isosceles triangle
But we are left at corners of base
Though Time never comes back
But good thing is that
Moment lived together are held together like love
In our memories forever

On his last lap

a poem by

Throughout a day and night
He often watched and dreamt
Of posterity and the present
Under their skin, inside out.

What if they listen him not!
What’s for him a loss or profit
Who has left behind bygone past;
What’s future on his lap last!