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Only you

While gliding through life’s happy times
While slowly treading the painful paths
There’s been none but you with me

While viewing the invincible sun rise
While watching it give way to the horizon
There’s been none but you with me

When we walked in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
When thoughts serenely sweetly expressed,
How pure, how true they originate
There’s been none but you with me

When the first raindrops, indicating the monsoon, pitter pattered
When the rainbow arched beautifully, joining two different worlds
There’s been none but you with me

When then world seemed to come to an end
When darkness engulfed my very being
When no one believed that I had it in me
When no one thought I could ever make it
There’s been none but you with me

Now that I have it all
Now that I achieved all I could ever want
There’s everyone, but you, with me


Life – a mixture of many, many things
A vast multitude of surprises it brings
Any minute, any day, you never know
Which color of itself, life will show

A born musician, the piano I played
Success was at my fingertips, my life was made
Villas, limos and other riches surrounded me
A wonderful life I lived, a fantasy

Then came that fateful day
Which changed my life in every possible way
While driving my car, I lost control
Losing balance, I fell on the road

Both my hands were run over by a car
I haven’t used my hands since then, so far
Since that accident, my life has totally changed
But that is life, no one can be blamed

The Leveller

The leveller looms large, untamed as yet.
But God strides forth undeterred, untouched and unmoved
But is it fate that he should be levelled unsung?

The clouds too cry aloud
And rumble their fears
They shoot last minute photographs of their Lord
Then they cry as rain
That God may not walk this earth no more
And then they simply hang, shrouds of grey, black and white

The moon does not create the customary umbrae and penumbrae
Because of its phobia of what many hype to be the ‘Beginning of the End’.

The sun ran away a long time back
Refusing to cast its rays, fearing that it may be the last it ever cast.

The stars twinkle. Not from the dust.
But from the tears streaming down their cheeks.

The mountains of might lean on each others shoulders to cry
The trees sway wildly in disapproval.

God strides on
Collar turned high;
Hands pocketed;
To protect from the biting of the cold bone chilling howling wind.

Then out of the blue, the hills join in chorus and add amplitude to God’s whistles.
Then the whistles are echoed by lupine howls
They seemed to say, “We are with you all the way”

But the pandemonium only serves to incite the prowling leveller,
Drawing him closer!


All had happened in the midway
In the midst of my sadness
In the midst of my madness
I got to know about your extended stay

Let me talk to my friends
Let me tell them your choice
Let me organize a press meet
Let me distribute some sweets

All prayed, pleaded, begged, solicited with tear
But you had refused to extend your stay last year
We lost farmers, farmers lost land mind lost mountains
As we too lost love from you, “My dear rain”


I am a poet you can say,
I imagine across nations,
For relating something, I would say,
I need a pen, paper and expressions,

A dark haired pretty beauty, if I write,
You may immediately imagine a princess,
But to mention somebody special, I like,
I will have to sit for hours in excess,

Eyes like those of a deer, if I write,
I may have to still mention her face,
And if I say she is slim and pretty,
You may ask about colour and race!

My thoughts and those of yours,
May certainly at some point clash,
And that’s where my success counts,
When you visualize her in a flash,

The girl in my thoughts, I will still not disclose,
I may end up in danger,
But look out! She might be around you,
Look for my pen, he is a messenger!

Cobwebs of Dreams

Silky cobwebs
Of dreams
Cocoon around me
Only faint light
Flits in and out
Everything else remains elusive
Will I be given
A thread of breath
Die with a smile on my lips
And powdered evening on my face?

I thought

I thought
I could do it alone…
my intelligence
my work
my time
was only necessary to take me along.

I thought that
You were not required…
whatever I did
I could see
whatever You do,
all Your plans
I can’t see in writing
I just thought
that Your word didn’t count.
Only mine counted.

Now I stand empty handed
all that I had done
has been
wiped away into non existence
before my very eyes
in one wave of Your hand.

All my sweat, my time, my plans
-a mockery by Your one move.

My intelligence, my work
-nothing in the shadow of Your power

How insignificant am I
Nothing at all am I

I realise
that nothing
in my life
is possible
without You willing it.

After all
You are the potter
and I, the clay,
formless and shapeless,
in Your hands…
and unless You didn’t will it
I would have always been like that.

I have paid a heavy price…
but the insight and realisation
I have is priceless
Let me bear this in my mind all thru’ out.
Let me not forget this lesson.

And now
I crawl back
wiping away tears
In Your great mercy
will You forgive me?
In Your hands
I lay my life

Take me Your way
thru’ the valleys and Hills
my vision is myopic
my memory so shortlived

Never ever let me forget
how I started out…

Never ever let me
be arrogant of anything I have…

Never ever let me forget
how my life would have been…
if You hadn’t willed it.
if You hadn’t touched it.

A Few Inky Words

On the yellow piece of paper
I stash your words
And behold them everyday
That you wrote for me
Today on this dew laden dawn
Those inky words
Get spread in the azure nothingness
(Your promises) Bringing down the rain of unseen colours
For me
That mingles with drops of my heart blood
Seeped in dust
Where bloom red roses
Emanating your fragrance
Making me swoon
And with my eyes half dreaming
I hear melodious songs
(Of love)?
In my dreamy tipsiness
I behold
An ocean of blue ink
Rising and vanishing
As words written by you fade away
In unknown expanse of misty green
Where I see my life
Slipping away like sand from fist
Leaving your name in my palm lines
In which fills colour my heart-blood
As the world moves on!!!


Tears in the rain,
Holding on to my pain.
Misunderstanding surrounding me,
Darkness is all that I can see.

To loneliness I’ve become prone,
I’m lost in a crowd, standing all alone.
Tears in the rain,
Holding on to my pain.

A beam of light I can see,
It’s here to set me free.
To relieve me of the pain in my heart,
A chance to begin again from the start.

Another level I am on,
This race I surely have won.
Tears in the rain,
Letting go of my pain.


When you are irresolute and still feel determined
When you are lacking and still feel complete
When you are bleeding at heart and yet only see his pain
When you are calling to someone and only think his name
When you are in a festivity and only scan his face
When all your success can’t stand a chance forth his smile
When you sit by the ocean and experience the unquenchable thirst
When you bask in the moon light and still feel the darkness engulf
When you are writhing in pain and still enjoy it
When you talk for hours and still feel unspoken
When you are surrounded by gaiety and yet feel forlorn
When nothing seems to be right except his caller id on your phone
When everything in hell seems to be loose and his very voice can set it right
When the arctic ice can’t chill your spine as the brownness in his eyes
When you’ve known him for ever,
Still feel there’s so much more to discover
When the waters threaten to tear down the sluices
Yet you can’t let them down
When there’s no strength in nerve and sinew
Yet that voice rejuvenates you
When nothing else can move you like his consent
When happiness is defined by just one name
When the world begins and ends with one say
When the time span between consecutive heartbeats feels negligible
And so very audible
When somebody calling your name makes it so special;
Yet your willing to change it forever
When your consciousness shouts out with the desire to be blurred out by another
Don’t ask me, that’s the “when” that I am searching for!!


Walk away betraying the inner self
Bask in those artificial fusion masks
Exhibit the mindless waves
Flow a river of arrogance
Glorify the self on that peak
Stand there as a witness
To identify the foolishness
Watch aside the ripples
Endorse the senseless deceit
Blend no gratitude
Find no values there on the scale
That is your integrity

Just Thoughts

What is it that I see in you?
You are but, quite ordinary.
Tall, dark and handsome, no not really.

Perhaps I’m just in love with the thought of you.
In love? Yes, in love with the thought of you.
I knew you for not very long, but I knew you well.
I knew what you were thinking
And what your mind was about to tell.

Or perhaps it was my strong intuition,
Which works on everyone, so maybe I didn’t know you that well.
Thinking for a year I’ve just wasted my time.

But you see, I still have a problem,
I’m still in love with the thought of you,
Which I’m unable to handle.
It has murdered the better half of me,
I’m surprised you failed to see.

Or perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised,
For I told you once “You’re so compassionate”,
Maybe I was wrong.
And when you said “No I’m not”,
Maybe you were right.

I’m so unsure of myself and everything that surrounds me,
Trust me I really want to let go and be free
To be free from the thought of being in love with you.
I have to be free,
Before this thought murders the other half of me too.

A moment

A thought- now here,
Soon gone.
Vanish into vacuum.
A shooting star-
Enlightenment for a moment-
Now gone-
Without a trace.
Still, this light
Burns into your mind
A moment in Eternity
Which changes you forever,
Yet, you stay the same.


As usual on an evening walk
With my pet to a small park
I saw a girl aged eight
Crying, for nothing she ate.

She saw me and gave a pleasant smile
I was touched by the heart for a while
Seeing how she hid her pains
Within her like great saints

Feeling pity on her torn clothes
And her scattered hairs
I marched towards her slowly
And sat beside her painfully

Suddenly a woman appeared and gave her some leftovers
Which she took with simple smile and great honors
She ate a little happily and the rest was take to her family

Of course! This is the truth of country
Which is nearing its sixtieth year of Independence.